mobile computing research papers 2012 section 2

The investigation and implementation of real-time face pose and direction estimation on mobile computing devices
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D Fuab, L Gaoc, ST Jhangb ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The mobile computing device has many limitations, such as relative small user
interface and slow computing speed. Usually, augmented reality requires face pose
estimation can be used as a HCI and entertainment tool. As far as the realtime 

An investigation and implementation of real-time image cropping on mobile computing devices based on saliency and face detection
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L Gaoa, D Fubc, ST Jhangc ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Thumbnail images provide mobile computing users of an easier and smoother
image exploring experience. Recognizing the objects in an image is important in many
retrieval tasks, but thumbnails generated by shrinking the original image often contain less 

 Mobile Cloud Computing Security Considerations
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(Journal of Security , 2012
 of both mobile computing and cloud computing, hence providing optimal services for mobile users. 
150 Applications, and Approaches, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing –Wiley,

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 [7] E. Felembane, C. Lee and E. Ekici, MMSPEED: Multipath Multi-SPEED Protocol
for QoS Guarantee of Reliability and Timeliness in Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE
Transactions on Mobile Computing, 5(6), pp. 738-754, 2006.

 Mobile Cloud Computing: Critical Analysis of Application Deployment in Virtual Machines
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BG Chun, P. Maniatis Augmented Smartphone Applications Through Clone Cloud Execution,
Intel Research Berkeley 2009. [4] M. Satyanarayanan, P. Bahl, R. Caceres The Case for
VM-Based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing IEEE Computing Society. 

 Applications of Soft Computing in Mobile and Wireless Communications
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 on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, 2008, pp.1-6. [20] An, J
et al, “Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic For Dynamic Channel Allocation in Cellular Radio
Networks,” IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium, 2007, pp: 19 – 22. 

 Sonora: A Platform for Continuous Mobile-Cloud Computing
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Sonora: A Platform for Continuous Mobile-Cloud Computing *Fan Yang
*Zhengping Qian *Xiuwei Chen †Ivan Beschastnikh *Li Zhuang *Lidong Zhou *Jacky
Shen *Microsoft Research Asia †University of Washington Abstract 

 Performance Enhancement in Mobile Computing Using Replicated Cache Agent
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M Mehla, R Dahiya
Abstract With the rapid advances of wireless communications and portable computing
devices, a new computing paradigm which is called mobile computing has evolved. In
mobile computing environment, users carrying portable devices have access to data and 

 Geo Immersion: A Killer App for Cloud Computing, Social Networks and Mobile Computing
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C Shahabi ,NSF Workshop on Social Networks and Mobility in the ,
Since July 2010, at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Integrated Media Systems
Center (IMSC), a graduated National Science Foundation (NSF) Engineering Research
Center (ERC), we have been focusing on a new geo-socio-temporal computing paradigm, 

 Web Services Discovery Approach for Mobile Computing
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NA Saadon, R Mohamad
Abstract—The significant of mobile technologies has led to the possibility of accessing web
services in pervasive way and the use of web services has seen an explosion in interest for
mobile computing. However, the heavyweight nature of conventional web services to be 

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C Chakravorty, J Usha
ABSTRACT Mobile computing is a revolutionary technology which enables us to access
information, anytime and anywhere. Recently, there has been many research area is into
mobile computing. Caching techniques reduce bandwidth consumption and data access 

 CQue: A Graphical Model-based Context Querying Engine for Mobile Computing
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ABSTRACT Context awareness on mobile phones can drive the next generation of
contextualized services, recommendations, and advertisements. There has been substantial
recent interest in the design of a context query engine that operates over sensor data 

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E Yamaguchi, S Inagaki, H Funaoi, A Deguchi ,
Abstract: In order to support science learning oriented to conceptual change, we developed
a mobile computing system developed by digitising the fortune line method. The theoretical
framework for our system is the conceptual ecology model. The system supports the 

 Trust and Identity Management for Internet and Mobile Computing
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A Jøsang ,
Abstract—The convergence of Internet and mobile computing creates a potent capability of
personalised access to online services everywhere and anytime. Ubiquitous access opens
up to new business models and stimulates vigorous investment and rapid innovation. 

 Mobile Multimedia Storage: A Mobile Cloud Computing Application and Analysis
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MS Khan, N Qamar, MA Khan, F Masood, M Sohaib ,
 University of Sciences, Peshawar, Pakistan Abstract– During the last few years, there
is a revolutionary development in the field of mobile computing, multimedia
communication and wireless technology. In this paper, we present 

 Challenging Issues and Limitations of Mobile Computing
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G Deepak, BS Pradeep ,International Journal
Abstract Mobile computing is becoming increasingly important due to the rise in the number
of portable computers and the desire to have continuous network connectivity to the Internet
irrespective of the physical location of the node. Mobile computing has fast become an 

 Threats to Mobile Computing
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M Shrimali ,International Journal of Computer Applications ,
Abstract It was only a matter of time, but it looks like mobile applications are now sufficiently
ubiquitous to attract the serious attention of cyber criminals. So far we are not talking about
the multimillion-pound frauds or thefts of thousands of personal records that have dogged 

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M Piasecki ,
The purpose of this course handbook, is to gather together teaching and training materials
from different sources (programming documentation, Web pages of manufacturers and IDE
providers, technical journals, textbooks, etc.), to support students activities during Mobile