microcontroller research paper 2012 section 3

Microcontroller-based Biopotential Data Acquisition Systems: Practical Design Considerations
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JAG Gnecchi, DL Espinoza, VHO Peregrino ,cdn.intechopen.com
Non-invasive bioimpedance measurements are an important part of routine diagnostic
procedures. ECG (Electrocardiograph), EEG (Electroencephalograph), EMG
(Electromyography) and EOG (Electrooculograph) measurements are amongst the most 

 Microcontroller based motor control system for the dieless drawing process
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G Rushingabigwi, X Ban, D Wang ,KIST Journal of Science and ,vesta.kist.ac.rw
Through repetitive inputs and readjustments of the control instructions, the accurate
positioning of the cooling system is successfully realized. The microcontroller commands the
running of the step motor, the communication being made through the proper motor drive. 

 GUI Based Data Acquisition System Using ARM-Cortex M3 Microcontroller
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P Hiren, P Dipak
Abstract—The architectural evaluation in microcontroller development plays important role
in the field of embedded systems. The embedded systems in industrial application can be
developed around such microcontroller like ARM (advanced RISC machine) to optimize 

 On using PIC24F microcontroller to modify the pulse width of the signals which control electronic fuel injectors
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G Vasiu, S Mischie ,Proceedings of the 11th WSEAS international , 2012
Abstract:-The paper presents the hardware and the software structure of an electronic
module which is used inside of an automobile. The function of this module is to modify the
pulse width for each of the four PWM signals which control the fuel injectors. This facility is 

 Web page analyser for protocols on ENC28J60 based AVR microcontroller
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M Rahmatullah
Abstract Because the Internet is becoming more widespread, there was the possibility of
communication with automation systems for configuration, reprogramming or control in real
time. For this, the automation system needs a physical communication port with the 

 Design of HART modem on AVR microcontroller for Smart Transmitter
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T Gupta, S Thangjam ,estdl.org
Abstract-The majority of smart field devices installed worldwide today are HART-enabled.
The HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Protocol is the global standard for
sending and receiving digital information across analog wires between smart devices and 

 Design of Automatic Dual-Axis Solar Tracker using Microcontroller
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C Praveen
Abstract—Renewable energy solutions are becoming increasingly popular, solar power is
one of the most powerful renewable energy. Maximizing power output from a solar system is
desirable to increase efficiency. In order to maximize power output from solar panels, one 

 Harmonic Detection using Microcontroller
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JK Bhatti, D Asati ,ijctee.org
Abstract—Harmonic distortion meter is an instruments that measure harmonic distortion or
phase position or simply has been designed for measuring the quality of AC supply.
Harmonic distortion is a common problem in power systems, data processing equipment 

 Microcontroller-based Wireless Heart Rate Telemonitor for Home Care
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S Verma, N Gupta
Abstract:-Homecare is the provision of health care services to patients in their own home.
One of the main purposes of homecare telemedicine is to develop a wireless, low-cost and
use-friendly system which allows patients to measure their own vital signs, such as heart 

 Microcontroller Based Substation Monitoring and Control System with Gsm Modem
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A Sachan ,iosrjournals.org
Abstract: The purpose of this project is to acquire the remote electrical parameters like
Voltage, Current and Frequency and send these real time values over GSM network using
GSM Modem/phone along with temperature at power station. This project is also designed 

 Design and Development of Microcontroller based Digital Thermo Hygrometer
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MAA Mashud, MS Hossain, MN Islam, MS Islam ,rspublication.com
A microcontroller based digital thermo hygrometer was designed and developed to measure
the value of temperature and humidity at any place. The system was battery operated so it
was portable. A microcontroller PIC16F877A was used to control the developed system’s 

 Dedicated microcontroller for multi drives control
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Abstract:-In this paper it is described the design and implementation of a dedicated
microcontroller used for multi drives control. The controller is implemented with Cubloc, a
controller that is capable of processing Ladder diagrams and Basic subroutines. For the 

 A Safe Microcontroller with Silent CRC Calculation Hardware for Code ROM Integrity Verification in IEC-60730 Class-B
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Abstract—The microcontroller chip for motor driver, industrial appliance, and automotive
chips are required to provide methods for detecting unsafe conditions by software-driven or
hardware support, such as IEC-60730 qualification requirements. Small, fast, safety- 

 Microcontroller Based Automated Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator with LCD Display
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B uddin Ismail, SFA Ali, AA Ayaz
Abstract—The aim of the project was to design a microcontroller based automated Body
Mass Index (BMI) calculator with LCD display, which calculates the body mass index using
the two basic parameters that are weight and height. The hardware of the project consists 

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F ARI, H NAZIR ,communications.science.ankara.edu
ABSTRACT Development of simple and low cost chemical/biological sensors forms an
important research area for interdisciplinary sciences. Piezoelectricity based Quartz Crystal
Microbalance (QCM) systems may be readily utilized in testing newly developed sensor 

 Design of Microcontroller-Based Automatic School Bell Henry Ohiani Ohize
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HO Ohize, EN Onwuka, A Ibrahim ,journal.au.edu
Abstract The world over the decades has made considerable advancement in automation;
automation is employed in homes, industries, commercial and educational sectors. In this
work, a microcontroller-based automatic school bell is designed. This circuit uses a 

 A Fingerprint Identification Algorithm for Integration into an Electronic Voting Machine using aMicrocontroller.
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JA Enokela
ABSTRACT Fingerprints, each authenticated into a 64-byte format using a prescribed
manufacturer’s algorithm, were stored in the flash program memory of a microcontroller. The
fingerprints were later captured using a fingerprint module and each fingerprint was 

 Microcontroller-based Data Acquisition Device for Process Control and Monitoring Applications
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V Vašek, P Dostálek, J Dolinay ,cdn.intechopen.com
Process measurement is one of the most important tasks in the whole control system. It is
determined by the fact that control accuracy is fully dependent on how preciously measuring
chain works. Present-day there is available number of devices performing data acquisition 

 Design and simulation of an SMS driven microcontroller for home automation using proteus software
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OO Olamide, AOA Joshua
Technology has moved from a level at which a user is always present in a place before
he/she can control or do anything at the place. Imagine what television used to be before the
inception of remote control. With the inception of remote control, the television can be 

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A Yadav, G Kaur, A Sharma ,euroasiapub.org
ABSTRACT This paper presents open loop speed control scheme for the speed control of a
permanent magnet DC motor using an AVR Microcontroller. The microcontroller has been
programmed to automatically vary the duty cycle of the H-bridge chopper depending upon 

 Microcontroller based Power Inverter for Grid Connected PV System
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I Reja, N Sarker, MN Hoque, NA Hazari ,files.mmislameee.webnode.com
Abstract—This paper represents the microcontroller based modified sine wave (MSW)
generator for power inverter which is connected to the PV (Photovoltaic) system. The
advantage of this inverter is the use of a low cost microcontroller that generates MSW 

 Password Protection for DTMF Controlled Systems without Using a Microcontroller
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D Shashanka
Day-to-day life always we should go for a system which gives a high immunity against
unauthorized access. The present paper describes a safe remote control system of AC motor
using DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) Technology. The AC motor can be controlled 

 Design of ?/Os II RTOS Based Scalable Cost Effective Monitoring System Using Arm Powered Microcontroller
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CSL Prasanna, MV Rao ,ijsrp.org
Abstract-This paper describes an embedded monitoring system based on ?/OS II operating
system using ARM7. It deals with the porting of Micro C/OS-II kernel in ARM powered
microcontroller for the implementation of multitasking and time scheduling. Here a real 

 Design and Implementation of Single Stage PFC Microcontroller Based Drive For Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
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MA Bodkhe, V Nandanwar
Abstract-In this paper, a new approach is presented aim at improving the power factor of
three phase bridge inverter that equip with permanent Magnet Brushless DC motor
(PMBLDCM) drive through microcontroller. Power factor correction converter is used for 

 Microcontroller Based Voice Activated Wireless Automation System
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C TT II, C EE ,vsrdjournals.com
ABSTRACT This paper presents the proposal, design and implementation of a
microcontroller based voice activated wireless automation system. As speech is the
preferred mode of operation for human being, this project intends to make the voice 

 Microcontroller-based 4 Quadrant Trainer for Drives
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S Verma, C Khare, S Verma, A Sharma
Abstract:-This paper describes the development of an experimental four quadrant drive
trainer for speed control of dc motor drive. A firing scheme based on a microcontroller to
control an anti parallel connected single phase thyristor dual converter is presented. The 

 Evaluation of Chip-Level Irradiation Effects in a 32-bit Safety Microcontroller for Automotive Braking Applications
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D Baumeister, SGH Anderson ,softerrors.info
Abstract—A custom-specific microcontroller unit with a dual-redundant lock-step
architecture was irradiated with alpha and neutron particles in static and dynamic modes.
Static tests were performed on SRAMs. Dynamic tests operate the device in a hardware-in 

 Co-Ordinate Load control and Load shedding Balance by using Microcontroller
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MR Islam, MMK Khan, AIM Forhad
Abstract Energy is the basic necessity for the economic development of a country. Energy
production is more costly which is impossible for us, so we should distribute the energy as
maximum user’s right. Now a day’s load-shedding is a common buzzword in our country, 

 Microcontroller-Based Universal Stepper Motor Controllers
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EDCC Okezie, EPHC Inyiama, ENO Nwazor ,irphouse.com
Abstract Stepper motor’s precision and accuracy in producing discrete stationary angular
rotation has accounted for its use in various applications such as printers, sorters, CNC
machines, volumetric pumps and so forth. This paper explored the essential features of a 

 Design and Development of Anti-Spoofing based measurement of Heart Rate, Temperature and Blood Oxygen level using Low Cost Microcontroller
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V Gupta, K Maurya, AK Agarwal
Abstract-The instrument which is used in home or in clinics should be cost effective and
provide quality of health services. The medical industry is growing in terms of integration.
Individual instruments are very costly so the need arises of making a device which has low 

 Design of microcontroller based wireless SCADA system for real time data
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MN Khera, S Balguvhar ,ijaee.uacee.org
Abstract—The objective of this paper is to describe the observation and construction of a low
cost microcontroller based SCADA system for monitoringaccessing the performance of
remotely situated device by acquiring and controlling the physical parameters such as 

 Design and Implementation of a Microcontroller Based LCD Screen Digital Stop Watch
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MKI Saad, MN Afrin, MR Mikail
Abstract—The stop watch is used to measure the time required for a certain event. This is
different from normal clocks in many ways, one of which is the accuracy of time. The stop
watch requires much more accuracy than the normal clocks. In this paper, an 

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R Saravanan, FXE Deepak
Abstract—This paper involves designfabrication of the speed control of induction motor
using PIC 16F877 Microcontroller. The microcontroller senses the speed feedback signal &
consequently provides the pulse width variation signal. This pulse width variation signal is 

 Helianthus–a Low Cost High Efficient Solar Tracking System Using AVR Microcontroller
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A Bose, S Sarkar, S Das ,arindambose.webs.com
Abstract—A solar tracking system is a generic term used to describe devices that orient
various payloads toward the sun. Payloads can be photovoltaic panels, reflectors, lenses or
other optical devices. This paper describes a potential solar system using two stepper 

 Implementation of Microcontroller Based PWM Scheme for PV Multilevel Inverter
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T Karthikeyan, PS ME ,irphouse.com
Abstract This paper presents a single phase five level photovoltaic (PV) inverter topology for
grid connected PV systems with a novel Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) control scheme. Two
reference signals identical to each other with an offset equivalent to the amplitude of the 

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ABSTRACT: A microcontroller based capacitance meter using 89C52 microcontroller for the
measurement of capacitance has been design and developed. It is based on the principle of
charging and discharging of the capacitor. Atmel’s AT89C52 microcontroller is used in the 

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R Narendra, ML Sudheer, DC Pande ,2012 ,ijeetc.com
The continuing demand for more performance, complexity and cost reduction require the
semiconductor industry to develop microcontrollers with both high density design technology
and higher clock frequencies. This has intrinsically increased the noise emission and