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Using a PLC Trainer to Control a Utility Cart
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This paper describes the details of an undergraduate project in electrical engineering technology program at UMES and experience gained by the student. The objective of this project was to incorporate the Allen Bradley commercial SLC 503 programmable logic

Work In Progress: A PLC Trainer With Hands-on Wiring
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A low cost Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC ) training platform has been designed, built, and used in an introductory undergraduate PLC class. Instead of providing pre-wired equipment, the trainers supply industry standard components. Students are taught to

A Low-Cost Programmable Logic Control ( PLC ) Trainer for Use in a University Agricultural Electricity Course
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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are widely used in agricultural production and processing. Thus, agricultural systems management students should receive hands-on experience with these devices as part of their undergraduate education. However, in many

Automation of Hydraulic Trainer by Using Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC )
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This paper reports design and development of PLC based controller for hydraulic Trainer . The programmable logic controller ( PLC ) is the central controlling unit in the system. PLC control system was design according to the control requirements to the Hydraulic system

Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC ) Protected Transformer Banking Trainer Kit for Electrical Engineering Education
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This research will bridge the gap between theoretical concepts of transformer banking and its actual operation without risking the safety of the students as well as the initiating personnel for the laboratory exercises. In electrical engineering, the concept of transformers

Designing and Assembling of a Programmable LogicControls ( PLC ) Labora-tory Trainer and Advanced Research Setup
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A Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC ) is an industrialized computer control system that constantly monitors the state of input devices and makes decisions based upon a custom program to control the state of output devices. Almost any production line, machine function