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 Minimization of power loss and distortion in a tuning circuit for a mobile terminal antenna
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R Valkonen, J Holopainen, C Icheln, P Vainikainen ,Proc. ISAP 2008, 2008
Abstract Broadband tuning circuits of small antennas may have high power losses and/or
high distortion if the designer does not pay attention to the placement of the lossy and
nonlinear components in the circuit. In this paper, experimental results of the distortion of 

Quantifying the power loss when transmit beamforming relies on finite-rate feedback
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 Comparing this bound with the SER corresponding to the ideal case, we quantify the power loss
due to the finite-rate constraint across the entire SNR range. Index Terms—Finite-rate feedback,
multi-antenna systems, power loss, transmit beamforming. I. INTRODUCTION 

Near ground wideband channel measurement in 800-1000 MHz
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K Sohrabi, B Manriquez , Conference, 1999 IEEE , 1999
 Relatively little shadowing is observed in wide-open areas. Power loss exponent which
has a maximum of 5.4 is comparable with power loss exponent in channels with higher
antenna heights. 573 Page 4. observed in open spaces. 

Fully integrated passive UHF RFID transponder IC with 16.7-µW minimum RF input power
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U Karthaus, M Fischer ,Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of, 2003
 This places high demands on the antenna, which needs to be matched to the IC’s input impedance
for sufficiently good power efficiency. Such high quality factors of the IC’s input impedance can
only be achieved by minimizing power loss in all parts of the circuit. 

Multiple-antenna capacity in the low-power regime
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 Since, typically, two orthogonal polarizations are activated, we restrict our analysis to the case
of two-antenna architectures.  and/or receiver may be subject to a random orientation and thus
spatial diver- sity configurations may also suffer a polarization power loss with respect to 

A blind adaptive transmit antenna algorithm for wireless communication
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GG Raleigh, SN Diggavi, VK Jones , , 1995. ICC’95 Seattle,’ , 1995
 The vector xR(t) is the base station antenna array output due to the transmitted signal
sR(t) from the mobile user.  The distance to the mobile is d. Propagation power loss is
proportional to d” where q is an empirically determined constant. 

A printed dipole antenna with microstrip tapered balun
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GY Chen, JS Sun ,Microwave and optical technology letters, 2004 ,Wiley Online Library
 From back-to-back measurement, the insertion loss of the tapered balun in Figure 3 is about
0.35 dB on an FR4 substrate (r 4.4). The designed tapered balun with power loss of 1 S11
2 S21 2 in the dipole antenna is quite low, as shown in Figure 4. 

Effect of antenna polarization on the capacity of a multiple element system in an indoor environment
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AUGUST 2002 The analysis of the capacity behavior in the labs showed that the power loss
is the most important effect that reduces the channel capacity.  These ob- servations are
independent of antenna orientation, which agrees with the rich local scattering assumption. 

Radio-frequency measurements of coherent transition and Cherenkov radiation: Implications for high-energy neutrino detection
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PW Gorham, DP Saltzberg, P Schoessow, W Gai ,Physical Review E, 2000 ,APS
 The primary effect within the Fresnel zone is a loss of antenna efficiency due to wave front
curvature, which produces a phase error across the receiving aperture. Using calculations in
Ref. 30, we estimate these effects to cause a 0.25–0.4 dB power loss, depending on the angle 

Radio frequency technology for automated manufacturing and logistics control. Part 1: Passive RFID systems and the effects of antenna parameters on operational
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M Keskilammi, L Sydänheimo, M Kivikoski ,The International Journal of , 2003 ,Springer
 (11) is illustrated in Fig. 6, for polarisation mismatch from 0° to 90°. For antenna misalignments
under 45°, the power loss is less than 3 dB. If the angle of polarisation mismatch increases, the
power loss starts to increase significantly. 3.4 Using Circular Polarisation 

 Solar power station/satellite (SPS) with phase controlled magnetrons
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N Shinohara, H Matsumoto, K Hashimoto ,IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON , 2003
 the power from one electronic tube to a single sub-array unit or to insert a power divider with
phase shifters between the power device and each antenna element. We refer to this system
as a PD-PS system. The sub-array system suffers from little power loss but generates 

 Minimization of power loss and distortion in a tuning circuit for a mobile terminal antenna
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R Valkonen, J Holopainen, C Icheln, P Vainikainen ,Proc. ISAP 2008, 2008 ,lib.tkk.fi
Abstract Broadband tuning circuits of small antennas may have high power losses and/or
high distortion if the designer does not pay attention to the placement of the lossy and
nonlinear components in the circuit. In this paper, experimental results of the distortion of 

 Efficiency measurements of portable-handset antennas using the wheeler cap
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D Agahi, W Domino ,Applied Microwave and Wireless, 2000 ,rfdh.com
 Efficiency of short antennas: the constant-power-loss method For an electrically short antenna
(<?/10), the radia- tion resistance is typically small in comparison to the 50 ohm source resistance
of the measuring system. The radiation resistance of an ideal short monopole [2] is 

 Frequency-tunable internal antenna for mobile phones
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O Kivekäs, J Ollikainen, P Vainikainen ,Proc. 12th Int. Symp. on Antennas ( , 2002 ,lib.hut.fi
 transmission lines. The switch was not directly connected to the antenna but separated
from it by a section of transmission line. This allows low power loss in the switch, as
the position of the switch is close to a current minimum. This 

 Joint antenna diversity and frequency-domain equalization for multi-rate MC-CDMA
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F Adachi, T Sao ,IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON , 2003 ,mobile.ecei.tohoku.ac.jp
 3217 PAPER Joint Antenna Diversity and Frequency-Domain  However, decreasing the
spreading factor (or increasing the data rate) reduces the frequency diversity effect. Antenna
diversity reception can be used to improve the transmission performance. 

 The calibration of ERS SAR imagery for land applications
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PJ Meadows, B Schaettler , -PUBLICATIONS-ESA SP, 1998 ,esamultimedia.esa.int
 the PRI image. Note the very high ADC power losses of almost 4 dB. The decrease
in power loss at the extreme left is due to the influence of the elevation antenna
pattern. Fig. 2 (right) shows the corrected radar cross-section. 

RFID systems and security and privacy implications
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Backscatter is achieved by modulating the radar cross-section of the tag antenna. Comprehensive
reviews of the operation of tags and readers are available in [8] and [17].  In the event of power loss
or transmission interruption, tags will return to a default locked state. 

 Adaptive compensation of RADARSAT SAR analogue-to-digital converter saturation power loss
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PW Vachon, AL Gray, CE Livingstone ,Geomatics in the , 1997 ,ftp2.ctis.nrcan.gc.ca
 6 Page 7. Table 1: Possible RADARSAT SAR ADC power loss scenarios.  The data were processed
to the precision image standard (in this case L = 2.9 independent looks due to the weighting of the
ERS-1 antenna pattern). The resulting SAR images are shown in Fig. 

 Antenna design for ultra wideband radio
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J Powell ,2001 ,mtlweb.mit.edu
 UWB antennas are typically required to attain a bandwidth, which reaches greater than 100%
of the center frequency to ensure a sufficient impedance match is attained throughout the band
such that a power loss less than 10% due to reflections occurs at the antenna terminals. 

 Derivation of the backscattering coefficient s0 in ESA ERS SAR PRI products
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H Laur, P Bally, P Meadows, J Sanchez ,ESA, Noordjiwk, The , 2002 ,earth.esa.int
 rslu is the range spreading loss (see Appendix B) and Cpl is a correction factor that accounts
for power loss due to the elevation antenna pattern. The value of Cpl is given in Appendix E.
Note: The replica pulse power correction is required for both ERS-1 and ERS-2. In the case 

 Antenna for handheld DVB terminal
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J Holopainen ,2005 ,users.tkk.fi
 Pmax maximum power Prad radiation power loss Pt total propagated power Q general quality
factor  Qrad,min fundamental lowest limit of the radiation quality factor R resistance Ra resistance
of an antenna structure r radius of a virtual sphere enclosing an antenna 

Capacity of wireless communication systems employing antenna arrays, a tutorial study
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MA Khalighi, K Raoof, G Jourdain ,Wireless Personal Communications, 2002 ,Springer
 a2 = a gT R (2) with a the propagation power loss. Both a and gT R are assumed to be the
same for all transmit/receive antenna pairs, and to be constant over the signal BW. 2.2.
CHANNEL FADING The statistics of hij depends on the fading conditions. 

 Study on Ubiquitous Power Source with Microwave Power Transmission
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N Shinohara, T Mitani ,Proc. of International , 2005 ,ursiweb.intec.ugent.be
 100 mW and it is easy to generate enough power from the UPS system under the condition of
1mW/cm2 and limited receive antenna area  If we do not consider the power loss by air and the
wall with conductor, the emitted microwave power will be accumulated and will be finally 

 Comments and Replies
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Y Tikhov ,IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2006 ,autoid.mit.edu
 polarized reader antenna. Thus, a sacrifice of 3-dB power loss due to polarization
mismatch between circularly polarized reader antenna and linearly polarized tag
antenna overcomes the problem of tag ori- entation. This is why 

 Development and Fabrication of Steady State Fast Wave Antenna for LHD
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T MUTOH, R KUMAZAWA, T Seki, F Simpo ,Journal of Plasma and , 1998 ,jspf.or.jp
 4. Discussion and Summary The experiments of the R D antenna confirmed the
performances of the cooling system for the RF dissipated power loss and of the high
stand off voltage. But it does not include the plasma heat load.