Point and Connect-Intention-based Device Pairing for Mobile Phone Users

Point&Connect (P&C) offers an intuitive and resilient device pairing solution on standard mobile phones. Its operation follows the simple sequence of point-and-connect: when a user plans to pair her mobile phone with another device nearby, she makes a simple hand gesture that points her phone towards the intended target. The system will capture the user’s gesture, understand the target selection intention, and complete the device pairing. P&C is intentionbased, intuitive, and reduces user efforts in device pairing. The main technical challenge is to come up with a simple system technique to effectively capture and understand the intention of the user, and pick the right device among many others nearby. It should further work on any mobile phones or small devices without relying on infrastructure or special hardware. P&C meets this challenge with a novel collaborative scheme to measure maximum distance change based on acoustic signals. Using only a speaker and a microphone, P&C can be implemented solely in user-level software and work on COTS phones. P&C adds additional mechanisms to improve resiliency against imperfect user actions, acoustic disturbance, and even certain malicious attacks. We have implemented P&C in Windows Mobile phones and conducted extensive experimental evaluation, and showed that it is a cool and effective way to perform device pairing

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