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Millimeter wave (also millimeter band) is the band of spectrum between 30 gigahertz (Ghz) and 300 Ghz. Researchers are testing 5G wireless broadband technology on millimeter wave spectrum.

3D mmWave channel model proposal
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There is growing interest in using millimeter wave ( mmWave ) frequencies for future access communications based on the enormous amount of available spectrum. To characterize the mmWave channel in urban areas, wideband propagation measurements at 73 GHz have

REX: A randomized exclusive region based scheduling scheme for mmWave WPANs with directional antenna
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Millimeter-wave ( mmWave ) transmissions are promising technologies for high data rate (multi-Gbps) Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs). In this paper, we first introduce the concept of exclusive region (ER) to allow concurrent transmissions to explore the spatial

Performance Analysis of Outdoor mmWave Ad Hoc Networks.
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Ad hoc networks provide an on-demand, infrastructure-free means to communicate between soldiers in war zones, aid workers in disaster areas, or consumers in device-to-device (D2D) applications. Unfortunately, ad hoc networks are limited by interference due to nearby

Coverage and rate trends in dense urban mmWave cellular networks
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The use of dense millimeter wave ( mmWave ) cellular networks with highly directional eamforming stands as an intriguing solution to the current spectrum congestion problem. ue to significantly different propagation characteristics at such high frequencies, however

What is the role of MIMO in future cellular networks: Massive coordinated mmwave
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age 1. What is the Role of MIMO in Future Cellular Networks: Massive Coordinated mmWave obert W. Heath Jr. The University of Texas at Austin Wireless Networking and Communications group Presentation (c) Robert W. Heath Jr. 2013 Page 2. Outline MIMO in

Performances and feasibility of mmWave beamforming prototype for 5G cellular communications
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WeSS (Earth Exploration-Satellite Serivce) FSS (Fixed Satellite Service) RL (RadioLocation ervice), MS (Mobile Service) FS (Fixed Servce) PP (Point to Point) 27.5 29.5 31.3 33.8 41 2.5 38.6 40 EU: Fixed PP link FSS earth sta. China: Mobile, FSS Korea : Marine time use

Comparing massive MIMO and mmWave MIMO
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baseband analog front-end and digital back-end for reconfigurable multi-standard

Performance of enclosed mmWave wearable networks
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We study the impact of signal reflections in enclosed wireless networks of wearable devices perating at mmWave frequencies. Given the radical blockage by obstacles and people including the users own body) at these frequencies, surface reflections are expected to be

Performance analysis of M-QAM multihop relaying over mmWave Weibull fading channels
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The paper presents a comprehensive closed-form performance analysis framework for ultihop millimeter wave ( mmWave ) communications as a potential scheme in the next fifth eneration (5G) systems and Internet of things (IoT) applications. To take into consideration

Can mmwave wireless technology meet the future capacity crunch
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age 1. 1 Nokia Siemens Networks 1 Nokia Siemens Networks, ICC, June 2013 Can mwave Wireless Technology meet the future capacity crunch Amitabha Ghosh Head, North merica Radio Research ICC, June 11th, 2013 Nokia Siemens Networks Page 2. 2 Nokia

Transferred substrate InP DHBT processes for mmwave applications
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Indium phosphide double-heterobipolar transistor (InP DHBT) technologies are finding ider use in mm-and sub- mmwave applications today, owing to the material properties of he semiconductor material which allow for fast electron transport and high breakdown

Coverage and capacity analysis of mmWave cellular systems
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State of the art in 60-GHz integrated circuits and systems for

Exploring the potential of mmWave for 5G mobile access
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G is a major advance in mobile communications that will impact every industry and every service provider worldwide. mmWave is emerging as an important and probably critical ccess technology that will enable 5G to meet challenging performance targets in areas of

Uplink-based framework for control plane applications in 5G mmWave cellular networks
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The millimeter wave ( mmWave ) frequencies offer the potential of orders of magnitude ncreases in capacity for next-generation cellular systems. However, links in mmWave etworks are susceptible to blockage and may suffer from rapid variations in quality

mmWave exposure assessment using magnetic resonance thermal imaging
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The energy from millimeter wave ( mmWave ) is deposited predominantly at the surface of hantoms/tissues. Current electric field probe systems are not capable of measuring mWave energy deposition accurately. Here, we introduce preliminary results for an

mmWave technology evolution from WiGig to 5G small cells
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age 1. 1 mmWave Technology Evolution From WiGig to 5G Small Cells Ali Sadri Intel Corporation irector of mmWave Standards advanced Technology CEO Chairman of WiGig Alliance June 013 Page 2. INTEL CONFIDENTIAL 2 Wireless Connectivity in Our Lives Page 3. INTEL

New Thermoset PCB Material Emerging for mmWave Applications
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Wequirements for stability of dielectric properties, manufacturability and suitability for use in ybrid technologies highlight deficiencies in current material solutions. The industry must reak from its dependence on the polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) and highly filled

Robust reflector placement in 60GHz mmWave wireless personal area networks
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directionality is important to ensure reliable connectivity in millimeter-wave ( mmWave ) ireless personal area networks (WPANs). In the case of Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) paths, reflectors can be utilized to repeat or relay data between pairs of transmitters and receivers

Smart exploration in HetNets: Minimizing total regret with mmWave
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We model and analyze a User-Equipment (UE) based wireless network selection method here individuals act on their stochastic knowledge of the expected behavior off their vailable networks. In particular, we focus on networks with millimeter-wave ( mmWave )

Spatial modulation and spatial multiplexing capacity analysis over 3D mmWave communications
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, it is forecast that there will be more than 11 billion connected devices, which will cause y because of the massive spread of cloud-based application, the use of high resolution video steaming and Internet of things (IoT). This

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