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 On the Novelty of Nanotechnology: A Philosophical Essay
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J Schummer ,In Pursuit of Nanoethics, 2009 ,
Nanotechnology has from its very beginning been surrounded with an aura of novelty. For
instance, on the 28 introductory pages of the report that prepared the US National
Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), Nanotechnology Research Directions (NSTC/IWGN 1999 

 Parallel Session E1-Nanotechnology for energy-Rechargeable batteries; Supercapacitors
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E Frackowiak ,EuroNanoForum, 2009 ,
Experience with several applications projects in Europe utilizing photocatalytic
nanosurfaces are leading to conclusion that successful industrial commercialization of
photocatalytic systems is strongly dependent on the development of testing methods 

Globalization and de-globalization in nanotechnology research: the role of China
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A Mehta, P Herron, Y Motoyama, R Appelbaum ,, 2012 ,
Abstract The share of nanotechnology publications involving authors from more than one
country more than doubled in the 1990s, but then fell again until 2004, before recovering
somewhat during the latter years of the decade. Meanwhile, the share of nanotechnology 

 Networking Nanotechnology-Resources for Scientific Education and Research with BW-eLabs
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S Jeschke, B Burr, JU Hahn, L Helmes, W Kriha ,2009 ,
Abstract Aim of the BW-eLabs architecture (networked virtual and remote labs in Baden-
Württemberg) is the expansion of the access to heterogeneous experimental resources
(remotevirtual) for the sustainable indexing and use of raw data and experiments for 

 Targeting oncogenic signaling pathways by exploiting nanotechnology
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S Basu, P Chaudhuri ,Cell Cycle, 2009 ,
Two scientific areas have recently emerged that can revolutionize cancer chemotherapy.
First, an understanding of the different cellular signaling pathways implicated in the
development and progression of cancer resulting in poor prognosis and drug resistance, 

A collective and abridged lexical query for delineation of nanotechnology publications
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M Maghrebi, A Abbasi, S Amiri, R Monsefi ,Scientometrics, 2011 ,Springer
Abstract In order to monitor articles/patents in nanotechnology, there is little agreement on a
universal lexical query or even an explicit definition of nanotechnology. Here in the light of a
proposed definition, a set of case studies has been conducted to remove keywords which 

The sorption of water vapour of wood treated with a nanotechnology compound
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GI Mantanis, AN Papadopoulos ,Wood Science and Technology, 2010 ,Springer
Abstract The potential of improving the hygroscopicity of solid wood by applying a new
nanotechnology compound was investigated. The sorption isotherms were analysed using
the Hailwood–Horrobin model. The experimental analysis of the sorption isotherms 

 Nanotechnology in ophthalmology
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MA Zarbin, C Montemagno, JF Leary ,Canadian Journal of , 2010 ,
Nanotechnology involves the creation and use of materials and devices at the size scale of
intracellular structures and molecules, and involves systems and constructs in the order of,
100 nm. The aim of nanomedicine is the comprehensive monitoring, control, construction, 

 Disciplinary Identity of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research-A Study of Postgraduate Researchers’ Experiences
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D Chari, R Howard ,2012
Abstract Nanoscience and Nanotechnology research although growing at very fast rate, its
disciplinary identity remains ‘ill-defined’. It is often viewed as multidisciplinary; and/or
interdisciplinary science or even as a unique discipline on its own way. As a consequence 

 Hyalodiscopsis plana, a sublittoral centric marine diatom, and its potential fornanotechnology as a natural zipper-like nanoclasp
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  Polish Botanical Journal, 2010 ,
Abstract. A small filamentous centric diatom, Hyalodiscopsis plana (Kozyr.) Kozyr. &
Lastivka, was collected from a subtidal Macrocystis pyrifera (L.) C. Agardh kelp forest off the
coast of California. Valves are loculate and bear bifurcated, wrenchlike marginal spines 

 Food Nanotechnology Education in Taiwan-Distance Learning and Service Learning
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HH Chen ,2011 ,
Abstract This study introduced the food nanotechnology education in Taiwan, and
investigated the distance learning and service learning system in Ilan University. To offer the
education resources in remote schools, strategic alliance from four Universities 

 Nanotechnology: A Novel Tool for Aquaculture and Fisheries Development. A Prospective Mini-Review
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MA Rather, R Sharma, M Aklakur, S Ahmad ,Fisheries, 2011 ,
Abstract Nanotechnology has a tremendous potential to revolutionize agriculture and allied
fields including aquaculture and fisheries. It can provide new tools for aquaculture, fish
biotechnology, fish genetics, fish reproduction and aquatic health etc. Nanotechnology 

 Supramolecular materials and hand-operating nanotechnology
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K Ariga ,Science Education in the 21st century: Advantages, , 2010 ,
Functional materials have been wisely constructed via bottom-up approaches as seen in
preparation of molecular patterns and complexes [1-3], organized nanostructures [4-7], and
function materials [8]. For example, a novel hierarchic nanostructure based on layer-by- 

 Nanoparticle exposure at nanotechnology workplaces: A review
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TAJ Kuhlbusch, C Asbach, H Fissan ,Particle and Fibre , 2011
Abstract Risk, associated with nanomaterial use, is determined by exposure and hazard
potential of these materials. Both topics cannot be evaluated absolutely independently.
Realistic dose concentrations should be tested based on stringent exposure assessments 

 US Export Controls: Implications for Developing Nanotechnology Business in China
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RI Meltzer, S Kasper ,Nanotech. L.Bus., 2009 ,
ABSTRACT Thriving Chinese electronics and energy storage industries present an attractive
market for many US nanotechnology companies. In this article, we explore US export control
issues and compliance requirements for US nanotechnology companies looking to 

Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine
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MM Heravi, S Saneinezhad ,2012 ,
The new development in science and technology has allowed using the latest nano
technology to produce eco-friendly organo-silicon products for waterproofing of different
kinds of building materials. Silanes and Silane/Siloxanes are known as new class of 

[BOOK] Micro-and Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications
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T George, MS Islam ,2009
The papers included in this volume were part of the technical conference cited on the cover
and title page. Papers were selected and subject to review by the editors and conference
program committee. Some conference presentations may not be available for publication. 

 How Resilient is India to Nanotechnology Risks? Examining Current Developments, Capacities and an Approach for Effective Risk Governance and Regulation
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SD Sarma ,European Journal of Law and Technology, 2011 ,
Abstract Over the last decade the Indian state has strived to establish an adequate
foundation for advancing nanotechnology resulting in the expansion of R&D and
commercialization of nanoproducts. A greater focus on technology development has 

 Environmental nanotechnology
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W Sadik ,Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2011 ,
“I 1 32 Contributors to the Environmental Nanotechnology themed issue Journal
0fEnvir0n:nentc:l Monitoring pro?les the contributors to the Environmental Nanotechnology themed
issue. CRiTiCAL RE\/lE\/VS “1135 The devil is in the details (or the surface): ilnpact of 

 The long view of nanotechnology development: The National Nanotechnology Initiative at ten years
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MC Roco  Nanotechnology research directions for societal needs , 2010 ,
Abstract A global scientific and societal endeavor was set in motion by the nanotechnology
vision formulated in 1999 that inspired the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) and
other national and international R&D programs. Establishing foundational knowledge at 

 Dual Dynamics of technological promiseswaiting games around nanotechnology
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A Parandian, A Rip ,2010 ,
• Nano-enabled drug delivery (magic bullets) is pushed by researchers but Big Pharma is
not interested (or waits)• Organic [semi-conducting polymers] large-area electronics:
interesting but unclear whether there will be a demand–because it is unclear what 

 Significance of nanotechnology in construction engineering
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AK Rana, SB Rana, A Kumari , Journal of Recent , 2009 ,
Abstract—Nanotechnology is one of the most active research areas that encompass a
number of disciplines including civil engineering and construction materials. Traditionally,
nanotechnology has been concerned with developments in the fields of microelectronics, 

Quality vs. quantity of publications in nanotechnology field from the People’s Republic of China
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RN Kostoff, RB Barth ,Chinese Science Bulletin, 2008 ,Springer
Abstract This study evaluates trends in quality of nanotechnology and nanoscience papers
produced by authors from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The metric used to gauge
quality is ratio of highly cited nanotechnology papers to total nanotechnology papers 

 Nanotechnology: what is it and why is small so big?
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JF Leary ,Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology, 2010 ,
SIZE matters the size of the scalpel determines the precision of the surgery.
Nanotechnology affords us the chance to construct nanotools that are on the size scale of
molecules, allowing us to treat each cell of the human body as a patient. Nanomedicine