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clooca: Web based tool for Domain Specific Modeling.
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Clooca is a development environment that allows us to build up domain -specific modeling languages, or DSMLs, and their code generators. DSMLs are widely used to improve productivity and quality of developing software to raise the level of abstraction and to

A tool for managing domain metadata in a web based intelligent tutoring system
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A basic unit of an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is its domain knowledge. In our ITS, domain knowledge consists of learning objects, ie the teaching material, and a metadescription concerning the concepts related to the learning objects. Concepts consist

DAREonline: A Web -Based Support Tool For Domain Engineering
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DAREonline is a web -based tool for domain engineering. It supports the DARE framework in a centralized platform-independent environment. Our approach leverages concepts of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to aggregate data and functionality from diverse

Design and development of semantic web based tool for integrating ontology towards domain specific retrieval support
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In todays scenario, web provides platforms which are decentralized in nature where contents are lying in the form of distributed presentations. These files convey knowledge which is opaque to the computer. So, there is a need to boost up the decision making and

SWARMS: A Tool for Exploring Domain Knowledge on Semantic Web
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This paper introduces SWARMS, a tool for exploring domain knowledge in semantic web . By domain knowledge exploration, we mean searching for or navigating the knowledge in a specific domain . We have found, through an analysis of survey result and an analysis of

The use of condition types to restrict search in an AI planner
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Page 1. The Use of Condition Types to Restrict Search in an AI Planner Austin Tate, Brian Drabble Jeff Dalton Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute University of Edinburgh 80 South Bridge Edinburgh EHl 1HN United

Debugging domain-specific languages in eclipse
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Page 1. 1 Debugging Domain-Specific Languages in Eclipse

Towards large scale argumentation support on the semantic web
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new argumentation schemes. As such, this initial public- domain tool is intended to seed a variety of future applications for authoring, linking, navigating, searching, and evaluating arguments on the Web. Introduction A variety

WebHLA-an interactive programming and training environment for high performance modeling and simulation
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The public domain tool that we used was See5 from RuleQuest, which implements the C5.0 KDD algorithm which is a successor to Quinlans C4.5 decision tree algorithm. Training data and test data were randomly selected with the help of the query tool

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