power system protection research papers

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TH Ortmeyer ,2004 ,magergy.com
Protective systems are designed to sense faults and initiate fault clearing in a timely manner
while minimizing the affected area. Protective relays are used to sense the faults and initiate
circuit breaker tripping. Alternatively, fuses are used on the distribution system to sense 

 Power System Protection
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A Phadke ,Ch-9 in Electrical Power Engineering Handbook, Ed. , 2001 ,
© 2001 CRC Press LLC often the result of moisture, overheating, vibration, voltage surges,
and mechanical stress created during transformer through faults, is the major reason for
winding failure. Voltage regulating load tap changers, when supplied, rank as the second 

 Thermal models in power system protection
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SE Zocholl, A Guzmán ,26th Annual Western Protective Relay , 1999 ,selinc.com
ABSTRACT System protection engineers are familiar with I 2 t thermal limitations specified
for transformers, motors or generators. However, because of the limitations of
electromechanical relaying, thermal protection had to be treated as an overcurrent 

Protection strategies to mitigate major power system breakdowns
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M Jonsson ,2003 ,webfiles.portal.chalmers.se
Abstract This thesis deals with new methods to improve the performance of power system
protection in the case of voltage-and transient instability. These methods are designed
primarily to mitigate power system breakdown. Relay algorithms are proposed where 

 Line protection and power system collapse
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M Jonsson , Univ. Technology, School of Electrical and , 2001 ,webfiles.portal.chalmers.se
Abstract In this report the influence of line protection on transient-and voltage instability is
investigated. Different types of line protection applications are discussed and their likelihood
of contributing to power system instability is analysed. It is concluded that distance 

 Energy function optimization for power system protection assessment
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C Singh, IA Hiskens , Australasian Universities Power , 1999 ,archive.itee.uq.edu.au
Abstract Following fault clearing, undesirable protection operation may play a role in
weakening a power system. Such cascaded protection operation can lead to angle
instability and or voltage collapse. An energy function approach to assessing this