robotics research papers 2012-103


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G Orlova ,
Many people are fascinated by technologies and the opportunities they give us in our daily
life. The aim of this paper is to warn designers of the possible consequences of
implementing technologies in every sphere of our life. The paper describes findings of the 

 Flexible tactile sensors based on polysilicon TFT technology for robotics application
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G Fortunato, L Maiolo, A Pecora, F Maita, A Minotti ,
Abstract Flexible tactile sensors represent the key element for the development of highly
conformable sensor platform that can be defined artificial skin. In this work, we present the
fabrication of a piezoelectric tactile sensor based on piezoelectric PVDF-TrFE film 

 Innovation Outlook for Industrial Robotics
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Abstract: Based on publications of major robotic organizations and individual assessments
of the authors, the paper focuses on the innovation necessities and perspectives of robotics
nowadays. It also treats the main innovation drivers as well as the classification and 

 Towards sustainable and highly productive farming systems–strategic research and development needs for ICT, automation technologies and robotics in
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A Latsch, M Holpp, M Lötscher, E Saggau, T Schneider ,
Abstract Innovative information and communication technologies (ICT), automation and
robotic technologies will be a key base for the development of more sustainable and efficient
farming systems (European Commission, 2010; SCAR, 2011). The European research 

 Empowering Robots via Cloud Robotics: Image Processing and Decision Making BoeBots
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S Rastkar, D Quintero, D Bolivar, S Tosunoglu ,
ABSTRACT Technological advancements have skyrocketed ever since the invention of the
computer. While the computer power increases, restrictions on the hardware in use still exist.
These constraints may vary from shortened battery life to limited software capabilities. 

 An Overview of Developmental Robotics
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MMG Ardakani ,2012 ,
Abstract The developmental robotics is a rather new field which is gaining more credence in
recent years. We have tried to present a clear definition of this field by comparison with the
related fields. The main challenges to find a computational model for the complex 

 Introducing FINROC: A Convenient Real-time Framework for Robotics based on a Systematic Design Approach
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M Reichardt, T Föhst, K Berns ,
Abstract—In this paper, we discuss critical aspects in the design of general-purpose
software frameworks for the robotics domain, and present FINROC–our attempt to deal with
the identified non-functional requirements in the best possible way. Numerous 

 Cognitive and Neural Aspects in Robotics with Applications 2011
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ZG Hou, AMG Solo ,
The objective is to show that on-board mission replanning for an AUV sensor coverage
mission, based on available energy, enhances mission success. Autonomous underwater
vehicles (AUVs) are tasked to increasingly long deployments, consequently energy 

 Active Orbital Debris Removal Using Space Robotics
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F Aghili
Abstract One of the main technical challenge in orbital debris removal (ODR) missions is
how to capture a tumbling and drifting space object given several environmental and
operational constraints. This paper focuses on the guidance of a robot manipulator in a 

Teaching Robotics to Students with Mixed Interests
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CN Thai ,Emerging Trends in Computing, Informatics, Systems ,Springer
An innovative and flexible course in robotics was created to accommodate the interests of
engineering and non-engineering students at UGA. It sought the integration of multi-
threaded programming, advanced sensors interfacing (video camera and balance sensor) 

 Georgia Tech Savannah Robotics’ ASV Victoria 2012 AUVSI and ONR’s RoboBoat Competition
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V Bazie, S Bradshaw, M Bunch, P Cheng, L Hicks ,higherlogicdownload.s3.amazonaws
Abstract—Victoria, is an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) dually used as a research and
competition platform. Currently, the vehicle is being used as Georgia Tech Savannah
Robotics'(GTSR) 3rd entry into AUVSI and ONR’s RoboBoat competition. The vehicle has 

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C Hendricks, T Ogletree, M Alemdar ,
Abstract: This paper reports the impact of participation in VEX Robotics Competition (VRC)
on middle and high school students’ 21st Century Skills, specifically problem-solving,
collaboration/teamwork, and communication. Data were collected as part of the first 

 Educational Robotics-Evaluating long-term effects
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Abstract. This paper presents our plans to conduct long-term quantitative and qualitative
evaluations on the impacts of the RoboCupJunior educational initiative. The studies will
cover several years and will not be limited to one special region or institution. We want to 

 Software and System Health Management for Autonomous Robotics Missions
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J Schumann, T Mbaya, OJ Mengshoel
Abstract Advanced autonomous robotics space missions rely heavily on the flawless
interaction of complex hardware, multiple sensors, and a mission-critical software system.
This software system consists of an

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Computer systems are rapidly changing. Over the next few years, we will see wide-scale deployment of dynamically-scheduled processors that can issue multiple instructions every clock cycle, execute instructions out of order, and overlap computation and cache misses

, device drivers, controllers, and 

 A more structured way to teach robotics with robotics
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K Dimitriou
Abstract. The scope of this paper is to investigate different ways to teach robotics in high
school. In most cases during problem based learning activities, students start with an initial
solution of the problem given and then try to develop a robotic construction and a program 

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NA El Samid, J Thangavelautham, J Richard ,2018 ,
ABSTRACT NASA’s planned permanent return to the Moon by the year 2018 will demand
advances in many technologies. Just as those pioneers who built a homestead in North
America from abroad, it will be necessary to use the resources and materials available on 

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AM Hall, J Whitehouse ,
Abstract A pilot project was developed to investigate the value of integrating storytelling and
iconography into a robotics teaching program. The program was delivered to students in
rural or remote areas with little or no previous experience of robotics and programming. 

 Robotics in Art
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R Flower ,
Abstract—This paper presents two solutions for a robotic device. One of them has already
been made and presented at a prestigious art exhibition in Berlin, while the other is
designed in two versions and variants of its forthcoming production. The first represents 

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CC Hendricks, M Alemdar
Meltem Alemdar is a Research Scientist in Center for Education Integrating Science,
Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC) at Georgia Institute of Technology. Alemdar has
experience evaluating programs that fall under the umbrella of educational evaluation, 

 Robotics as a Learning Medium for Engineering Practice and Team-based Design in Capstone Projects
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N Pradhan, T Burg, R Groff, D Dawson ,
Interdisciplinary skills are necessary for a successful engineer in today’s industrial
environment, and such skills need to be taught to engineering students as an integral part of
their training. For over twenty years robotics design projects have been used in Clemson 

 Smoke and Mirrors—Virtual Realities for Sensor Fusion Experiments in Biomimetic Robotics
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J Bauer, J Dávila-Chacón, E Strahl, S Wermter ,
Abstract—Considerable time and effort often go into designing and implementing
experimental set-ups (ES) in robotics. These activities are usually not at the focus of our
research and thus go underreported. This results in replication of work and lack of 

 Seminar: Emotions in robotics
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B Courtet ,
ABSTRACT Human are socially evolved beings. They bath permanently in a world ruled by
subtle rules and is used to communicate with is pairs using almost unconscious non-verbal
signs. When it comes to designing machines able of smooth interactions in highly 

 The One-To-Many Concept and Soft Robotics ExoMusculature
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Abstract—This paper presents a unique and innovative approach for Soft-Robotics that
introduces the One-to-Many design concept. This concept allows a single artificial actuator
to store energy in the form of potential energy and drive multiple degrees of freedom. 

 Bio-Inspired Technique to Produce Strong Competitors for Studies in Artificial-life and Evolutionary Robotics
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S Israel, A Moshaiov ,
In both Artificial-Life (A-Life) studies and in Evolutionary Robotics (ER) the use of bioinspired
evolutionary computation methods is wide. The majority of such studies either use
knowledge-base aggregate fitness, or some game definition, to drive the selection. Often 

 Merging the Internet of Things and Robotics
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Abstract:-According to various reports, the number and variety of robot applications are
increasing, both in industry and in our daily lives. First developed as a tool, nowadays a
robot can be integrated as an entity in the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT’s infrastructure 

 Development of ‘ERAU Raven’Quad-Rotor System for the International Aerial RoboticsCompetition 2012
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T Zuercher, G Gamble, M Ramli, C Kennedy ,
Abstract The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) IARC team presents the ERAU
Raven system as a candidate for completing the 6 th Mission of IARC. The RAVEN Quad-
Rotor was custom designed to meet the requirements of the IARC mission and was 

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B Struijk ,
Industrial robots are used industry wide, in a broad range of applications. As they can
produce hazard to humans safety is an issue. Oberer in [1] suggests considering three
layers of robot safety for specific robot systems. Lacevic in [2] developed rapidly exploring 

 Te Glendale Community College Robotics Team’s entry in the 2012 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
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T Voden ,
Te Glendale Community College Robotics Team is pleased to present Margarita for its
inaugural entry into the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. Our goal with this project
was to provide Glendale College’s engineering students with the opportunity to work on a