Robotics Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Manifold Learning


Soft robotics : Technologies and systems pushing the boundaries of robot abilities
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The proliferation of soft robotics research worldwide has brought substantial achievements in terms of principles, models, technologies, techniques, and prototypes of soft robots. Such achievements are reviewed here in terms of the abilities that they provide robots that were

Introductory robotics
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This book grew out of a third year optional course taught to electrical engineering students at South Bank Polytechnic. A parallel course on robot dynamics and control was taught by a colleague. For completeness, I have added here my own treatment of robot dynamics. The

Minimal simulations for evolutionary robotics
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For several years now, various researchers have endeavoured to apply artificial evolution to the automatic design of control systems for robots. One of the major challenges they face is how the fitness of evolving controllers should be tested when each evolutionary run typically

Training and Tracking in Robotics .
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We explore the use of learning schemes in training and adapting performance on simple coordination tasks. The tasks are 1-D pole balancing. Several programs incorporating learning have already achieved this ( S, 8]: the problem is to move a cart along a short

Probabilistic robotics
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Page 1. Probabilistic Robotics FastSLAM Sebastian Thrun (abridged and adapted by Rodrigo Ventura in Oct-2008) Page 2. 2 SLAM stands for simultaneous localization and mapping The task of building a map while estimating the pose of the robot relative to this map Why is SLAM

How to evolve autonomous robots: Different approaches in evolutionary robotics
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Abstract number of parts or modules within the system; rather, it scales with the number of possible interactions between parts and modules. A methodology for evolving the control systems of autonomous robots has not yet been well established. In this paper we will show

Ethics and robotics
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IRIE International Review of Information Ethics Vol. 6 (12/2006) by IRIE all rights reserved www. irie. net ISSN 1614-1687 Vol. 6 (12/2006) Content Editorial: On IRIE Vol. 6 . 1 Ethics in Robotics : Gianmarco

Kindergarten robotics : Using robotics to motivate math, science, and engineering literacy in elementary school
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Robotics naturally lends itself to teaching math, science, technology and engineering in the K±12 classroom. LEGO Mindstorms makes it easy for students even in kindergarten to design and build their own robotic creations. However, the key to bringing engineering into

AI, Robotics , and the Future of Jobs
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The vast majority of respondents to the 2014 Future of the Internet canvassing anticipate that robotics and artificial intelligence will permeate wide segments of daily life by 202 with huge implications for a range of industries such as health care, transport and logistics

Autonomous military robotics : Risk, ethics, and design
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Imagine the face of warfare with autonomous robotics : Instead of our soldiers returning home in flag-draped caskets to heartbroken families, autonomous robots-mobile machines that can make decisions, such as to fire upon a target, without human intervention-can

Constructionism and robotics in education
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Over the last few years, interest in educational utilization of robotics has increased and several attempts have been made world-wide to introduce robotics in school education from Kindergarten to high secondary school, mostly in science and technology subjects

Materials for Enabling Hands-On Robotics and STEM Education.
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We describe our approach to enabling hands-on experiential robotics for all ages through the introduction of a robot programming workbook and robot test-bed. We describe the vision and motivation for the project, and then the details of the robot hardware, software

Telerehabilitation robotics : bright lights, big future
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The potential for remote diagnosis and treatment over the Internet using robotics is now a reality. The state of the art is exemplified by several Internet applications, and we explore the current trends in developing new systems. We review the technical challenges that lie

Special issue on swarm robotics .
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Swarm robotics is a new approach to the coordination of multi-robot systems. In contrast with traditional multi-robot systems which use centralised or hierarchical control and communication systems in order to coordinate robots behaviours, swarm robotics adopts a This book is an attempt to address the wide topic of grasping in robotics with a multi- disciplinary approach. Each chapter has been authored by an expert or a team of experts in a specific area spanning from the mechanics of machinery to control theory, informatics, and For about the last ten years, the scientific world of robotics has been influenced by worldwide innovative stimuli from research inspired by biological processes. Instead of rigid structures, the trend is now towards the use of soft, pliable organic structures, materials, and

MRI-compatible robotics
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Robotic systems compatible with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) promise revolutionary robots guided by three-dimensional (3-D) MRI as well as efficient tools for clinical diagnostics in internal medicine and neurology. Additionally, programmable interfaces for

Robotics in education: Low-cost platforms for teaching integrated systems
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Robotics has become a major educational tool from secondary school to undergraduate courses to graduate education. Whats more interesting is that the use of robots is not limited to traditional engineering departments but has also found its way into a variety of arts and

Response to upper-limb robotics and functional neuromuscular stimulation following stroke.
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Twelve moderately to severely involved chronic stroke survivors (> 12 mo) were randomized to one of two treatments: robotics and motor learning (ROB-ML) or functional neuromuscular stimulation and motor learning (FNS-ML). Treatment was 5 h/d, 5 d/wk for 12 wk. ROB-ML

Robotics trends for 2012
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Whats in store for robotics in 2012 Nearly a third of the year is already behind us, but we thought wed spend some time looking at the months ahead and make some predictions about whats going to be big in robotics ; or, at least, what we think is going to be big. Lacking CSE PROJECTS