rfid-radio frequency identification research papers 2012-105

RFID Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
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P Dharani ,2012
ABSTRACT Visually impaired people face unique challenges navigating in unfamiliar public
locations. Twenty-five percent of the visually impaired people travel through public locations
without assistance other than a walking stick1. A visually impaired person can obtain a 

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This dissertation investigates how radio-frequency identification (RFID) improves operations
in manufacturing when item levels referred to as Work-In-Processes (WIPs), parts, and
components become more visible in the schedule process.

 Location of Intelligent Carts Using RFID
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Y Kambayashi, M Takimoto , RFID: Challenges, Solutions, and Open ,cdn.intechopen.com
This chapter addresses optimizing distributed robotic control of systems using an example of
an intelligent cart system designed to be used in common airports. This framework provides
novel control methods using mobile software agents. In airport terminals, luggage carts 

 Security Analysis of RAPP An RFID Authentication Protocol based on Permutation
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W Shao-hui, H Zhijie, L Sujuan, C Dan-wei ,2012 ,eprint.iacr.org
Abstract. One of the key problems in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is security and
privacy. Many RFID authentication protocols have been proposed to preserve security and
privacy of the system. Nevertheless, most of these protocols are analyzed and it is shown 

 A Survey of RFID Data Processing
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Abstract Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new technology which allows a sensor
(reader) to read, from a distance, and without line of sight, a unique product identification
code (EPC) associated with a tag. Such tags are very useful in inventory management and

 RFID systems
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• The tag uses Backscatter modulation to respond to a reader. It does this by switching the
reflection coefficient of its antenna (using a shunt circuit) from a matched load where the
incident RF signal is absorbed, to a short at the antenna terminals where the maximum 

 Construction of DBMS for the Warehouse of Textile Enterprise Based on RFID Technology
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R Pan, J Liu, W Gao, H Wang, J Liu ,onlinepresent.org
Abstract. The complex production processes and intermediate products make it difficult to
use traditional DBMS (Database Management System) to precision manage the materials
and products in the warehouse of the textile enterprise. To overcome the shortcomings of 

 Ontology-based RFID code conversion for ubiquitous applications
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YS Noh, YC Byun, SJ Lee ,onlinepresent.org
Abstract. RFID is one of the important techniques to implement ubiquitous applications and
services. To process various kinds of RFID readers and sensors, we need an RFID
middleware system. ALE, which is the name of RFID middleware proposed by EPCglobal, 

 Large-scale RFID data processing
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YS Noh, YC Byun ,onlinepresent.org
Abstract. Radio Frequency Identification is considered as one of the core technologies for
realizing ubiquitous services, and large-scale RFID tag data should be handled properly to
implement the services. To balance the load effectively, a variety of information from RFID 

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D Das, R Rautray ,ijetae.com
Abstract-A globally accepted, auto-identification technology, became popular in the post
World War II period–the RFID technology works without any contact between the
participating entities. As an auto-identification technology, RFID has overcome the 

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A Zaher ,cwi.unik.no
Page 1. RFID/NFC TECHNOLOGY Ali Zaher Oslo 28.09.2012 With emphasis on physical layer
Page 2. CONTENTS ? List of abbreviations.  EIRP: Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power.
9/24/2012 3 Page 4. RFID DEFINITION 9/24/2012 4 ? Wireless non-contact system. 

 Application and Study of RFID technology in logistics
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ABSTRACT RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, as a new automatic
identification technology, that could replace the bar code and speed up the operation of the
supply chain and improve the efficiency of logistics. Based on these factors, the basic 

 Design and emulation of new robust architectures for UHF RFID Tags
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O Abdelmalek, D Hely, V Beroulle ,lirmm.fr
Abstract—RFID ICs such as EPC gen2 tag are low cost tags which can be used for critical or
secure applications. Increasing their robustness is not trivial due to the wide range of error
sinks (EM perturbation, attacks). Moreover increasing the robustness must have a 

 RFID Technology for Better Library Services
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MR Alam, AK Jain, M Malik ,INDIAN JOURNAL OF LIBRARY AND ,rfppl.com
Abstract [This paper describes on RFID technology, ie what is RFID Technology, what are
the objectives of this technology, its history, how does the system works, what are the basic
requirements to implement this technology, current uses of this technology, what are the 

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L Hofmann ,tsi.lv
The use of UHF RFID heat resistant tags for monitoring heating industry processes is one
from many prospective RFID applications. As a result of our scientific development has been
developed the UHF RFID heat resistant tag fabricated by printing silver antenna on a 

 Effective Collision Avoidance Mechanism for RFID Tags
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G Saraf, MZ Alam ,ijetae.com
Abstract—RFID is technologies which transfer data between electronic tag and reader by
radio frequency for the purpose of database auditing. RFID systems are used for automated
identification. It is also called Automated Data Collection technology. In this, binary tree 

Scalable RFID Security Protocol
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MU Chowdhury ,acis.cps.cmich.edu
Abstract–Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system poses serious security and privacy
risks that must be carefully mitigated in order to realize the numerous benefits the
technology has to offer. In this talk I am going to present different security issues required 

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S MUPPALLA, GR CHANDRA, NR BABU ,ijmttjournal.org
ABSTRACT This paper deals with an improved form of tollgate billing system. An efficient
utilization of communication link between RF Modems over a wireless channel to facilitate
vehicle monitoring, vehicle authentication and automated toll collection on the highways is 

 On the Security of Tan et al. Serverless RFID Authentication and Search Protocols
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Abstract. In this paper, we analyze the security of the mutual authentication and search
protocols recently proposed by Tan et al.[20]. Our security analysis clearly highlights
important security pitfalls in these. More precisely, privacy location of the tags’ holder is 

 Future of RFID Technology in Health Care Systems: A Review Paper
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S Kaur, K Kaur ,ijcset.net
Abstract-Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is making inroads in healthcare.
Such kind of up gradation must be provided to health care industry. It reflects better results
in; improvement of patient assistance, medication flaws will be omitted, patient 

 Study on Apparel Supply Chain Information Sharing Based on RFID
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ABSTRACT On the basis of the analysis of apparel supply chain, this paper proposes an
information sharing program based on RFID to solve the information blocking problem
between design, production and sales in apparel supply chain. The specific sharing data 

 Design And Development Of Warehouse Management System Based On RFID Technology
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N CHEN, W HAO ,gsd.asce.org
ABSTRACT Warehousing is an indispensable link in all aspects of logistics operation. With
the application of RFID technology, firstly, the warehouse management system design plan
is presented; the needed hardware and software environment is also given. Then, the 

 The Design and Implementation of a HF RFID Loop Antenna for Metallic Environments
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I FINIS, V POPA, A LAVRIC, AI PETRARIU, S SFICHI ,Development and Application
Abstract—One of the very important factors that may influence and affect the performance of
RFID systems and particularly of those using passive tags, consists in the effects of the
metallic environments in the proximity of the antenna. For those RFID systems that operate 

 Hidden Bits Approach for Authentication in RFID Systems?
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Abstract. We present an authentication scheme designed for tiny and strictly constrained
devices like RFID-tags. Authentication is based on the symmetric key shared between a tag
and a reader. While a tag needs to perform only simple operations in order to authenticate 

 An Adaptive Representation of RFID Data Sets Based on Movement Graph Model
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MP Ravikanth, AK Rout
Abstract—Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) data sets are expected to become
commonplace in supply chain management systems. This model tells about movement
graph model as a compact representation of RFID data sets. Since the information of item 

 Solutions Regarding Improvement of HF RFID System Performances in Metallic Environments
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AI PETRARIU, VG GAITAN ,Development and Application Systems
RFID systems are sensitive to metallic environments in the proximity of the reader antenna.
These environments produce shifting of the resonance frequency, causing performances
degradation for the entire RFID system. The most important parameters that must be 

 Analysis and Construction of Efficient RFID Authentication Protocol with Backward Privacy
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S WangTF ,eprint.iacr.org
Abstract. Privacy of RFID systems is receiving increasing attentions in the RFID community
and an important issue required as to the security of RFID system. Backward privacy means
the adversary can not trace the tag later even if he reveals the internal states of the tag 

 RFID: Its Increasing Use in Retail Industry
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S Singh, P Singh ,THE JOURNAL OF ARMY INSTITUTE OF , 2016 ,aim.ac.in
ABSTRACT Business, as a trend, has become competitive and complex these days.
Enterprises are under increasing pressure and looking for rapid cycles of change on the
business front. Almost every enterprise in every industry feels the need to strive for greater