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Code Generation From MATLAB–Simulink Models
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Code Generation From MATLAB – Simulink Models From the root directory bin configuration files are split between configura- tions of elements from libraries of MATLAB / Simulink (lib directory) and elements of toolbox Simulink (blk directory) subject to translation.

Query-driven incremental synchronization of view models
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example is extracted from an ongoing in- dustrial avionics research project where the main purpose was to define a complex, semi-automated development chain to allocate software functions onto different hardware archi- tectures. The tool takes Matlab Simulink (SIM) block dia

The MAV3DSim: A Simulation Platform for Research, Education and Validation of UAV Controllers
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Those avionics instruments are depicted in Fig. In few cases, the designer test the controller on the complete system model, this is due to the difficulty to represent the behavior in any simulation software such as MATLAB SIMULINK.

Towards an Architecture-Centric Approach dedicated to Model-Based Virtual Integration for Embedded Software Systems
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MathWorks. The MathWorks: Matlab/Simulink. http://www. A. Toom, T. Naks, M. Pantel, M. Gandriau, and I. Wati. Gene-Auto: An Automatic Code Generator for a Safe Subset of SimuLink/StateFlow and Scicos. System-level Co-simulation of Integrated Avionics Using Polychrony.

SEtSim: A Modular Simulation Tool for Switched Ethernet Networks
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In the area of embedded avionics networks, a simulation model consider- ing the AFDX is proposed in [7]. The end systems (nodes), switches, different queue managements in the switch and nodes, and the measurement TrueTime is a toolbox developed for Simulink/Matlab.

Bridging Automotive Systems, Safety and Software Engineering by a Seamless Tool Chain
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The work of Quadri and Sadovykh [12] presents a real-time embedded system for avionics and a model-driven engineering between system-level development atAbstract UML-like representations and software-level de- velopment modeling tools (eg Matlab Simulink/Targetlink

Nonlinear model reduction using convex optimization. Applications to process systems, nonlinear circuit simulation and distributed-parameter systems
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Numerical simulation and validation of the proposed techniques using Matlab/Simulink software. 36 months Prof. Academic Qualifications June 1991 : Bachelor's degree in

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RTW) can be used for automatic generation of C code directly from Simulink models. can also be used for generation of standalone C and C++ code from MATLAB code. Avionics and control system development for mid-air rendezvous of two unmanned aerial vehicles. Diss.

Cooperative Autonomy of Multiple Solar-Powered Thermaling Gliders
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unit, rechargeable batteries with balancing circuitry, and the load represented by the well-defined power load of avionics and the algorithms the project developed a realistic simulation envi- ronment that is based on integration of MatLab/Simulink (MATLAB [2013]) capabilities

A Bibliography of Publications about the Matlab On-Line Matrix Laboratory
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Current usage of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and future challenges: A mission oriented simulator for UAS as a tool for design and performance evaluation
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Each one of the UA includes the airframe and the avionics and propulsion system. The payload consists of systems that support hybrid systems simulation. Matlab/Simulink is another platform that has already been used for aircraft control design and simulation.

Fault Tolerant Control of a Small Helicopter with Tail Rotor Failures in Forward Flight
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Robustness in terms of stabilizing ability of developed controllers is also analyzed. All developed control schemes are tested in Matlab/Simulink environment including linear as well as non-linear simulations. 18th Digital Avionics Systems Conference., St. louis, pp.

Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Autopilot based on Freescale Qorivva 32-bit Microcontroller
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Simulation is developed in Matlab/Simulink environment. Control (GC) Algorithm is running on the embedded processor and communicates with the Simulink model in makes it flexible and reusable for different hardware platforms as well as different avionics sensors with

D2. 6-Integration of environment models in the architecture
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25 Figure 7: V-REP MATLAB-Simulink interface .. 25 Figure 8: Data flow inside Simulink block .. 26 Figure 9: Environment model with detected physical entities in the vicinity .. recent work has been in satellite control, specifically new methods for attitude and orbit determination and safe hold mode, and lecturing avionics. Simulink plots of the first and the second components of equation (16) [which is (10) above, repeated here for convenience] below

Model Checking Software
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We describe the LLVM language itself, how C and C++ are translated into LLVM, how to deal with language runtime libraries and 3 CESMI has been successfully used to implement a 3rd-party module for veri ication of Matlab Simulink de- signs of Avionics [5]. Page 12.

Cooperative Gust Sensing and Suppression for Aircraft Formation Flight
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For the onboard avionics, each WVU Phastball is equipped with a PC104-based flight computer (PC104) and a complete sensor suite PMUS simulation code is based on the open source Flight

Robust impedance active control of flight control devices
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In fact, on-board computers and avionics are used as the intermediate between the pilot and control surfaces. Gd(z) is the continuous-to-discrete time con- version of G(s) and the various controllers are imple- mented in Matlab/target environment and executed on

AOCS Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery
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1 Page 25. 1. Introduction out during the overall avionics test campaign on the satellite platform. This lack keep all the potential of engineers' design expertise. A MATLAB Simulink mod- ule containing the FDIR design is generated and can be tested in a dedicated FDIR

Computer based control with real-time capabilities
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Examples of other systems that require real-time execution are banking systems, military systems, avionics or robotics, and providing real-time Matlab, Simulink, OPC toolbox and a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) were used in [11] in a real-time model predictive control

A novel methodology for synthesis of fault trees from MATLAB-Simulink model
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632 Page 4. Fig. 3 Mission Avionics System The system fails in the following three cases: any of the systems cannot perform the functions, or both the memories fail, or all the busses in any one type fail. MATLAB-Simulink model of MAS system is shown in Fig. and avionics domain. With slicing, the complexity of a model can be reduced for a given point of interest by removing unrelated model elements, thus paving the way for subsequent static quality assurance methods. Keywords-Slicing, Simulink, Dependence Analysis, MATLAB

UAV Avionics" Hardware in the Loop" Simulator
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ASATE is the continuation of work initiated in 2001 for the testing of avionics developed as part of the QUT UAV project. ASATE incorporates commercially available software packages including X-Plane for the flight visualisation and Matlab Simulink for the implementation of the

A tabular expression toolbox for matlab/simulink
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a more detailed investigation of the consistency of the semantics of Matlab and the York (2004) 2. Roy, P., Shankar, N.: SimCheck: An expressive type system for Simulink. ACM, Toronto (2007) 5. Bharadwaj, R., Heitmeyer, C.: Developing high assurance avionics systems with

Tool chain to support automated formal verification of avionics simulink designs
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Abstract. Embedded systems have become an inevitable part of control systems in many industrial domains including avionics. HiLiTE and the proposed partial toolchain use MATLAB Simulink/Stateflow as the primary design language.

Rapid development of UAV autopilot using Matlab/Simulink
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Model-Based Development Through the development of our recent UAV flight avionics system, we found the following benefits of using a model-based approach: MATLAB/Simulink provides a general platform that is widely used around the world.

Improving timing analysis for Matlab Simulink/Stateflow
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F., Langenbach, M., Wilhelm, R., Ferdinand, C.: AnAbstract Interpretation-Based Timing Validation of Hard Real-Time Avionics Software Systems. 8. Kirner, R., Lang, R., Freiberger, G., Puschner, P.: Fully automatic worst-case execution time analysis for Matlab/Simulink models.

Coupling Simulink and UML models
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applicable in other domains such as avionics and automotive. Given the collaboration with Oc, we have implemented a coupling between the UML-based CASE tool Rose RealTime (currently renamed to Rose Technical Developer) of IBM Rational and Matlab/Simulink of The

S-taliro: A tool for temporal logic falsification for hybrid systems
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Other frameworks can be readily supported, provided that a Matlab (TM) interface is made available to their Simulink/Stateflow (TM) mod- els are the de-facto standard amongst developers of control software in many domains such as automotive control and avionics.

Simulated flight testing of an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle using flightgear
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with FlightGear and translate the internal states of FlightGear to the sensor inputs expected by the avionics and control During autopilot development, a bridging application communicates directly with MATLAB/Simulink, the environment under which the autopilot is developed. Implement an avionics system architecture that is modular, interconnected via a common data bus by following The main processing unit will be a Matlab Simulink and VxWorks supported PC type miniature single board computer (SBC). The data bus is chosen as CAN Bus.

MADES: Embedded systems engineering approach in the avionics domain
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languages and profiles to develop languages and dedicated tools that are focused on real-time systems for building avionics and sur- simulation environment for physical systems, MADES intends to integrate state of the art industrial simulation tools like Matlab/Simulink or Mode
An evolution based path planning algorithm for autonomous motion of a UAV through uncertain environments. In 21st digital avionics systems conference (Vol. 2) (pp. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. Matlab Simulink Gauges Block Set, xxxx; Matlab Simulink Gauges Block Set. In this paper, we report on experiences with such a model- based design of an avionics system, realized as a TTA using commercial modeling tools and extensions that support the Time Triggered Model suites such as Matlab Simulink or SCADE of Esterel Technologies

Intelligent systems research using a small autonomous rotorcraft testbed
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Page 4. Fig. 3 Modular Avionics Subsystem and provides the main user interface. The flight controls are being developed and tested in the Matlab/Simulink environment. This can be done using only the simulation model or it can include the whole onboard flight software.

Executing model checking counterexamples in Simulink
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the error discovered by the model checker and the simulation in Matlab Simulink. Keywords-Model checking, DIVINE, Simulink, Counterexam- ple I. INTRODUCTION Verification of developed The safety-critical nature of embedded systems in avionics industry makes the


The bayes net toolbox for matlab
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Abstract The Bayes Net Toolbox (BNT) is an open-source Matlab package for directed graphical models. BNT supports many kinds of nodes (probability distributions), exact and approximate inference, parameter and structure learning, and static and dynamic models.

Evaluating MPPT converter topologies using a MATLAB PV model
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Abstract An accurate PV module electrical model is presented based on the Shockley diode equation. The simple model has a photo-current current source, a single diode junction and a series resistance, and includes temperature dependences. The method of parameter

Self-organizing map in Matlab: the SOM Toolbox
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Abstract The Self-Organizing Map (SOM) is a vector quantization method which places the prototype vectors on a regular low-dimensional grid in an ordered fashion. This makes the SOM a powerful visualization tool. The SOM Toolbox is an implementation of the SOM and

Engineering problem solving with MATLAB
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Course Description This course introduces topics important for engineers computer aided analysis techniques are introduced and used for the design, and modeling of engineering systems such as electrical circuits, pipelines, signal and image processing, aircraft engines, orbits and

CircStat: a MATLAB toolbox for circular statistics
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Abstract Directional data is ubiquitious in science. Due to its circular nature such data cannot be analyzed with commonly used statistical techniques. Despite the rapid development of specialized methods for directional statistics over the last fifty years, there is only little

Development of generalized photovoltaic model using MATLAB/SIMULINK
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Abstract:This paper presents the implementation of a generalized photovoltaic model using Matlab/Simulink software package, which can be representative of PV cell, module, and array for easy use on simulation platform. The proposed model is designed with a

A Matlab toolbox for musical feature extraction from audio
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ABSTRACT We present MIRtoolbox, an integrated set of functions written in Matlab, dedicated to the extraction of musical features from audio files. The design is based on a modular framework: the different algorithms are decomposed into stages, formalized using The world we live in is becoming ever more reliant on the use of electronics and computers to control the behavior of real-world resources. For example, an increasing amount of commerce is performed without a single banknote or coin ever being exchanged. Similarly

A matlab toolbox for pattern recognition
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In statistical pattern recognition one studies techniques for the generalisation of decision rules to be used for the recognition of patterns in experimental data sets. This area of research has a strong computational character, demanding a flexible use of numerical

MATPOWER: A MATLAB power system simulation package
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The restructuring of the electric power industry in many parts of the world is creating a need for new analytical as well as simulation tools. To test new ideas and methodologies for the operation of competitive power systems, researchers need to have ready access to

An introduction to digital image processing with matlab notes for scm2511 image processing
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As we mentioned in the preface, human beings are predominantly visual creatures: we rely heavily on our vision to make sense of the world around us. We not only look at things to identify and classify them, but we can scan for differences, and obtain an overall rough

Introduction to MATLAB 7 for Engineers
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The variables x and y are local to the function fun, so unless you pass their values by naming them x and y, their values will not be available in the workspace outside the function. The variable u is also local to the function. For example, x= 3; y= 7; q= fun (x, y); xx

Model of photovoltaic module in Matlab
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Abstract:This paper define a circuit-based simulation model for a PV cell in order to allow estimate the electrical behavior of the cell with respect changes on environmental parameter of temperature and irradiance. An accurate PV module electrical model is presented

LS-SVMlab: a matlab/c toolbox for least squares support vector machines
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Abstract In this paper, a toolbox LS-SVMlab for Matlab with implementations for a number of LS-SVM related algorithms is presented. The core of the toolbox is a performant LS-SVM training and simulation environment written in C-code. The functionality for classification,

MATLAB functions for Mie scattering and absorption, version 2
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Abstract A set of MATLAB Functions for Mie calculations (Mätzler, 2002a) and for applications to microwave radiation in rain (Mätzler, 2002b) has been improved and expanded by including magnetic and metal-like media and coated spheres. The appendix

Matlab user's guide
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Abstract MATLAB is an interactive computer program that serves as a convenient laboratory for computations involving matrices. It provides easy access to matrix software developed by the LINPACK and EISPACK projects. The program is written in Fortran and

Solving boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations in MATLAB with bvp4c
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Ordinary differential equations (ODEs) describe phenomena that change continuously. They arise in models throughout mathematics, science, and engineering. By itself, a system of ODEs has many solutions. Commonly a solution of interest is determined by specifying the

HIFOO-a MATLAB package for fixed-order controller design and H8 optimization
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Abstract: H8 controller design for linear systems is a difficult, nonconvex and typically nonsmooth (nondifferentiable) optimization problem when the order of the controller is fixed to be less than that of the open-loop plant, a typical requirement in eg embedded