power transfer capability of transmission line research papers

 Corona erf orma nee of High-Voltage Transmission Lines
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PS Maruvada ,2000 ,sutlib2.sut.ac.th
 AC Transmission Lines ? 4 1.2.1 History of Development 4 1.2.2 Power Transfer Capability 5
1.2  Analysis of Corona Pulses 113 5,3? Fourier Analysis 115 5.3.2 Power Spectral Density  123
5.5.2 Multi Conductor Line: Simplified Analysis 128 5.5.3 Transmission Line with Ground 

 FACTS-Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems-For Cost Effective and Reliable Transmission of Electrical Energy
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 500 kV transmission system between Arizona and California, USA, was installed to increase
power transfer.  nearby HVDC station of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP 
By installing the SVCs, the LADWP ensured its capability to supply high quality electric 

 Power system stability benefits with VSC DC-transmission systems
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SG Johansson, G Asplund, E Jansson ,CIGRE, Session, 2004 ,library.abb.com
 like (N-1) or similar are used to establish the maximum amount of load that a critical grid section
three factors that limit the capability seen from a power system stability 

 Gotland HVDC light transmission-world’s first commercial small scale DC transmission
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U Axelsson, A Holm, C Liljegren, K Eriksson ,CIRED Conference, , 1999 ,library.abb.com
 that it corresponds to the generated power from wind power parks and provide the capabilities
to follow the  to trip and by making a mode shift in the Näs converter from active power regulation
to  This could save as much windmill production as the Gotland Light line can transfer. 

 HVDC Light–An excellent tool for City Center Infeed
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L Stendius, K Eriksson ,PowerGen Conference, Singapore, 1999 ,library.abb.com
 the power flow control capability inherent with HVDC Light, however, avoids having the thermal
loading on just one circuit, effectively limiting the net transfer capability.  Examples of large
disturbances are the loss of a whole power plant or failure of a major transmission line. 

 Visualization of flows and transfer capability in electric networks
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TJ Overbye, JD Weber, M Laufenberg ,Urbana, 1999 ,pserc.wisc.edu
 power system flow values, contouring of transmission line flow values, data aggregation
techniques and virtual reality data visualization. Results are shown for several large scale power
systems. Keywords: Power System Visualization, Transfer Capability, Contouring, Animation 

 Transfer capability computation of power systems with comprehensive modelling of facts controllers
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XP Zhang, E Handschin , Power System Computation Conference , 2002
 capability with incorporation of FACTS controllers; 3) solution of the transfer capability problem
by  Operating constraint of the STATCOM (active power exchange via the DC link) is: 0  However,
a SSSC is series connected with a transmission line through the coupling transformer. 

 FACTS and HVDC Light for power system interconnections
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R Grünbaum, B Halvarsson  Power Delivery , 1999 ,library.abb.com
 The Series Capacitor reduces the total reactance of a transmission line and thus makes the line
electrically shorter. To summarize, the main reasons for incorporating series capacitors in
transmission systems will be: ,To increase the power transfer capability as a result of 

 Wide-area stability and voltage control
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CW Taylor, MV Venkatasubramanian ,Proc. VII Symp. , 2000 ,eecs.wsu.edu
 of measured variables rather than events such as opening of an important transmission line.  send
signals for actions such as generator tripping or reactive power compensation switch  is because
of more stringent planning crite- ria, and the need to maximize transfer capabilities. 

 HVDC transmission
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DA Woodford ,Professional Report from Manitoba HVDC Research , 1998 ,keystonent.com
 Outdoor valves have been applied such as in the Cahora Bassa dc transmission line between
Mozambique and South Africa.  Existing overhead ac transmission lines if upgraded to or overbuilt
with dc transmission can substantially increase the power transfer capability on the 

 Optimal location for shunt connected FACTS devices in a series compensated longtransmission line
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PR Sharma, A Kumar, N Kumar ,Turk J Elec Engin, 2007 ,journals.tubitak.gov.tr
 center point of line depends upon the degree of series compensation and it increases almost
linearly from the center point of the transmission line towards the generator side as the degree
of series compensation (%S) is increased. Both the power transfer capability and stability 

 Wide area measurement and control system for increasing transmission capacity in deregulated energy markets
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C Rehtanz, D Westermann  Power Systems Computation Conf., , 2002
 technologies are: • Measurement / monitoring of only one transmission line / corridor • Stability 
offline calculated available transfer capability (ATC) / total transfer capability (TTC) / thermal 
Operators (TSO) • Independent System Operators (ISO) • Other power exchange markets 

Power electronics
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BW Williams ,1987 ,myweb.msoe.edu
 141 5.4.3 Repetitive transient response Example 5.3: Semiconductor transient repetitive power
capability 142 Example 5.4: Composite rectangular power pulses  219 5.25 Appendix: Emissivity
and heat transfer coefficient  5.27 Appendix: Isolated substrates for power modules 

 Improving Power System Transient Stability with an off-centre Location of Shunt FACTS Devices
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S Panda, RN Patel ,JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING- , 2006 ,iris.elf.stuba.sk
 When a shunt FACTS device is connected to a long line to increase the power transfer capability,
the above simplifications may provide erroneous results. The active power flows at the sending
end and receiv- ing end for a long transmission line with distributed pa- rameters 

 Market power evaluation in power systems with congestion
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TJ Overbye, G Gross, PW Sauer , in Electric Power, 1999 ,powerworld.com
 System 100% 100.0 MW Analysis is substantially more complex. Transfer capability into bus
A is NOT equal to sum of tie-line limits Page 17.  23% 300.0 MW 50.0 MW 224.4 MW 324.0 MW
25 MWs of power is wheeling through bus A In this example the allowable interchange 

 Facts about flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) controllers: practical installations and benefits
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N Acharya, A Sode-Yome , Universities Power , 2005
 The worlds first three phase TCSC was developed by ABB and installed at Kayenta substation,
Arizona in 1992, that raises the capacity of a transmission line by almost 30%.  1 1992 USA 230
To increase power transfer capability Kayenta substation, Arizona