power transfer capability of transmission line research papers 11

Transfer capability computation with security constraints
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XP Zhang ,15th Power System Computation Conference ( , 2005 ,montefiore.ulg.ac.be
 Transfer capability of electric power systems is limited by a number of different mechanisms,
including thermal, voltage and stability constraints, which is characterized by so-called Avail-
able Transfer Capability [1, 2]. The comprehensive definition of the transfer capability is 

HVDC Power Converters
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J Webster ,1999 ,Wiley Online Library
 Outdoor valves have been used as in the Cahora Bassa dc transmission line between
Mozambique and South Africa.  Existing overhead ac transmission lines upgraded to or overbuilt
with dc transmission can substantially increase the power transfer capability on the existing 

Transmission planning for a restructuring US electricity industry
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E Hirst, B Kirby ,2001 ,tnmp.ornl.gov
 How are data on available-transfer- capability limits, denied transactions, and transmission-loading-
relief calls used in modeling?  do planning models incorporate the possible effects of new
transmission facilities on the competitive- ness of wholesale power markets (including 

 Cross Sound cable project second generation VSC technology for HVDC
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BD Railing, JJ Miller, P Steckley, G Moreau , , Paris, France, Aug, 2004 ,library.abb.com
 In Connecticut, CSC’s northern converter station interconnects with the AC transmission grid
via a short tap to the existing 345 kV overhead transmission line that extends from the nearby
115 kV  All performance criteria for power quality, transfer capability, audible sound 

 The abb power transmission test case
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M Larsson ,Rapport technique, Corporate Research ABB Schweiz , 2002 ,dii.unisi.it
 9. A strong source with voltage E supplies a remote load through a transmission line modelled
as a  The amount of reactive power that a generator must produce to regu- late the  This increases
the maximum transfer capability of the line without increasing the critical voltage and 

 Commissioning and operative experience of TCSC for damping power oscillation in the Brazilian north-south interconnection
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C Gama, L Ängquist, G Ingeström ,Proc. CIGRE , 2000 ,library.abb.com
 and Serra da Mesa followed by permanent disconnection of the transmission line • power swing
excitation  and may be considered a better way of exploiting the TCSC main circuit capability. 
adequate damping for all scenarios, even for those with low power transfer (below 200 

 Asynchronous back-to-back HVDC link with voltage source converters
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M Bahrman, AA Edris, R Haley ,Minnesota Power Systems , 1999 ,library.abb.com
 A 1.5-mile, 138 kV 477, AAC transmission line crosses the Mexico/US border and connects the
two substations  The controlled power transfer capability allows the exchange of power between
the two networks while the voltage control stabilizes the voltage following line outages 

 Ancillary service details: Voltage control
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B Kirby, E Hirst ,Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1997 ,ornl.org
 THERMAL LIMIT STABILITY LIMIT Tline 8 Fig. 3. Absent reactive compensation to maintain
voltages, transmission-line capacity is limited to shorter lengths.  9 Fig. 4. Real-power import limits
for this area depend strongly on the reactive-power capability of local generating units. 

 Simulating the behavior of electricity markets with an agent-based methodology: the Electric Market Complex Adaptive Systems (EMCAS) model
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T Veselka, G Boyd, G Conzelmann ,Vancouver, , 2002 ,agent2008.anl.gov
 When a transmission line reaches its limits but it would otherwise be economical to transfer power
over it  That is, the marginal accepted bid to supply a location differs from another because the
transmission system does not have enough capability to transport the less 

 Real-time voltage stability assessment of transmission corridors
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M Larsson, C Rehtanz, J Bertsch , of IFAC Power Plants and Power , 2003 ,dii.unisi.it
 generators have voltage controllers and can be assumed to stay within their capability limits,
¯Eg  since it typi- cally comprises of the step-up transformers and short transmission line to the 
To find the point of maximum possible power transfer we need to compute the maximum 

 Using synchronized phasor angle difference for wide-area protection and control
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E Martínez, N Juárez, A Guzmán, G Zweigle ,proceedings of the 33rd , 2006 ,selinc.com
 lines and intermediate substations, existing AGSSs monitor network topology and power transfer
capability using open  signals (52A or 52B), undercurrent, and/or under- active-power elements. 
these AGSSs use information from both ends of each transmission line to determine 

 Contract networks for electric power transmission: technical reference
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WW Hogan  Energy and Environmental Policy Center, Harvard , 1990 ,hks.harvard.edu
 And the announced transfer capability might be somewhere in between. But — “The actual
capability at any moment may be considerably higher or considerably lower.” — even when
there  understand is the limit on the flow of power on an individual line. 

 Transmission congestion management by determining optimal location of FACTS devices in deregulated power systems
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SA Taher, H Besharat ,American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2008 ,aseanenergy.info
 to be a promising strategy to decrease the transmission congestion and to increase available
transfer capability.  The proposed method has been demonstrated on two 5-bus power systems. 
The Figure1.a shows a simple transmission line represented by its lumped p equivalent 

 Implementation of a Newton-based optimal power flow into a power system simulation environment
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JD Weber ,1997 ,dee.hcmut.edu.vn
 34 4.3 Use for Area Real Power Pricing  38 4.5 System MVAR Control Using Transformer
Taps [26].41 4.6 Transmission Line Valuation by Time-Domain Simulation  47 4.8 Limit on
Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Due to a Voltage Constraint [26 

 Modelling of indoor low voltage power-line cables in the high frequency range
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IC Papaleonidopoulos, CG Karagiannopoulos ,6th Int. Symp. Power- , 2002 ,isplc.org
 It proves well out, ensuring the capability of performing precise HF signal propagation analysis
over mains electrical grids  CGKaragiannopoulos, DP Agoris, PD Bourkas, and NJ Theodorou,
HF Signal Transmission over Power Lines and Transfer Function Measurements 

 Transmission and distribution networks: AC versus DC
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 The land coverage and the associated right-of-way cost for a HVDC overhead transmission line
is not as high as for an AC line.  of new overhead electric lines is increasing difficulty, thus there
is a need to look at alternatives that increases the power transfer capability of the 

 Environmental characteristics of HVDC overhead transmission lines
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LA Koshcheev ,The Third Workshop on Power Grid Interconnection in , 2003 ,nautilus.org
 measures and the area of total land use and line right- of-way for an HVDC transmission line
is 1.5 times  over a HVAC system depends on the aforementioned ecological advantages and
also on the HVDC systems’ capability to provide continued power transfer via one