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 Object-oriented development
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G Booch ,IEEE Trans. Software Eng., 1986 ,moodle-dev.cs.ualberta.ca
Abstract—Object-oriented development is a partial-lifecycle software development method
in which the decomposition of a system is based upon the concept of an object. This method
is fundamentally different from traditional functional approaches to design and serves to 

UML and C++: a practical guide to object-oriented development
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RC Lee, WM Tepfenhart ,1997 ,new.just.edu.jo
To learn and appreciate the role of formal modeling in software analysis and specification.
To learn what is meant by an object-oriented software modeling. To learn in detail the UML
notation for object-oriented modeling and design. To learn the difference between object- 

 MERO DE.: a model-driven entity-relationship object-oriented Development method
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G Dedene, M Snoeck ,ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering , 1994 ,econ.kuleuven.ac.be
Abstract Object Orientation has as primary goal to improve the software construction
process. Object Oriented analysis, design and software construction should yield software of
a high quality: software that is reliable, maintainable, extensible, adaptable. However, 

 Formal Object Oriented Development of Software Systems using LOTOS.
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Abstract Formal methods are necessary in achieving correct software: that is, software that
can be proven to ful l its requirements. Formal speci cations are unambiguous and
analysable. Building a formal model improves understanding. The modelling of 

 The new culture of software development: Reflections on the practice of object-oriented design
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Advances in object-oriented software engineering, 1989
 posteriori). and introduces a new lifecyclemodel which seems to fit best with
object-oriented development of reusable software: the Cluster Model. 2.1 OVERVIEW
Object-oriented design is an old idea and a new idea. Simula 

Object-oriented analysis and top-down software development
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D de Champeaux ,ECOOP’91 European Conference on Object-Oriented , 1991 ,Springer
 [5] Goguen, J., Thatcher, JW, Wagner, EG, Wright, JB, Initial Algebra Semantics and
Continuous Algebras, JA CM, vol 24, no 1, pp 68-75, 1977. [6] Jacobson, I.,
Object-Oriented Development in an Industrial Environment, in Proc. 

Large scale object-oriented software-development in a banking environment
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D Bäumer, R Knoll, G Gryczan ,ECOOP’96—Object- , 1996 ,Springer
 We claim that combining object-oriented development with an evolutionary strategy which
we call an application-oriented approach, will yield synergetic effects leading to a higher
level of software quality, usability and system acceptance.