research papers in computer networks 12

 Distributed solving of Markov chains for computer network models
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J Bylina ,Annales UMCS Informatica, 2003 ,
Abstract In this paper a distributed iterative GMRES algorithm for solving huge and sparse
linear systems (that appear in the Markov chain analysis of queueing network models) is
considered. It is implemented using the MPI standard on a collection of Linux machines 

 Application of computer network to solve the complex applied multiple criteria optimization problems
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G Dzemyda ,Informatica, 2001 ,
Abstract. The analysis of the method for multiple criteria optimization problems applying a
computer network has been presented in the paper. The essence of the proposed method is
the distribution of the concrete optimization problem into the network rather than the 

CDIS: Towards a computer immune system for detecting network intrusions
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P Williams, K Anchor, J Bebo, G Gunsch ,Recent Advances in , 2001 ,Springer
 This research investigates the feasibility of using evolutionary search techniques, in the
context of a computer immune system, to detect computer network intrusions, with particular
emphasis on developing techniques for catching new attacks. 

 Vector Ordinal Optimization-a New Heuristic Approach and Its Application to Computer Network Routing Design Problems
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D Li, L Lee ,International Journal of Operations and , 1999 ,
Abstract In this paper we introduce a new heuristic stochastic optimization technique called
Vector Ordinal Optimization (VOO). It is applied to solving a real world Vector Optimization
Problem, parameter optimization in computer network routing. We demonstrate the 

 A comparison of methods for internet traffic sharing in computer network
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a Markov chain model based analysis for the user’s
behaviour in a simple scenario of two competitors. The model is applied to predict 

 An object-oriented modelling approach for dynamic computer network simulation
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D Anagnostopoulos ,International Journal of , 2001 ,
Abstract Recent work indicates simulation of dynamic network behaviour may be used as an
effective tool for predicting network performance, for the near future. Conclusions from such
simulation, when applied to network performance, can greatly enhance network 

 Distributed Problem Solving Based on Recurrent Neural Networks Applied to Computer Network Management
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ASM De Franceschi ,Proceedings of International , 1999 ,
Abstract With the application of new techniques, such as autonomous agents, artificial
neural networks (ANN) and evolutionary computation, new questions arrive and may be, the
most important areis:” can new problems be solved?” and” with how much effort?” This is 

 Performance Evaluation of Industrial Processes in Computer Network Environments
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ABSTRACT In this paper we look at an application of distributed computing power of
computer networks in simulation studies of industrial systems modelled by dynamic
stochastic processes. Stochastic simulation is an invaluable tool for studying such 

 Risk Management and Organisational Culture: The implications of computer networkattacks and Malware incidents on organizational risk management
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M Hannan ,2nd Australian Information Security , 2004 ,
167 Risk Management and Organisational Culture: The implications of computer network attacks
and Malware incidents on organizational risk management MATHEW HANNAN Researcher
University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia mathew. hannan@ unisa. edu. au 

 Optimization of the throughput of Computer Network Based on Parallel EA
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I Rukovansky ,algorithms (PEA), 2009
Abstract—This paper describes Parallel Grammatical Evolution (PGE) that can be together
with clustering used for a improvement of the throughput of computer networks. To increase
the efficiency of Grammatical Evolution (GE) the influence of backward processing was 

Batch scheduled admission control for computer and network systems
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 In this paper, we first describe the computer/network systems using two different admission control
methods: BSAC and no admission control.  Finally, we draw our conclusions. 2. Methodology In
this section, we first describe a computer/network system with no admission control. 

 An invariant property of computer network power
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R Gail ,Conference Record, International Conference , 1981 ,
Abstract Power has recently evolved as a potentially useful measure of computer network
performance in that it suggests an appropriate operating point for simple nets. In this paper
we elaborate on the observation that the average number in system is an invariant which 

 Congestion Avoidance in Computer Networks with a Connectionless Network Layer, Part IV-A Selective Binary Feedback Scheme for General Topologies
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KK Ramakrishnan, DM Chiu ,1987 ,
 The scheme described in [RJ87] acheived these criteria for operating the network at the maximum
effeciency and max- imum achievable fairness. But, the design was based on the assumption
that all the users utilize the same set of resources in the computer network. 

Investigating patterns of interaction in networked learning and computer-supported collaborative learning: A role for Social Network Analysis
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M de Laat, V Lally, L Lipponen ,International Journal of , 2007 ,Springer
 For this we need to draw on relational data, based on how the participants have used the computer
network to interact. One way of approaching this task is to start by thinking of a computer network
(used to connect people), as a social network (Wellman, 2001). 

 U se of a Remote Network Lab as an Aid to Support Teaching Computer
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M Aravena ,CLEI Electronic Journal, 2009
 2. USE OF LABORATORIES AS A TEACHING AID. A network lab consists of a room that has
network equipment such a switch, router, firewall and computers. With this equipment the students
can put into practice the knowledge learned from theory about computer network. 

 An Approach to Evaluating the Computer Network Security with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Information
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Y Li, J Yin ,AISS: Advances in Information Sciences and , 2011
Abstract In this paper, we investigate the multiple attribute group decision making (MAGDM)
problems for for evaluating the computer network security with intuitionistic fuzzy information.
We utilize the intuitionistic fuzzy weighted average (IFWA) operator to aggregate the 

 Relation between static and dynamic optimization in computer network routing
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M Tuba ,Proceedings of the 8th WSEAS international , 2009
Abstract: Computer network routing is a very important and interesting optimization problem.
Many different routing algorithms have been used over the years on the Internet, often with
unexpected problems. Dynamic systems, ie systems that change over time, can be 

 Globally dense (d, k) graphs for computer network architectures
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W Leland, L Quiao ,Computer Sci. Dept. Tech. Rept., Univ. of , 1980 ,
Abstract This paper examines the techniques used to increase the number of nodes in a
graph of given degree (the number of edges at each node) and diameter (the shortest path
between the most distant nodes). A number of new” densest” graphs (ie, with more nodes 

 An analysis of obstruction in cooperative work over a computer network
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H Murakoshi, H Kaiya ,International CASE , 1995 ,
Abstract In a cooperative process of designing software specifications, various activities
such as deciding, changing or validating a specification are performed. On such activities
over a computer network, an efficiency of work or a quality of the software products seem