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Home network application security (MHP)
J Luo ,Residential and Virtual Home Environments-Seminar , 2002 ,
Abstract Multimedia Home Platform is the open standard platform for interactive TV and
multimedia services. This paper generally introduces the security mechanism the MHP
provides, defines the security requirements for the consumer, the service provider and the 

Static Security Constrained Generation Scheduling using sensitivity characteristics of neuralnetwork
MR Aghamohammadi ,Iranian J. Electrical & Electronic Engg, 2008 ,
Abstract: This paper proposes a novel approach for generation scheduling using sensitivity
characteristic of a Security Analyzer Neural Network (SANN) for improving static security of
power system. In this paper, the potential overloading at the post contingency steadystate 

Investigating perceptions of personal security on the Valley Lines rail network in South Wales Paul M. Cozens, Richard H. Neale, Jeremy Whitaker & David
P Cozens ,Editorial board, 2002 ,
Abstract The government’s goal of producing an Integrated Transport Policy places
increasing emphasis upon the railways. As congestion in Britain’s cities continues to impact
detrimentally upon health, economic vitality and urban futures, the railways offer a mode of 

Short-Term Transmission Expansion Planning with AC Network Model and Security Constraints
JIR Rodriguez, DM Falcão ,16th Power Systems , 2008 ,
Abstract–This paper presents a solution methodology for the short-term transmission
expansion planning problem based on the use of Genetic Algorithms (GAs). In this
methodology, the overall problem is subdivided in an investment sub-problem and in an 

Multilevel Security Assessment for the Distributed Mission Operations Network (DMON)
B Danner ,The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & , 2005 ,NTSA
This paper presents the technical and policy issues, architectural considerations, ongoing
assessment results, and plans for Distributed Mission Operations Network (DMON) multi-
level security (MLS) implementation. In this paper, the Combat Air Force (CAF) Distributed 

Towards a large-scale cognitive radio network: Testbed, intensive computing, frequency agility and security
Z Chen, C Zhang, F Lin,
Abstract—Cognitive radio (CR) is a promising technique for improving the efficiency of
utilizing the precious radio spectrum. A cognitive radio network (CRN) testbed not only can
verify concepts, algorithms, and protocols for CR, but also can reveal practical problems 

The principal-agent model and the network theory as framework for administrative procedures. Social security in Belgium
A Legrain ,Conference 2006 of the European Group for , 2006 ,
The Belgian Social Security system as we know it today began just after the Second World
War when systems set up by the trade unions and employers were generalized to cover the
entire population, under the joint responsibility of the State and the social partners. 

Network coding for security and error correction
CK Ngai ,2008 ,
Summary The aim of this chapter is to give a brief introduction of network coding and linear
network coding which are originated in [1] and [2] respectively. In this chapter, point-to-point
communication network on which one information source is to be transmitted to certain 

T Rikure , Vocational Education and Training in the , 2005 ,
Abstract A wireless LAN is a method of linking computers together without using cables, but
using radio signals or infrared light instead. This paper discusses the issues involved in
determining whether a wireless LAN is appropriate for any institution (or part of an 

Model for Evaluating the Security of Wireless Sensor Network in Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment
P Zou ,IJACT: International Journal of Advancements in , 2012 ,
Abstract In this paper, we investigate the multiple attribute decision making (MADM)
problems for evaluating the security of wireless sensor networks with interval-valued
intuitionistic fuzzy information. We utilize the interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy hybrid 

Operating Environment Network Settings for Security
A Noordergraaf ,1999 ,
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File System Security: Secure Network Data Sharing for NT and UNIX
N Appliance ,
Abstract Sharing network data between UNIX and NT systems is becoming increasingly
important as NT moves into areas previously serviced entirely by UNIX. One difficulty in
sharing data between UNIX and NT is that their file system security models are quite 

VCSTC: Virtual Cyber Security Testing Capability–An Application Oriented Paradigm for NetworkInfrastructure Protection
G Shu, D Chen, Z Liu, N Li, L Sang ,Testing of Software and , 2008 ,Springer
Network security devices are becoming more sophisticated and so are the testing
processes. Traditional network testbeds face challenges in terms of fidelity, scalability and
complexity of security features. In this paper we propose a new methodology of testing 

Integrated management of network and host based security mechanisms
R Falk ,Information Security and Privacy, 1998 ,Springer
The security of a network depends heavily on the ability to manage the available security
mechanisms effectively and efficiently. Concepts axe needed to organize the security
management of large networks. Crucial is the possibility to cope with frequent changes of 

Network Centric Principles and World Cargo Security
B Torell ,2006 ,
Abstract The focus of this paper’s scrutiny is on maritime transport security measures for
cargo supply chains. A primary objective is to identify potential vulnerabilities in the general
context of threats and determine which risks should be considered. Since seaports 

Network Security
IOS Cisco ,1998 ,
Le risque dans la sécurité se définit par plusieurs facteurs tels que les vulnérabilités, les
menaces et la valeur d’un élément du réseau à sécuriser. Chaque composant du réseau est
soumis à un niveau de risque différent. Certains nœuds attireront plus les pirates que d’

Information and network system security
F Hartescu ,Proceedings of the 9th WSEAS International , 2007 ,
Abstract: Today all the systems that manage the security are characterized by the complexity
of their major functions like identification, authentication, access control and data protection.
The implementation of these functions is usually and objectively based on a trusted model 

SCADA Network Insecurity: Securing Critical Infrastructures through SCADA SecurityExploitation
GA Cagalaban, Y So , ??? ???? ?? (Journal of Security , 2009 ,
Abstract SCADA networks and its protocols are developed based on reliability, availability,
and speed but with no or little attention paid to security. In particular, SCADA network using
Modbus protocol is designed to be inherently insecure and vulnerable to attacks. The lack 

Security Issues in Network File Systems
Science and Its , 2004 ,Springer
This paper studies network file system’s security requirements, and focuses on security
performance constraints. We review security implementations in both, distributed file
systems and pure network-based file systems, focusing on security services included in 

Network and Information Security. Assessments and Incidents Handling
R Rainys ,Electronics and Electrical Engineering.–Kaunas: , 2006 ,
Mankind’s continuous quest for knowledge and the advance of telecommunications has
stimulated the development of electronic communications up to the present level, with the
Internet becoming the most powerful and most broadly accessible form of communication.

Energy conserving security mechanism for wireless sensor network
M Hamid, M Rahman , Science and Its Applications-ICCSA 2006, 2006 ,Springer
This paper describes Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) security to conserve wasteful energy.
Sensor networks are emerging fast and will be the next wave towards new network
appliances. Security must be justified and ensured before the large scale deployment of 

Security for network places
T Kindberg ,Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1998 ,
The Mushroom project1 is developing a framework to support network ‘places’ for wide-area
collaboration and interaction [1-4]. A network place is a persistent environment in which a
collection of users can share information objects and communicate with one another. We 

Research on Encryption Algorithm of Data Security for Wireless Sensor Network
Q CHEN, Z TANG, Y LI, Y NIU ,Journal of Computational , 2011 ,
Abstract In the WSN security mechanisms, authentication and encryption is the most
important module. However, sensor nodes with limited computing resources and storage
resources, making the deployment of security mechanisms in the nodes need to consider 

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