microcontroller research paper 2012 section 2

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B Joshi, FM Rizwan, R Shettar ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract Configuring the micro controller with large number of pins is tedious. Latest Infine
on microcontroller contains more than 200 pins and each pin has classes of signals.
Therefore the complexity of the microcontroller is growing. It evolves looking into 

 Distributed Neural Networks Microcontroller Implementation and Applications
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Abstract: In this paper it is argued that, for any three-layer perceptron, it is always possible to
design an equivalent distributed ANN, wherein the neurons are implemented on the nodes
of a communication network, and the synapses between them are established in the 

 Microcontroller Based Model of a Virtual BLDC Motor
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K Giridharan, C Chellamuthu ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract Research in new materials has resulted in an improvement of the quality of
permanent magnets. The development of new power electronic devices used in the control
of Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) contributes to the reliability of the drive performance. 

 Microcontroller Based Low Cost Portable PC Mouse and Keyboard Tester
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 Microcontroller Based Low Cost Portable PC Mouse
and Keyboard Tester  Abstract This article describes design of low cost embedded system to test
standard PS2 mouse and keyboard based on AVR microcontroller. Keywords 

 Using a PIC32 microcontroller and simulator to teach computer organization
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RA Ravenscroft Jr ,The Journal of Computing , 2012 ,ac-support.europe.umuc.edu
ABSTRACT Our computer organization course focuses on the architecture of computer
systems, interaction between components of a computer, and assembly language
programming. The MIPS simulators MARS and SPIM have been used for assembly 

 Microcontroller based low cost strain measurement in a single ended cantilever beam using a Plastic optical Fiber
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K Samrajyam, B Sobha ,Physics Education, 2012 ,physedu.in
Abstract This paper reports on the use of a Plastic optical fiber (POF) for strain sensing in a
single ended cantilever experiment. The beam bending is caused by a stepper motor
controller. The results show that the POF sensor exhibits good linearity in with the applied 

 Instruction Set Extensions for Cryptographic Hash Functions on a MicrocontrollerArchitecture
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Abstract—In this paper, we investigate the benefits of instruction set extensions (ISEs) on a
16-bit microcontroller architecture for software implementations of cryptographic hash
functions, using the example of the five SHA-3 final round candidates. We identify the 

 Using GTEM Cells for Immunity Tests on Electronic Boards with Microcontroller
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PM Nicolae, ID Nicolae, DG Stanescu ,2012emc.org
Abstract—Theoretical considerations about the immunity tests within a GTEM cell are
discussed. Electromagnetic field in a GTEM cell is presented. The conditions in a GTEM cell
for a high degree of field uniformity according to the standard IEC/EN 61000-4-20 are 

 A Microcontroller Implementation of Model Predictive Control
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AA Kheriji, F Bouani, M Ksouri, MB Ahmed
Abstract—Model Predictive Control (MPC) is increasingly being proposed for real time
applications and embedded systems. However comparing to PID controller, the
implementation of the MPC in miniaturized devices like Field Programmable Gate Arrays ( 

 AVR Microcontroller Based Data Acquisition System for Laboratory Experiments
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H Shaikh Yusuf, AR Khan, SH Behere ,pelagiaresearchlibrary.com
ABSTRACT Data acquisition and control system based on AVR microcontroller (Atmega16),
for laboratory experiments is presented. This makes use of the built in ADC of the
microcontroller and thus the resolution is 10 bits ie one part in 1024. In a typical setup the 

 Testing and Control of TSC-TCR Type Static Var Compensator (SVC) Using Microcontroller
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Abstract Implemented a small scale laboratory based Thyristor switched capacitor-thyristor
controlled reactor (TSC-TCR) type static var compensator (SVC). The automatic control
circuit has been implemented using microcontroller and tested with the Single Machine 

 Consumers protection and monitoring with microcontroller based device for low-voltage distribution systems
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Abstract. Protection devices against over-voltage and over-currents for low voltage systems
are equipped with varistors and gas-discharge tubes around a fuse, having a disconnection
time about 200ms. This paper proposes an intelligent protection system that includes a 

 An Efficient Monitoring of Transformers Using Microcontroller Based System
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KR Saranya, KR Prasad
Abstract—Transformers are a vital part of the transmission and distribution system.
Monitoring transformers for problems before they occur can prevent faults that are costly to
repair and result in a loss of service. Current systems can provide information about the 

 A Special Method for Analysing and Correction of Set Effects in PIC Microcontroller
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S Johnson, N Kumaresan, M Poulose ,International Journal of Soft Computing
Abstract—In this paper the fault tolerance behaviour of a PIC micro-controller has been
checked. This experiment is based on injection of different transient faults in various points..
The experimental results have been compared in different aspects. Program counter is 

 Design and Development of Activation and Controlling Of Home Automation System VIA SMS through Microcontroller
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CNK Kumar, YVR Babu, A Gamya, P Jainath ,Journal of Engineering
Abstract:-This paper mainly focuses on the controlling of home appliances remotely when
the user is away from the place. The system is SMS based and user uses wireless
technology (GSM). The system uses GSM technology thus providing universally access to 

 Water Temperature Controller Using Microcontroller And Correction Using Fuzzy Logic
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A De ,ijetae.com
Abstract—Many people of our country is involve in fishery, but different fish live in different
temperature and pressure if the temperature vary the fish may be die, so the temperature
must maintain within certain range but it is very difficult for them to maintain the 

 Three-Level PWM DC/AC Inverter Using a Microcontroller
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O Rich, W Chapman
Abstract This project proposes a unique DC to AC inverter design to convert high voltage DC
into pure sine wave 120VAC, 60Hz power. A microcontroller design was chosen to
implement a 3-level pulse-width modulation technique for greater efficiency. Standard 

 Microcontroller Based VI Curve Tracer
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A Patel, A Dubey, SD Choubey, A Pandey
Abstract—VI characteristic of any electronic component is useful to determine basic
parameter of that component and to model its behavior in an electrical circuit. This paper
presents a low power measurement unit made with the help of microcontroller (Atmega16) 

 Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency Regulated High Voltage Power Supply for Coulomb crystallization Base on Microcontroller
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AK Dewangan, S Mishra, D Sharma ,ijmer.com
ABSTRACT Coulomb crystallization in dusty plasmas is of great interest in recent years. The
Control of fine particle behavior in Coulomb Crystallization Experiments requires low
frequency particle driving, which involves injection of alternating voltages at low 

 Arm Microcontroller Implementation of Des Using Concept with Time-Variable Key
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AD Tupkar, UA Rane ,2012 ,ijaece.com
Abstract-In this paper we describe ARM Microcontroller implementations of the Data
Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm, with time-variable key technique to increase its
immunity to Cryptanalysis attack. This proposed scheme changes the key with time. Using 

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ABSTRACT With the development of radar and ultrasonic technologies, when combined
with the robotic technology and bioengineering, gave rise to new series of devices, known
as electronic travel aids (ETAs). It operates similar to a radar system, sends a laser or an 

 Design of an 8051 Microcontroller in a FPGA with a Reconfigurable Instruction Set
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FS CASTRO, R ESKINAZI ,unibratec.edu.br
This paper describes the design and implementation of a version of the 8051
microcontroller, one of the most commercially used microcontrollers in FPGA with reconfigurable
instruction set. Reconfigurable systems offer a solution to solve complex problems by 

 On Using Instruction-Set Extensions for Minimizing the Hardware-Implementation Costs of Symmetric-Key Algorithms on a Low-Resource Microcontroller
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H Groß, T Plos ,rfidsec12.cs.ru.nl
Abstract. Due to the continuously increasing design complexity of passive radio-frequency
identification (RFID) tags, relying on microcontrollerbased architectures will become vital in
the future. Re-using the microcontroller for multiple tasks, eg, protocol handling and 

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AF Mondragon
Since embedded systems are ubiquitous, we should expose engineering technology
students at an early stage in their program with tools that will lead them to ideation,
innovation, energy awareness, and problem solving skills, which will enable them to 

 Design of a Microcontroller Based PFC
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Abstract-With the increasing demand for power from the ac line and more stringent limits for
power quality, power factor correction has gained great attention in recent years. A variety of
circuit topologies and control methods have been developed for the PFC application. 

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SP Adhi ,2012 ,eprints.uny.ac.id
Final project aims to get a rain props process for elementary school students. The device is
controlled by an microcontroller IC Atmega16 is connected to the push button as a control,
led to implement evaporation, and the driver to control the direction and speed of motor 

 ARM Architecture Based Microcontroller for Environment Monitoring
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NC Sushma, A Arthur ,irnetexplore.ac.in
Abstract: Current Environment Monitoring systems, which are based on high speed wire or
wireless communication, cannot offer satisfactory area coverage, because industrial area or
metropolitan cities in field let reliable long-distance communication become very difficult. 

 Technical Devices for Supervising of a Household via Interned Based on ArduinoMicrocontroller
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Abstract: The article deals with the interconnection of the Arduino microcontroller with
sensors and with an interface which is connected to the Internet. Selected sensors are
intended for home usage. We used sensors for measuring of temperature, humidity, light 

 Microcontroller Based Closed Loop Automatic Irrigation System
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NR Prakash, D Kumar, T Sheoran ,ijitee.org
Abstract—In last few decades, electronics and communication have become an integral part
of our lives, always expanding into new realms, to provide ways to do things in precise
manner. With the recent developments in wireless networks especially regarding power 

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We found an important pedagogical benefit accrued from using this tightly integrated
development environment, in that students were able to learn and practice more
sophisticated debugging techniques. They are generally accustomed to programming on