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Node . js paradigms and benchmarks
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The current environment of web applications demands performance and scalability. Several previous approaches have implemented threading, events, or both, but increasing traffic requires new solutions for improved concurrent service. Node . js is a new web framework

SYNODE: Understanding and Automatically Preventing Injection Attacks on NODE . JS .
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Page 1. Synode: Understanding and Automatically Preventing Injection Attacks on Node . js Cristian-Alexandru Staicu1 Michael Pradel1 Ben Livshits2 1TU Darmstadt 2Imperial College London, Brave Software February 2018 Page 2. 0 This Talk Node . JS and Injections Empirical

Node . js
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The Node Package Manager (npm) is a utility bundled with Node. js that offers a set of publicly available, reusable components, available through easy installation via an online repository, with version and dependency management. A full list of packaged modules canMore and more books and online resources are being published that cover Node . js basics (typically, how-tos of Hello World and simple apps). For the most part, these tutorials rely on core modules only or maybe one or two npm packages. This sandbox approach of tutorials

Express in Action: Writing, building, and testing Node . js applications
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Hands-on Node . js
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At the European JSConf 200 a young programmer by the name of Ryan Dahl, introduced a project he had been working on. This project was a platform that combined Googles V8 JavaScript engine and an event loop to create a server-side platform programmable in

Using Node . Js to build high speed and scalable backend database server
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With the increasing number of Application and Website development, it is quite mandatory for the developers to use a Database server for efficient storage and transfer of data. There are various 3rd party Cloud Database providers (Google, AmazonAWS, Mongolab) for

Software architecture for efficiently designing cloud applications using node . js
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Node . js is a prevalent software platform used for scalable server-side networking applications on the cloud. To fully exploit the potential of Node . js when developing cloud applications, the implementation process should be eased and supported. There are

Node . js in Practice
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Understanding and automatically preventing injection attacks on node . js
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The NODE . JS ecosystem has lead to the creation of many modern applications, such as server-side web applications and desktop applications. Unlike client-side JavaScript code, NODE . JS applications can interact freely with the operating system without the benefits of a We live in a time in which the majority of users use different types of devices to connect to the Internet. The most popular devices are smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Developing systems for different types of devices requires the work of building web services, also knownReactive programming is clearly a trend these days, a lot of front-end developers are starting to take it into account because the nature their work (event-based, javascript) lends well to it. A lot is being written about it on the web for that environment but, sadly, the back-end is notThese days, everyone is finding a new way to interconnect systems; the Internet of Things (IoT), for instance, is the new kid on the block, but who knows what will come later. The point is that in order to interconnect systems, as an architect, youre better off using standard

Lightweight node . js ejss-based web server for remote control laboratories
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This paper presents a new approach to develop a web server for remote Systems Engineering and Automatic Control laboratories based on Node . js and Easy JavaScript Simulations (EJsS). On one hand, Node . js , a JavaScript development and runtime platform

Introduction to Node . js
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Frank Walsh Page 2. Agenda What is Node . js V8 engine Non Blockin and Blocking Typical Node . js service structure Page 3. Whats Node . js High-performance server-side JavaScript Used to build scalable networked services and applications. Uses the Google

Repflow on node . js : Cutting tail latency in data center networks at the applications layer
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Low latency, especially at the tail, is increasingly demanded by interactive applications in data center networks. To improve tail latency, existing approaches require modifications to switch hardware and/or end-host stacks, making them difficult to be deployed. We present

Node . js : Eventdriven Concurrency for Web Applications
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Node (also known as Node . js , Nodejs, Node JS ) is an event driven I/O framework for the V8 JavaScript engine. It is intended for writing scalable network programs such as web servers. Programs are written in JavaScript, using eventdriven, Asynchronous I/O to

Web-based text anonymization with Node . js : Introducing NETANOS (Named entity-based Text Anonymization for Open Science)
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Summary Netanos (Named Entity-based Text ANonymization for Open Science) is a natural language processing software that anonymizes texts by identifying and replacing named entities. The key feature of NETANOS is that the anonymization preserves critical context

Node . js Essentials
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