research projects-computer science-cloud computing

research projects-computer science-cloud computing

1 .A Profile-based Approach to Just-in-time Scalability for Cloud Applications 2. EnaCloud: An Energy-saving Application Live Placement Approach for Cloud Computing Environments 3. From Service Clouds to User-centric Personal Clouds 4. Semantic Modeling for Cloud Computing, Part 1 5. Deployment of Services in a Cloud Subject to Memory and License Constraints 6. Activity-aware chat system based on a study of distributed collaborative learning 7. Application Performance Isolation in Virtualization 8. Optimistic Synchronization of Parallel Simulations in Cloud Computing Environments 9. SOA’s Last Mile Connecting Smartphones to the Service Cloud 10. Intelligent Management of Remote Facilities through a Ubiquitous Cloud Middleware 11. An Efficient Resource Management System for On-line Virtual Cluster Provision 12. The Method and Tool of Cost Analysis for Cloud Computing 13. Using Clouds to Elastically Extend Site Resources 14. On Technical Security Issues in Cloud Computing 15. Cloud Computing for Satellite Data Processing on High End Compute Clusters 16. Policy-based Event-driven Services-oriented Architecture for Cloud Services Operation & Management 17. A RESTful Approach to the Management of Cloud Infrastructure 19. Architecture-Driven Variation Analysis for Designing Cloud Applications 20. Service Oriented Architecture for Cloud based Travel Reservation Software as a Service 22. Improving Scalability of Software Cloud for Composite Web Services 23. Ranking Mortgage Origination Applications using Customer, Product, Environment and Workflow Attributes 24. Understand Collaborative Authorization Policies: Models and Specifications 25. MONGOOSE: MONitoring Global Online Opinions via Semantic Extraction


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