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Improving software development by using safe Object oriented development: OTCD
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X Méhaut, P Morère ,Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, 2000 ,Springer
Starting in early 90’s with the first COTS certifiable executive (C-SMART), and continuing
through the end of the decade with the first certifiable implementation of the Ravenscar
profile (ObjectAda Raven.), Aonix has had a long history of experience in Ada language 

 Object-Oriented Software Development
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J Börstler ,cs.umu.se
 Introduction to object-oriented development Iterative and incremental development processes
Object-oriented techniques Work product orientation Introduction to real-life project issues  What
is Object-Oriented Development An Object-Oriented Development Framework 

 Object-Oriented Application Development in CAD
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AIG Course ,2001 ,cs.cmu.edu
Page 1. Object-Oriented Application Development in CAD An Interdisciplinary Graduate
Course Research Team: Ulrich Flemming (PI); Halil Erhan; Ipek Ozkaya School of
Architecture and Institute for Complex Engineered Systems 

 Semantic Relationships and Graph Theory: Bases for an Object-Oriented System Development Measurement Program
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DP Tegarden, SD Sheetz ,1993 ,secure.hosting.vt.edu
 entire life. A set of graph-theoretic measures are applied to total pseudodigraphs that
are constructed from the semantic relationships supported throughout the phases of
an object-oriented development methodology. The proposed 

 Part 1—A No-Fluff Approach to Getting It Done Chapter 1—Object-Oriented Development
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P Sheridan, J Sekula ,1999 ,silvestreconsultoria.com.br
We have split this book into two parts. Part I is for those unfamiliar with object-oriented
concepts or the iterative style. We do not cover detailed object theory, but rather distill the
absolute minimum to get started. Part II is our approach for surviving an object-oriented 

 Object Oriented Artificial Intelligence CD5130 Object Oriented Development
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M Sollenborn, O Ottemalm ,2000 ,idt.mdh.se
Abstract Although object oriented programming and design have become very popular
lately, object orientation (OO) still have some things that can be made better. In this report
we will try to outline what can be improved by merging OO and artificial intelligence (AI). 

 Object-oriented software development in structural engineering
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KM Elbury ,1992 ,circle.ubc.ca
 Also presented is a discussion on the pragmatics of object-oriented development. A universal
structural analysis preprocessor called “Cross Link” is developed by the author to  1 2 THE
SOFTWARE LIFE CYCLE^ 3 2.1 Structured and Object- Oriented Development^ 4 

 Project DevelopmentManagement: The Object Oriented Approach
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RS Thapa
 Development. Object – oriented development approaches are best suited to projects
that will implement systems using emerging object technologies to construct, manage,
and assemble those objects into useful computer applications.