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Modeling of Telemonitoring System for Remote Healthcare using Ontology
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Over the span of ongoing years, information development has well-ordered changed the way in which health services are provisioned for patients. In this paper, I am going to exhibit a tele monitoring system for remote healthcare management utilizing the combination of

The Gene Ontology Resource: 20 years and still GOing strong
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Abstract The Gene Ontology resource provides structured, computable knowledge regarding the functions of genes and gene products. Founded in 1998, GO has become widely adopted in the life sciences, and its contents are under

Ontology -Based Query Answering for Probabilistic Temporal Data
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We investigate ontology -based query answering for data that are both temporal and probabilistic, which might occur in contexts such as stream reasoning or situation recognition with uncertain data. We present a framework that allows to represent temporal

Identification of New Parameters for Ontology Based Semantic Similarity Measures
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A major challenge among various applications of computational linguistics, natural language processing and information retrieval is to measure semantic similarity accurately. In this research paper, various ontology -based approaches ie compute semantic similarity

ONTOGEONOUS: an ontology for the geosciences and the geological mapping process
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This contribution regards an ontology for the geosciences named OntoGeonous , which consists of a set of merged ontologies with the goal of representing the geologic knowledge, primarily focusing on the geological mapping process. Ontogeonous is developed by the

Ontology -Based Data Access to Big Data
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Recent approaches to ontology -based data access (OBDA) have extended the focus from relational database systems to other types of backends such as cluster frameworks in order to cope with the four Vs associated with big data: volume, veracity, variety and velocity

Ontology -Mediated Query Answering over Log-Linear Probabilistic Data
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Large-scale knowledge bases are at the heart of modern information systems. Their knowledge is inherently uncertain, and hence they are often materialized as probabilistic databases. However, probabilistic database management systems typically lack the

GOexpress: identify and visualise robust gene ontology signatures through supervised clas-sification of gene expression data
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The idea leading to the GOexpress R package emerged from a set of plotting functions I regularly copy-pasted across various complex multifactorial transcriptomics studies from both microarray and RNA-seq platforms. Those functions were repeatedly used to visualise

A response More blue washing: ontology , eschatology and exploitation
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The article is reflexive and critically engaged response to the articles in the Special Issue and a consideration of the meaning (s) and application that are suggestive of a new materialism and ontology of water. The main strands and key points of each article are

On Doing Without Ontology : Feature-Placing on a Global Scale
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Ontological Nihilism. Its an extreme view to extreme to be defended by most, even though variants and close cousins have their champions. Once upon a time, I argued against it by way of a dilemma. Some have resisted one horn of the dilemma. I havent been convinced

The CSO Classifier: Ontology -Driven Detection of Research Topics in Scholarly Articles
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Classifying research papers according to their research topics is an important task to improve their retrievability, assist the creation of smart analytics, and support a variety of approaches for analysing and making sense of the research environment. In this paper, we Health social science is an area of study wherein the methodological techniques used within the social sciences are applied to the investigation of human health. Methodological techniques, however, are not philosophically agnostic. Philosophical positions indeed

Leibnizs Ontology of Force
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It is remarkably difficult to describe any aspect of Gottfried Leibnizs metaphysical system in a way that is completely uncontroversial. Interpreters disagree widely, even about the most basic Leibnizian doctrines. One reason for these disagreements is the fact that Leibniz Importance of the task of automated evaluation of initial stages of the software lifecycle on the basis of software requirements specifications (SRS) analysis and the need for information technology of new generation for the software engineering domain necessitates

New instances classification framework on Quran ontology applied to question answering system
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Instances classification with the small dataset for Quran ontology is the current research problem which appears in Quran ontology development. The existing classification approach used machine learning: Backpropagation Neural Network. However, this method

Ontology -based Model of a Smart City
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The city environment is a complex, dynamic and distributed system. Effective management of the city environment presents a major challenge for a smart city. Effective city management must seek to improve urban infrastructure while minimising the costs, to

Building an Ontology for Planning Attacks That Minimize Collateral Damage: Literature Survey
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A hot topic in cyber warfare research is automating cyber operations for speed and agility, typically using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. AI has been used to generate cyber attack plans since 2005, albeit for defensive purposes. This paper reports on work in

Decision support for grape crop protection using ontology
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Weather based decision support for managing pests and diseases of crops requires use of information technology. This paper details a system developed using ontology , semantic web rule language and image processing techniques for management of pests and

Crime Ontology extraction from News and Social Media
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Along with the rapid popularity of the internet, crime information on the web is becoming increasingly rampant, and the majority of them are in the form of text. Social networking services have the hidden potential to reveal valuable insights when statistical analysis is

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