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Thunderclap: Exploring vulnerabilities in Operating System IOMMU protection via DMA from untrustworthy peripherals
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Direct Memory Access (DMA) attacks have been known for many years: DMA-enabled I/O peripherals have complete access to the state of a computer and can fully compromise it including reading and writing all of system memory. With the popularity of Thunderbolt 3

Ginseng: Keeping Secrets in Registers When You Distrust the Operating System
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Page 1. Ginseng: Keeping Secrets in Registers When You Distrust the Operating System Min Hong Yun and Lin Zhong Rice University Feb 25, 2019 Page 2. App App App Sensitive data in memory Memory Key Password Key Password Operating System Key Password 2 Page 3. App

Error Detection and Correction System (EDAC) of On Board Data Handling (OBDH) in Real Time Operating System Behaviour
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The satellite requires the support of a robust sub system . On Board Data Handling (OBDH) is the core function of the satellite subsystem and has to be error free in managing the operation of the satellite. It should withstand the harsh environmental conditions in space

A solution for Overcurrent Mitigation developed for a Crop Cobble Shear System operating in a Steel Rolling Mill
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The paper describes the utilization of the Direct Torque Control (DTC) drive technology to control the Crop Cobble Shear (CCS) system in a steel rolling mill. The CCS is a highly dynamic load that requires a drive capable for high performance torque control. During the

A Bibliography of Publications about the ATT Plan 9 Distributed Operating System
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Nelson HF Beebe University of Utah Department of Mathematics, 110 LCB 155 S 1400 E RM

A PVT Cooling System Design and Realization: Temperature Effect on the PV Module Performance Under Real Operating Conditions
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It is established that the efficiency of the most common solar cells decreases when their temperature increases. The photovoltaic module characteristics, especially its efficiency and its maximum power, are defined in standard test conditions (STC), while their nominal

System approach to operating transport structures geodynamic safety estimation
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Extensive transport facilities (ETF), including railways, stretch for many thousands of kilometers, crossing the territories with different geodynamic activity. The constructions of transport structures, as a rule, are designed for a long service life and the cost effectiveness for eliminating

Software-based methods for Operating system dependability
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Guaranteeing correct system behaviour in modern computer systems has become essential, in particular for safety-critical computer-based systems. However all modern systems are susceptible to transient faults that can disrupt the intended operation and function of such

Operating System Support for Fan-Out File Systems
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Stackable file systems are a portable mechanism to extend file system functionality without the complexity of creating an entirely new disk-based or network-based file system . Normally, applications execute system calls, then the VFS calls, the file system directly. With

A Geographical Information System (GIS) Based Traceability System Suggestion for a Pastry Firm Operating Nationwide
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Logistics and traceability are important issues for big scale firms. Traceability is primarily viewed as a tool for the food safety by providing a mean for recall as well as proof for the authenticity of food, but it is also related to food quality. Maintaining the cold chain not only

The Effects of Syrian Immigrants on Our Health System : Kilis State Hospital Operating Room Case Profile Changes over Years
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Objectives: World wars in world history affected all humanity according to the distance to the battlefield. Syria also wounded in the civil war were transferred to Turkey, including in particular our border cities. Methods: All operations performed at Kilis State Hospital