secure outsourcing research papers

Secure outsourcing of sequence comparisons
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MJ Atallah, J Li ,International Journal of Information Security, 2005 ,Springer
Internet computing technologies, like grid computing, enable a weak computational device
connected to such a grid to be less limited by its inadequate local computational, storage,
and bandwidth resources. However, such a weak computational device (PDA, smartcard, 

Secure outsourcing of scientific computations
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MJ Atallah, KN Pantazopoulos, JR Rice ,Advances in , 2002 ,Elsevier
Abstract We investigate the outsourcing of numerical and scientific computations using the
following framework: A customer who needs computations done but lacks the computational
resources (computing power, appropriate software, or programming expertise) to do these 

Secure and practical outsourcing of linear programming in cloud computing
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 Thus, secure outsourcing mechanisms are in great need to not only protect sensitive
information by enabling computations with encrypted data, but also protect customers
from malicious behav- iors by validating the computation result. 

Secure outsourcing of DNA searching via finite automata
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M Blanton, M Aliasgari ,Data and Applications Security and Privacy XXIV, 2010 ,Springer
This work treats the problem of error-resilient DNA searching via oblivious evaluation of
finite automata, where a client has a DNA sequence, and a service provider has a pattern
that corresponds to a genetic test. Error-resilient searching is achieved by representing 

Token-based cloud computing
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 Secure Outsourcing of Data and Arbitrary Computations with Lower Latency Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi,
Thomas Schneider, and Marcel Winandy  Abstract. Secure outsourcing of computation to an untrusted
(cloud) service provider is becoming more and more important. 

Protocols for secure remote database access with approximate matching
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APPROXIMATE MATCHING Wenliang Du CERIAS and Department of Computer Sciences
Purdue University West Lafayette, IN 47907

Delegatable homomorphic encryption with applications to secure outsourcing of computation
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We propose a new cryptographic primitive called Delegatable Homomorphic Encryption
(DHE). This allows a Trusted Authority to control/delegate the evaluation of circuits over
encrypted data to untrusted workers/evaluators by issuing tokens. This primitive can be 

 Twin Clouds: An architecture for secure cloud computing
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 and computations. Existing approaches for secure outsourcing of data and arbitrary
computations are either based on a single tamper-proof hardware, or based on
recently proposed fully homomorphic encryption. The hardware 

Secure and privacy preserving outsourcing of tree structured data
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P Lin, K Candan ,Secure Data Management, 2004 ,Springer
 Hence to protect both content privacy and access privacy, we need to hide the structure of the
data. In this paper, we address secure outsourcing of tree structured data, such as XML documents.
To be specific, we address hiding of tree-structured data and queries on this data. 

Security and trust in it business outsourcing: a manifesto
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 Agreements about data processing and storage restrictions are absent in the Web
Service contract. With this missing part, strong communications link only solves one
dimension of the secure outsourcing problem (see example 1.2). 

How to securely outsource cryptographic computations
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 Normally, software that fails on only a negligible fraction of randomly-chosen inputs can be
tolerated, but in the context of secure outsourcing we cannot tol- erate any intelligent failures
(ie, failures based on the actual public key and message that the user wishes to encrypt). 

 Grid’s confidential outsourcing of string matching
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 Key-Words: Grid systems, Secure outsourcing, Secure approximate matching 1 Introduction  3
Secure outsourcing Outsourcing is used by an entity that has to execute a task but does not
have the appropriate hardware and/or software to realize the execution.