plc programmable logic controller 2019

Ingenious Automated Street Lamp Network using PLC
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As we all know that energy consumption has increased a lot and sources of energy are limited, it has become mandatory to conserve power. Energy crisis is one of the critical issues. The street lighting is one of the largest energy expenses for the city, accounting for

Automatic Transformer Cooling System Using PLC
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In the previous 20 years transformer warming is a noteworthy issue in creating station, substation, circulation locale and different territories. The primary driver of overheating are Insulation overheating, Corona overheating, Liquid overheating, Arcing is overheating

CLIK on PLCs! Attacking Control Logic with Decompilation and Virtual PLC
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This paper presents CLIK, a new remote attack on the control logic of a programmable logic controller ( PLC ) in industrial control systems. The control logic defines how a PLC controls a physical process such as a nuclear plant. A full control logic attack faces two critical

PLC Based Automated Object Sorting System
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In this advance era, automatic sorting is highly desirable in approximately every industry. Its main objective is to reduce human efforts and time which can ultimately raise its efficiency. However, perfect sorting machine is still in progress which should be flexible and compatible

Implementation of Secondary Voltage Control and Active Power Monitoring of AC Microgrid using SIEMENS SIMATIC S7 300 PLC and Totally Integrated
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This paper presents secondary voltage control and active power monitoring of Microgrid system using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Distributed co- operative control algorithm is used for the secondary voltage control and load sharing

Design of a Hybrid Solar/Gas Turbine Power System for Beta Glass Plc , Delta Plant
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Design of a Hybrid Solar/Gas Turbine power system was carried out for Beta Glass Delta Plant, a company that uses solely gas turbine to power their production floor. This project is to reduce overall running cost to power the production floor taking into account the high cost


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