research projects-computer science-software engineering

1. Regression Testing Techniques for Object Oriented Software

2. Using Back-propagation Neural Networks for Functional Software Testing

3. Recomputing Coverage Information to Assist Regression Testing

4. Data Mining Approach for Detecting Higher-Level Clones in Software

5. An Efficient and Scalable Approach to Correct Class Model Refinement

6. Maturing Software Engineering Knowledge through Classifications: A Case Study on Unit Testing Techniques

7. Power-Law Distributions of Component Size in General Software Systems

8. Automatic Extraction of Heap Reference Properties in Object-Oriented Programs

9. CHARMY: A Framework for Designing and Verifying Architectural Specifications

10. Identification of Move Method Refactoring Opportunities

11. The Impact of Lessons-Learned Sessions on Effort Estimation and Uncertainty Assessments

12. Synthesis of Partial Behavior Models from Properties and Scenarios

13. Enhanced Modeling and Solution of Layered Queueing Networks

14. CoMoM: Efficient Class-Oriented Evaluation of Multiclass Performance Models

15. State-Density Functions over DBM Domains in the Analysis of Non-Markovian Models

16. Automated Trace Analysis of Discrete-Event System Models

17. Model Checking Probabilistic and Stochastic Extensions of the π-Calculus

18. Atomicity Analysis of Service Composition across Organizations

19. Carving and Replaying Differential Unit Test Cases from System Test Cases

20. Optimized Resource Allocation for Software Release Planning

21. Predicting Project Velocity in XP Using a Learning Dynamic Bayesian Network Model

20. Security Requirements Engineering:A Framework for Representation and Analysis