Microcontroller projects

few ideas on microcontroller projects

USB wireless tilt mouse
Automated Rock Band player
Glove Midi Controller
Automated Pavlovian Classical Conditioning of Mosquitos
Remote control airship
CMOS Camera Rock Paper Scissors Game System
Scanner using phototransistor array
RFID sales checkout system
RFID based Mobile Payment System
Talking voltmeter
Heart rate monitor
Gesture Based Touchpad Security system
Glove control helicopter
Virtual Archery
Acoustic data modem
Motion Adaptive Alarm Clock
Zigbee Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System
Low-Cost Portable Potentiostat for Biosensing Applications
Point of Sale Terminal
FM radio receiver
Mister Gloves A Wireless USB Gesture Input System
Accelerometer Based Hand Action Recognition
Home energy managment
Self-Adaptive Hybrid Electro-Magnetic Levitation and Active Balancing System
Digital Oscilloscope
Optical eye tracking
Guitar Blocks
Re: Microcontroller projects

A microcontroller is a microprocessor that has inputs and outputs designed to interface more than just memory. Typically the program memory and RAM are integrated on the microcontroller, instead of accessed externally. You will usually find that I/O on a microcontroller can sink or source 15 mA or more. Advanced microcontrollers such as the PIC16F877A and the ATmega8 also feature communication interfaces such as a UART, SPI or I2C, analog to digital conversion, and PWM generation. You can find number of projects based on microcontroller.