mobile computing research papers 2012 section 3

 Leveraging Mobile Grid Computing for Interference Alignment and Cancelation
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 intensive IAC techniques. A novel resource provisioning framework, which organizes
the mobile devices in the neighborhood to form an elastic resource pool – a
heterogeneous mobile computing grid – is presented. This framework 

 Optimized solutions for mobile Cloud Computing
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MJP Kumar, R Badam
 equally increasing. Mobile cloud computing integrates the cloud computing into the
mobile environment and overcomes obstacles related to the performance environment
and security discussed in mobile computing. This paper 

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KN Patil ,
ABSTRACT The widespread use of mobile phones enables a long awaited dream: Learning
at any place, at any time that is distance education. Distance education through mobile
computing is a dual-module application that allows educational content to be created for 

 Desktop Solution for Mobile Environment Using Mobile Cloud Computing
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B Gopikrishnan, MA Mani
 They are Shortcut Guidance and Twin view function. Keywords-mobile computing, cloud
computing,Virtual network, Remote access I. INTRODUCTION  His research interests include
Cloud computing,mobile computing,wireless networks etc. 

 A Low-Overhead Non-Block Check Pointing and Recovery Approach for Mobile ComputingEnvironment
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B Gupta, Z Liu, S Koneru ,
Check pointing/rollback-recovery strategy is used for providing fault-tolerance to distributed
applications (YM Wang, 1997; M. SinghalNG Shivaratri, 1994; RE Strom and S. Yemini
1985; R. KooS. Toueg, 1987; S. Venkatesan et al., 1997; G. CaoM. Singhal, 1998; D. 

 Mobile Cloud Computing: The Future of Cloud
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 blocks. Unlike conventional mobile computing technologies, the resources in mobile
cloud computing are virtualized and assigned in a group of numerous distributed
computers rather than local computers or servers. Many 

 Next Generation Mobile Application in Cloud Computing using RESTful Web Services
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AD Meniya, HB Jethva
 conventional computing. However, mobile computing also requires a technology that connects
mobile systems to a conventional distributed computing environment. The integration of mobile
computing with Web Services technology will give many advantages to both sides. 

 Language Based Security for Mobile Computing
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A Elpidoforos, P Tsolakidis ,2012 ,
1 BackGround In order for the reader to better understand the concept of the project, we will
provide in this section the necessary background. First of all we will present the history of
Android OS. Following that comes an analysis of the Android OS and its overall structure, 

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N Meghanathan, S Baskiyar
 KEYWORDS Ticket, Resource Scheduling, Load Sharing, Mobile Computing, Algorithm Design
1. INTRODUCTION  The problem of resource scheduling and load sharing in mobile computing
environments is more complicated than that in distributed systems [10]. 

 Log Based Recovery with Low Overhead for Large Mobile Computing Systems
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The article proposes a recovery protocol for applications in large mobile computing
environment by combining movement based checkpointing with message logging. Since
checkpointing is expensive, the focus of the scheme is to add only a low overhead to the 

 An Efficient Approach for Using the Wireless Sensor Networks in Mobile Computing
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Abstract: A sensor network typically comprises a large number of low-power, low-cost, tiny
embedded devices with sensing capabilities, which are networked together to collect,
process, and deliver information about a physical phenomenon of interest. The position of 

 A perspective approach on Energy efficiency and Cloud Faster of mobile in cloud computing
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V Devi, V Kumar, M Poojary, N Challa
 However, the proposed architecture requires significant changes infrastructure existing 6.2.4
Resources are available on demand and charged according to usage All infrastructure required
for cloud mobile computing is easily available and can be charged according to usage. 

 Security Considerations for Public Mobile Cloud Computing
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C Author, S Lee
 44, July, 2012 88 Mobile cloud computing provides an optimal services for mobile
users as one of the mobile technology trends in the future since it combines the
advantages of both mobile computing and cloud computing. 

 An Auction Mechanism for Resource Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing Systems
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An Auction Mechanism for Resource Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing
Systems Zhang Yang, Dusit Niyato, and Ping Wang School of Computer Engineering,
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore 

 Remote Software Service for Mobile Clients leveraging Cloud Computing
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C Hu
 (40% A, 28% I, 19% B, 7% M) Limited capability of mobile phone (compute, storage, and battery)
3 Page 4. Background Information at your finger tip anywhere anytime Driving vision of Mobile
Computing in past 2 decades = + < < Performance disadvantage of mobile devices 

 Sensing as a Service: A Cloud Computing System for Mobile Phone Sensing
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J. Lee, and B. Hoh, Sell your experiences: a market mechanism based incentive for participatory
sensing, IEEE PerCom’2010, pp.–60–68. [10] H. Lu, et al. , Bubble-sensing: Binding sensing
tasks to the physical world, Journal of Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Vol. 6, No. 

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 I also convey my thanks to all the staff members of AIHT for helping me out in this project.
REFERENCES [1] M. Satyanarayanan, V.Bahl, R. Caceres, and N. Davies, The Case for VM-
based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing. : IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2009. 

 Fuzzy Approach to Mobile Cloud Computing
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R Rajankar, RW Jasutkar
 Result of implementation. Fig 2. Comparison of normal and fuzzy search. As seen from graph
that fuzzy search results are always better. V. CONCLUSION Now, mobile computing users are
looking for more effective ways to store and access their large amount of personal data. 

 Cloud Computing in Mobile Applications
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D Sahu, S Sharma, V Dubey, A Tripathi ,
 It is critical to have a dynamic cloud performance system that can allow traffic re-routing, access
swapping and handover. With all these key challenges given mobile computing is still viable
business and is being preferred by more cloud users. Page 7. 

 Solution for Accessing a Computer Using VNC in Mobile Cloud Computing
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IG Selia, R Iswarya
 In mobile cloud computing, mobile devices do not need a powerful configuration (eg, CPU speed
and memory capacity) since all the data and complicated computing modules can be processed
in the clouds. Mobile computing services have simplified our lives. Page 2. 

 Comparative Study of Cloud Computing and Mobile Cloud Computing
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MS Shriwas, N Gupta, A Sinhal ,International Journal
 does it work? Pa no(2) why it is significant page no(2)
By luitBiz, types of cloud computing page no(3) [9] M. Satyanarnynnan, Mobile
computing, Computer, vol. 26, 1993, pp. 81-82. What is mobile 

 Efficient Method of Profiling on Mobile Cloud Computing
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H Jeong, Y Jeong, Y Kang, M Kim, E Choi
 [11] BN Schilit, N. Adams and R. Want. : Context-Aware Computing Applications. In : IEEE
Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, 8-9 December(1994). [12] B. Schilit,
M. Theimer. : Disseminating Active Map Information to Mobile Hosts.