Robotics Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Manifold Learning


Robotics as a learning tool for educational transformation
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Educational robotics is a transformational tool for learning, computational thinking, coding, and engineering, all increasingly being viewed as critical ingredients of STEM learning in K- 12 education. Although robotics in education for school age children has been in existence

Robotics on the battlefield part II
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I would like to thank the numerous colleagues at CNAS and elsewhere who assisted in the development of this report. Liz Fontaine led the production and design of this report. Adam Elkus provided invaluable assistance in understanding animal and robotic swarms. CNAS

Interleaving temporal planning and execution in robotics domains
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Many autonomous systems such as mobile robots, UAVs or spacecraft, have limited resource capacities and move in dynamic environments. Performing on-board mission planning and execution in such a context requires deliberative capabilities to generate plans

Aerial Robotics .
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A wide array of potential applications exist for robots that have the level of mobility offered by flight. The military applications of aerial robotics have been recognized ever since the beginnings of powered flight, and they have already been realized to sometimes spectacular

Introduction to robotics in CIM systems
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8-1 Introduction 236 8-2 Work-cell controller programming 237 In-house-developed software, 237 Enabler software, 238 OSI solution, 238 8-3 Programming sequential cell activity 239 PLC programming, 240 Other sequential programming options, 242 8-4 Robot Passivity is an input output property of dynamical systems. The concept generalizes physical systems that cannot store more energy than the energy supplied from outside the system. It is one of the most physically appealing concepts in systems and control theory and

Quaternions in computer vision and robotics
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Computer vision and robotics suffer from not having good tools for manipulating three- dimensional objects. Vectors, coordinate geometry, and trigonometry all have deficiencies. Quaternions can be used to solve many of these problems. Many properties of quaternions

Robotics in education education in robotics : Shifting focus from technology to pedagogy
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Abstract In this work we highlight the role of constructivist pedagogy and consequent educational methodologies either while using robotics in school education ( Robotics in Education) or while training teachers to use robotics for teaching purposes (Education in Robotics ). In this

Emulating Empathy in Socially Assistive Robotics .
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Evidence from psychology indicates that perceived empathy has a host of beneficial effects on attitudes and social behavior. Empathy plays a key role in patient-centered therapy, because it implies the apprehension of anothers inner world and a joint understanding of

Rokviss- robotics component verification on ISS
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ABSTRACT ROKVISS, Germans new space robotics technology experiment, was successfully installed outside at the Russian Service Module of the International Space Station (ISS) during an extravehicular space walk at the end of January 2005. Since

Organismically-inspired robotics : homeostatic adaptation and teleology beyond the closed sensorimotor loop
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In 197 and later in 197 at the peak of the golden era of Good Old Fashioned Artificial Intelligence (GOFAI), the voice of philosopher Hubert Dreyfus made itself heard as one of the few calls against the hubristic programme of modelling the human mind as a mechanism My major motivation to think about swarm robotics is the question of how probabilistic local actions of small robots sum up to rational global patterns shown by the swarm. For the engineer, it has potential to let a dream come true because complex problems be

Robotics applications in maintenance and repair
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Maintenance is the process that preserves or restores a desired state of a system or facility. The maintenance process includes three major activities: inspection, planned maintenance, and disturbance handling (where disturbances are unplanned system states). Inspection is

Robotics and the Common Sense Informatic Situation
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Any model of the world a robot constructs on the basis of its sensor data is necessarily both incomplete, due to the robots limited window on the world, and uncertain, due to sensor and motor noise. This paper proposes a logic-based framework in which such models are

A nascent robotics culture: New complicities for companionship
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Encounters with humanoid robots are new to the everyday experience of children and adults. Yet, increasingly, they are finding their place. This has occurred largely through the introduction of a class of interactive toys (including Furbies, AIBOs, and My Real Babies) that

Legolog: Inexpensive experiments in cognitive robotics
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Researchers and instructors of Cognitive Robotics have long lamented the lack of affordable hardware platforms upon which to demonstrate their art. Even with the advent of more recent mobile robotic platforms that have begun to bring prices within reach, the amount of low

Evolutionary robotics and SAGA: the case for hill crawling and tournament selection
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This paper will look at an evolutionary approach to robotics partly at pragmatic issues, but primarily at theoretical issues associated with the evolutionary algorithms which are appropriate. Genetic Algorithms are not suitable in their usual form for the evolution of

Competitive co-evolutionary robotics : From theory to practice
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It is argued that competitive co-evolution is a viable methodology for developing truly autonomous and intelligent machines capable of setting their own goals in order to face new and continuously changing challenges. The paper starts giving an introduction to the

Robotics constructivism in education: The TERECoP project
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This paper presents the European project Teacher Education on Robotics -Enhanced Constructivist Pedagogical Methods (TERECoP). A first premise of this project concerns the implementation of constructivist constructionist methods not only in classroom, but in

ADAPT: A Cognitive Architecture for Robotics .
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Abstract ADAPT (Adaptive Dynamics and Active Perception for Thought) is a cognitive architecture specifically designed for robotics . The ADAPT architecture is in the initial state of development. ADAPT manipulates a hierarchy of perceptual and planning schemas that CSE PROJECTS