seat belt detection

GPS based seat belt monitoring system method for using same
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Similarly, on the drivers side, proper operation of the seat belt detection system 75 is shown Lifetime

Seat belt detection device
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However, despite the existence of laws designed to ensure proper use of seat belts for all occupants of a vehicle, thousands of persons lose their lives each year due to lack of use of their seat belt . Thousands more suffer serious and permanent injury. Sadly, children are all too often not

A prospective study for the detection of vascular injury in adult and pediatric patients with cervicothoracic seat belt signs
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Background A delayed diagnosis of injury to cervicothoracic vessels from blunt trauma may cause significant adverse sequelae. The association of a cervicothoracic seat belt sign with such an injury is unknown. Methods Algorithms were prospectively studied for the detection

Automatic detection of seat belt usage
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It has been established that only approximately 15% of the American driving public wear their seat belts on a regular basis, despite the fact that the usage of seat belts has also been conclusively shown to prevent serious injuries resulting from automobile accidents. Legislation has been

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