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The Requirement to Increase the Quality of Power Electronics in Warships
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Todays and future warship electrical systems are very different from traditional warship electrical systems in the past. Power electronics , which are found in systems such as propulsion systems, power distribution systems, auxiliary systems, weapon systems, sonar

Modelling silicon carbide based power electronics in electric vehicles as a study of the implementation of the semiconductor devices using Dymola
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In a joint effort, Dassault Systmes and Rohm Semiconductor demonstrate how the introduction of silicon carbide (SiC) as a base material in power electronics improves the energy efficiency of a typical electric vehicle. As an application example simulation models

Junction temperature control for more reliable power electronics
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I. TUTORIAL OBJECTIVES 1) Introduce the topic of power modules reliability. 2) Describe the concept of active reliability control. 3) Explain the thermal modeling and temperature sensing approaches. 4) Explain the implementation of the active thermal control methods

Multi-rate simulation of large scaled power electronics systems using SimuPec
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this paper describes a new modelling and simulation method for the simulation of large scaled power electronics systems containing thousands of switching devices, thermal and electromechanical devices. The whole power electronics system will be divided into many

Emerging Technology Trends in Power Electronics , Communication for Water Supply Management for Public Drinking
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In Todays Scenario there is a rapid increasing of population development and development of urban residential area, but as compare with rapid increasing of consumers still the water distribution system is using traditional method, which are still not atomized. Sideways with