rfid-radio frequency identification research papers 2012-107

 A Study on the Influence of RFID Tagging on Circulation Services and Collection Management: a Case Study of the Taipei Public Library
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S Tseng, C Chou
In 1998, the National Library Board Singapore undertook a trial application of RFID (Radio
Frequency Identification) on acquisitions, cataloguing, and circulation, and in 2002, it put out
the first RFID library management system in the world. The range of applications includes: 

 Noise Factors of RFID-Aided Positioning
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WI Ho, SF Wong
Abstract—In recent years, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is followed with interest by
many researches, especially for the purpose of indoor positioning as the innate properties of
RFID are profitable for achieving it. A lot of algorithms or schemes are proposed to be 

 Systematic Design of High-Performance Smart Card with HF/UHF Dual-Band RFID Tag
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GH Hwang, DK Kang
Abstract Recently, there have been widely conducted researches on dual-band radio
frequency identification (RFID) tag based on 13.56 MHz (HF) and 900 MHz (UHF). Most dual-
band RFID tag has been implemented so that each antenna is separated in a different 

 Synthesis of Read/Write Device Antenna for HF Proximity Range RFID Systems with Inductive Coupling
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Abstract. The effective synthesis process of a complete RF output circuit in a proximity range
single RFID system with inductive coupling has been presented in the paper. The synthesis
also incorporates problems connected with designing read/write devices constructed on 

 The Development and Evaluation of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Based Cattle Handling System
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TJ Mutenje, JC Smithers, T Kgaphola ,wcigr.ageng2012.org
Abstract Manual cattle handling systems are widely used in South Africa. A literature review
and consultations were conducted to assess the advantages and disadvantages of various
cattle handling systems with the objective of developing a more efficient system that 

 Improvement of EPC-C1G2 RFID Authentication Protocols
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WC Ku, YH Chen
Abstract—The EPC-C1G2 standard is widely regarded as an international mainstream when
developing RFID applications due to its major property of lightweight cost. Up to now, many
RFID authentication protocols conforming to EPC-C1G2 have been proposed. In 2010, Lo 

 Effects of a Metal Plane on a Meandered Slot Antenna for UHF RFID Applications
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J Kim, IY Oh, TW Koo, JC Kim, D Kim, JG Yook ,jees.kr
Abstract In this paper, the effects of a metal plane on the performance of a meandered slot
RFID antenna are evaluated in a real environment, and 3 metal plane cases are considered
(the most likely scenarios in which metal conductive materials are placed near the tag 

 RFID Based E-monitoring System for Municipal Solid Waste Management
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ML Ali, M Alam, MANR Rahaman ,
Abstract—With the increase of population of a country, proper management of cumulative of
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) becomes more acute for maintaining green environment. In
conventional approach a number of trucks collect the MSW and then transport and transfer 

 Designing systems for control and verifying the authenticity of products using RFIDtechnology
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E Tudora, A Alexandru, M Ianculescu ,ww.w.naun.org
Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology today in warehouse management and supply
chain applications, the focus of this paper is an overview of the structure of RFID systems
used by RFID technology and it also presents a solution based on the application of RFID 

 Supply Chain Management for Generic and Military Applications using RFID
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TH Oh, YB Choi, R Chouta
Abstract This paper explains two main aspects of RFID supply chain management–the
generic supply chain management and the specific military application for the purpose of
asset viability. The generic supply chain management is studied by examining how to 

 RFID Factor Authentication Application For Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
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JC Liou, G Egan, JK Patel, S Bhashyam ,International Journal ,ijse.org.eg
ABSTRACT There are over 2.2 billion Internet users around the world as of December 31
2011, according to the Internet World Stats (IWS)[1]. Online service is an important driving
force behind many of today’s Web 2.0 and cloud computing applications. For security and 

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ABSTRACT In this paper we analyze an authentication protocol so-called Pasargad which
proposed by Arjemand et al.[1]. The Pasargad protocol is a distance bounding protocol
which has been designed for RFID-based electronic voting systems. The designers have 

 A Cost-based Model for Risk Management in RFID-Enabled Supply Chain Applications
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Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a dedicated short range communication (DSRC)
technology that enables a physically linked world where every object is identified,
catalogued, and tracked through the use of a RFID tag, comprised of an IC (Integrated 

 Development of a Smart Shelf Library System using RFID
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JS Mandeep, NG Chuen, MF Ghazali ,aensiweb.com
ABSTRACT This paper describes the design of a system based on RFID (Radio Frequency
Identification) technology. The smart shelf technique is developed to improve the existing of
counting the books available, borrowed, check and find out the book which put on wrong 

 Low-Cost Solution for RFID Tags in Terms of Design and Manufacture
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CF Huang
Even invented and applied initially during the World War II, RFID (Radio Frequency
IDentification) technologies [1] have attracted much attention recently. Precisely speaking,
RFID technologies have been applied very widely in some proprietary or closed systems, 

 A Novel Fast Tag Estimate Method for Dynamic Frame Length Aloha Anti-collision Algorithms in RFID System
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S Wang, W Hong, L Yin, SF Li ,www-mobile.ecs.soton.ac.uk
Abstract—In an Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, Dynamic Frame Length Aloha
(DFSA) has been widely used in anti-collision protocol due to its high efficiency. A fast and
accurate estimate of tag population is critical to the performance of DFSA. In this paper, we 

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EZ Singhal, EA Gupta ,euroasiapub.org
ABSTRACT RFID means Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless identification
technique which becomes very much popular and having lot of importance these days and
is used to identify the physical objects like products, humans, animals etc by the use of 

 Distance Bounding for RFID
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Definition (Terrorist Fraud) A terrorist fraud is an attack where an adversary defeats a
distance bounding protocol using a man-in-the-middle (MITM) between the reader and a
dishonest tag located outside of the neighborhood, such that the latter actively helps the 

 Target Tracking and Predictive Control Using Rfid for Mobile Robot based on Self Generated Polar Grids
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K Anuditaya, K Uthaichana, B Kaewkham-ai
Abstract. This paper presents a target tracking control of a wheeled mobile robot (WMR)
using a passive RFID tag and a reader for navigation system. The task at the supervisory
level is decomposed into the localization based on self-generated grids, and the trajectory 

 RFID-Based Hospital Real Time Patient Management System
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NSRK Prasad, A Rajesh
Abstract—To create standards-based secure access to patient’s personal data and medical
records by using RFID tags and Web Service with the help of hardware kit. This system uses
Web service interfaces to support standard Electronic Health Records for patient record 

 Asset Tracking, Security and Access Control Using RFID with FPGA at Airports
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S Raja, BC Mandi ,irnetexplore.ac.in
Abstract-It’s not at all a matter of surprise that now a days the asset tracking is one of the
most common uses of RFID. Companies can put RFID tags on the assets which may be
misplaced, lost or stolen and the RFID system can be utilized and activated to recover 

 RSNAVI: An RFID-Based Context-Aware Indoor Navigation System for the Blind
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Abstract: Most of the existing indoor navigation systems for the blind do not take into account
their specific needs related to orientation and movement in an unfamiliar buildings. This
paper presents an indoor blind navigation system called RSNAVI that has the following 

 Robust RFID Authentication for Supply Chain Management
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B Vaidya, D Makrakis, HT Mouftah ,www-mobile.ecs.soton.ac.uk
Abstract—Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is promising technology in
ubiquitous computing area. RFID is used for various applications, ranging from inventory
systems to supply chain management solutions such as vehicle fleet management. In 

 Real-time Gesture Recognition Using RFID Technology
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Abstract. This paper presents a real-time gesture recognition technique based on RFID
technology. Inexpensive and unintrusive passive RFID tags can be easily attached to or
interweaved into user clothes. The tag readings in an RFID-enabled environment can then 

 A Novel Distributed RFID Architecture for Secure Data Communications
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Abstract—Privacy protection is the primary concern when RFID applications are deployed in
our daily lives. Due to the computational power constraints of passive tags, nonencryption-
based singulation protocols have been recently developed, in which wireless jamming is 

 RFID card with iris recognition for high security access environment
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VBG Krishna, SC Sekhar, M Venkateswarlu
ABSRACT: RFID cards are increasingly being used as a form of identification and
authentication. One inherent problem with RFID cards, however, is the possibility of loss or
theft. Current options for securing RFID cards against unauthorized use are primarily 

 RFID Implementation and Simulation-based System Dynamics for optimizing warehousing strategies under multiple criteria
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DGR Ríos, LER Polo, LJC Bolaño, MAJ Barros ,laccei.eng.fau.edu
ABSTRACT This paper is based on the application of RFID technology and simulation to a
typical warehouse that manages pallets, where decision making has to be made
dynamically and at a faster rate. Moreover, it integrates optimization under multiple criteria 

 Leveled Indoor Localization Algorithms Based on Passive RFID
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M Chan, X Zhang ,elrond.informatik.tu-freiberg.de
Abstract—We propose three indoor localization algorithms, namely the leveled nearest-
neighbor, leveled multilateration and leveled Bayesian inference, to locate stationary objects
(books, merchandise) by affixing passive RFID tags to them. The algorithms use a number 

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S Merilampi, T Björninen, L Sydänheimo, L Ukkonen ,Synthesis
Abstract-A strain sensor tag with screen printed antenna for seamless integration with
clothing is examined to provide a wireless method for monitoring of human body
movements. The strain response of the tag is investigated in air and on human body. 

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N Barai, D Chaubey, V Deo ,ijcsia.uacee.org
Abstract—The idea of this paper is to implement automated library based on RFID (Radio
Frequency Identification) technology. We are developing this project for integrating the RFID
system in the library so to reduce the work load in the library. The scope of work of the 

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W Chen ,iseing.org
Abstract This research project seeks to understand the impacts of RFID (Radio Frequency
Identification) in the food industry in emerging economies. Based on an interpretive case
study, this project investigates how RFID is implemented in a governmental agency in the 

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