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Millimeter wave (also millimeter band) is the band of spectrum between 30 gigahertz (Ghz) and 300 Ghz. Researchers are testing 5G wireless broadband technology on millimeter wave spectrum.

A Real-Time mmWave Communication Testbed with Phase Noise Cancellation
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As the spectrum under 6 GHz is being depleted, pushing wireless communications onto millimeter wave ( mmWave ) frequencies is a trend that promises multi-Gbps data rate. mmWave is therefore considered as a key technology for 5G wireless systems and has

On The Equivalence between Hybrid and Full Digital Beamforming in mmWave communications
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Recently, Millimeter Wave ( mmWave ) systems have emerged as a potential solution for the spectrum scarcity problem experienced by current wireless technologies. However, practically implementing such systems is challenging as they suffer from high hardware

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Channel estimation is challenging for millimeter wave (mm Wave) massive MIMO with hybrid precoding, since the number of radio frequency (RF) chains is much smaller than that of antennas. Conventional compressive sensing based channel estimation schemes suffer

Adversarial Multi-armed Bandit for mmWave Beam Alignment with One-Bit Feedback
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To exploit the large bandwidth available in the millimeter wave spectrum, highly directional beams need to be employed to compensate for the severe pathloss incurred at high frequencies. As a result, the beams of both the transmitter and the receiver must be

Statistical mmWave Channel Modelling for 5G in 28, and 45 GHz with Massive MIMO System
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Millimetre waves play a major role in implementation of the 5G in wireless communications and improve the throughput, spectral efficiency As a key role in 5G, Indeed the use of this technique along the Massive MIMO systems can bring a major transformation in upgrade of

Open-Source and Low-Cost Test Bed for Automated 5G Channel Measurement in mmWave Band
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The fifth-generation cellular networks (5G) has been proposed as a solution for the accelerating growth in data traffic. As part of 5G, millimetre-wave ( mmWave ) is suggested as one of the potential spectrum candidates due to the vastly available bandwidth. Accordingly

User Localization in MmWave Cells: A Non-Adaptive Quantitative Group Testing Approach based on Sparse Graph Codes
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Page 1. User Localization in mMmWave Cells: A Non-Adaptive Quantitative Group Testing Approach based on Sparse Graph Codes and Alex Sprintson Problem Setup Quantitative group testing (QGT): Result of a