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Micro self-reconfigurable modular robot using shape memory alloy
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We also show an extended three-dimensional (3D) model and discuss a distributed self-reconfiguration algorithm for large-scale modular structures. Key Words: Self-reconfiguration, Modular Robotic System, Micro robot , SMA Actuator 1 Introduction

Study on the real-time walking control of a humanoid robot using fuzzy algorithm
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2. WALKING PATTERN AND STABILIZATION ALGORITHM Walking pattern Basically, a robot walks with the trajectory generated previously assuming even terrain. If Jung-Shik Kong is with the Department of Micro robot ,

Genetic programming controlling a miniature robot
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The robot is also equipped with a Motorola 68331 micro -controller which can be connected to a SUN workstation via serial cable. It is possible to control the robot in two ways. The controlling algorithm could be run on the workstation, with data and commands communicated a scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a powerful sensor for high-resolution pose estimation of a microrobot High update rates of the pose data for the robot control require a short image This paper presents two approaches to tracking a micro -object in a SEM image stream

The autonomous golf playing micro robot : with global vision and fuzzy logic controller
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The autonomous golf playing micro robot vision system algorithm The setting of the Pie Slice Decision Regions is shown in table 1. When the colored image does Figure 4 shows the decisions and strategies algorithm for the micro robot to play golf. The x and

Design and control of the mobile micro robot alice
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major five tasks is processing, some background jobs can be done and it is at this point where the C- algorithm runs. As this is intended to react to ambient changes (sensors) or to communications ant to take decisions. 4 Conclusion and outlook The micro mobile robot Alice

Obstacle Avoidance Robot
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ALGORITHM WORKING PRINCIPLE Firstly we initialize Trigger and Echo pin as low and push the robot in forward direction. when obstacle is detected Echo pin will give input as high to micro controller

Focus set based reconstruction of micro -objects
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This paper presents an algorithm for determining the depth map of the surface of a non-translucent micro -object based on focus set data. If a robot -manipulator wants to grip a known object, such a depth map can be used to determine its position

The embodiment of cockroach behaviour in a micro robot
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path subpiece within the centre of the arena was decomposed into free paths and turning angles by the following algorithm : if the paper we report about the implementation of a detailed quantitative behavioural model of cockroach larvae in the Alice sugar cube micro robot

Controller design for an autonomous wall-climbing micro robot based on TMS320LF2407 DSP chip
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It is easy to understand and tune the parameter. The flowchart of the implemented PID algorithm is shown in Fig.9. Page 8. 5. Experiment and future work The experiments were conducted on the micro robot to evaluate the DSP controller

Computer vision based control system of a piezoelectric microrobot
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Page 5. Figure 4 shows the manipulators peaks and a micro gear wheel with an outer diameter of 500 µm 4. An Intelligent Control System for the Microrobot This has different reasons. First, there are manufacturing tolerances of the actuators and of the robots platform

Micro robot soccer team-mechanical and hardware implementation
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Keywords: Mobile Robot , Micro Robot , Robot Soccer body momentum and weight distribution, have a heavy contribution to the system dynamics and must be considered by the control algorithm On reduced scale mobile robot design, the most common actuators are DC motors

Designing omni-directional mobile robot with mecanum wheel
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Table 1 and 2 show the relationship between output data of the micro -controller for speed (PWM) and bi- directional (DIR) control for all four DC motors The mobile robot will implement closed-loop wheel speed control using fuzzy logic algorithm for robot omni- directional

Control of a micro -organism as a prototype micro robot
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The tracking algorithm handles up to 10 paramecia simultaneously at the image acquisition S. Lafontaine, PMF Nielsen, PI Hunter, JM Hollerbach, A Tele- Microrobot for Manipulation Dynamic Mechanical Testing of Microscopic Objects using a Tele- Micro Robot System, IEEE

Simple path planning algorithm for two-wheeled differentially driven (2wdd) soccer robots
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Due to the fact that the motors need much more power (ie higher cur- rent) than the micro controller is able to The algorithm itself is implemented on an additional DSP board As reference values for the robots movement the velocity vR and the angular velocity ωR are chosen (fig

Cooperative multi-agent robotic systems: from the robot -soccer perspective
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cooperation, decision making, planning, modeling, learning, robot architecture, vision tracking algorithm , sensing, communi Related research results on robot soccer is available from the workshop proceedings of MiroSot96 and MiroSot97 ( Micro Robot World Cup robots based on communication are inevitable, we designed a new micro mobile robot with wide communication area. Each robot has a wireless communication device for interaction. Here we employ the control method based on the immune network algorithm for coordination

A review: Pattern formation and adaptation in multi- robot systems
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5] Dudenhoeffer DD and Jones MP A formation behavior for large-scale micro robot force deployment adaptation in heterogeneous multi- robot teams: Response to contin- ual variation in individual robot performance 9] Fredslund J. and Mataric MJ A general algorithm for robot

Modelling and control of a piezo actuated micro robot with active force control capability for in-pipe application
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feedback information and control algorithm for critical task applications. In another application, a shape memory alloy (SMA) design was proposed in which the mechanism based on a resilient-rigid coupling SMA actuator (RRSA) was used to drive the micro -wheeled- robot in a

Micro -embedded skimmer in autonomous underwater micro -robots
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In order to aim this, meta-heuristic methods such as genetic algorithm are very helpful [21-23] [12] Lin Nie, Xinglan Zhang and Rong Nie, Analysis on Dynamics Characteristics of ICPF for Micro robot , Advanced Materials A novel underwater crablike microrobot . In Proceedings