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Using Spin and Eclipse for optimized high-level modeling and analysis of computer networkattack models
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G Rothmaier, T Kneiphoff ,Model Checking Software, 2005 ,Springer
Advanced attack sequences combine different kinds of steps (eg attacker, protocol, and
administration steps) on multiple networked systems. We propose a SPIN based approach
for formal modeling and analysis of such scenarios. Our approach is especially suited for 

 Computer network routing based on imprecise routing tables
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M Tuba ,WSEAS Transactions on Communications, 2009
Abstract: This paper examines problems that arise from the fact that dynamic routing never
relies on the precise, current information about the network state. It is a normal expectation
that dynamic routing has to give better results than a static one. However, it takes some 

 University computer network and its application for multimedia transmissin in medicine
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Department of Telecommunication, Brno University of Technology Purkyòova 118, 612 00 

 Visualisation for Network Situational Awareness in Computer Network Defence
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M Grégoire ,Proceedings of the NATO IST-043/RWS-006 , 2004 ,
This document presents some of the requirements and challenges associated with the
visualisation for network situational awareness in computer network defence. It raises
fundamental questions pertaining to the integration of information and its presentation to 

Frame Based Computer Network Monitoring
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LA Stabile ,Proc. AAAI, 1982 ,
Abstract This paper describes an application of FRL to the monitoring of a large computer
network. The design utilizes frame models for the network domain and a general graphics
system, and a method for coupling the two domains by analogy creation and maintenance 

 FPGA Based Efficient Interface Model for Scale-Free Computer Network using I2C Protocol
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P Venkateswaran, A Sanyal, S Das , Issue: Advances in ,
Abstract. Devices communicating with each other over a serial bus must have some protocol
to avoid data loss, as well as enabling faster devices to communicate with slower ones. In a
network, there may be several electronic modules across which a communication link has 

 Redundant topology in computer network realized with millimeter wave radio links
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D Peric, M Peric ,Proceedings of 14 th IST Mobile and , 2005
Abstract-In this paper we analyzed influence on link disconnection caused by unavailability
due to rain in a mesh network made of point-to-point high capacity radio links carrying IP
traffic, at frequency bands of 26GHz and 38GHz. Main goal of this research is to confirm 

 Virtual terrain: a security-based representation of a computer network
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J Holsopple, S Yang ,Proceedings of SPIE, the , 2008
ABSTRACT Much research has been put forth towards detection, correlating, and prediction
of cyber attacks in recent years. As this set of research progresses, there is an increasing
need for contextual information of a computer network to provide an accurate situational 

 Bandwidth analysis of a simulated computer network running OTB
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J Vargas, R DeMara, A Gonzalez ,Proceedings of the , 2004 ,
Abstract A network simulation is conducted to determine the bandwidth requirements of
military mission rehearsal activities while enroute to deployment. A predefined vignette
running under OneSAF Testbed Baseline (OTB) provides the base data for the simulator. 

 Automations in computer network management utilizing computational intelligence
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Abstract. Computer network management, due to the complexity and scale of networks
nowadays, has necessarily come to be a pro-active and automated activity. In this type of
management there are several points of decision-making or reasoning where 

 Maximum entropy method and underdetermined systems applied to computer networktopology and routing
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M Tuba ,Proceedings of the 9th WSEAS international , 2009
Abstract: The maximum entropy method (MEM) is a relatively new technique for solving
underdetermined systems. It has been successfully applied in many different areas. All
methods for solving underdetermined systems introduce some additional, artificial 

Least cost multicast spanning tree algorithm for local computer network
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YJ Lee ,Networking and Mobile Computing, 2005 ,Springer
This study deals with the topology discovery for the capacitated minimum spanning tree
network. The problem is composed of finding the best way to link nodes to a source node
and, in graph-theoretical terms, it is to determine a minimal spanning tree with a capacity 

 Coupled Petri nets for computer network risk analysis
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MH Henry, RM Layer ,International Journal of Critical , 2010 ,
Abstract This paper presents a framework for quantifying the risk induced by the potential for
cyber attacks levied against network-supported operations. It also permits a formal
assessment of candidate risk management policies that address network host 

 Metaconfiguration of the computer network
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M Matuska ,2004 ,
Computer network generally provides communication infrastructure for various important
systems and services. The communication services have to fulfill their needs and thus must
offer real-time capability of data transfer between network end points. The key question is 

 The effects of load balancing on response time for local computer systems with a multiaccess network
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KM Baumgartner ,Proceedings of the International , 1985 ,
 in suboptimal performance. Load balancing is implemented on the Purdue Engineer-
ing Computer Network (ECN) which is a system of computers connected by a hybrid
of Ethernet and point-to-point links [Hwa82]. The load 

 Towards P2P-based computer network management
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H Xu , Journal of Future Generation Communication and , 2009
Abstract Nowadays, the rapid development of computer networks calls for highly distributed
management technologies that aim at integration and automation. This paper then gives an
overview of current management architectures for computer networks, and tries to apply 

 An experimental computer network for growers
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JL Jackson Jr ,Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc, 1983 ,
Abstract. Computers have long been an important tool for large business operations. With
the introduction of reason ably priced small computer systems in the mid 1970’s a re
markable tool was made available to the small grower. The Lake County Extension office 

 Some Aspects about VaguenessImprecision in Computer Network Fault-Tree Analysis
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DE Popescu, M Lonea, D Zmaranda ,International , 2010 ,
Abstract: Based on the available information (eg. multiple functional faults or sensor errors
give rise to similar alarm patterns or outcomes), some states in the behaviour of a network
can not be distinguished from one another. So, the computer network’s fault tree reliability