dual alamouti coding

dual alamouti coding

Hybrid Multilayer Schemes for Achieving The Maximum Possible Diversity Gain
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NB Sinha, PK Sutradhar, S Chakraborty , Journal of Research ,2010  This is space time coding.  However, the form of equation (18) means that the V-BLAST algorithm can be applied directly to detect the data symbols 1- 4 .As with the Alamouti scheme the structure of the dual Alamouti scheme means that s1 and s2 do not interfere with one

Multi-Antenna System Design with Bright Transmitters and Blind Receivers
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L Li, H Jafarkhani ,arXiv preprint arXiv:1203.4583,2012  More specifically, the dual Alamouti system is described as follows. The transmitter has N antennas and the receiver has 2 antennas. Denote the N × 2 channel matrix as H whose (i, j) entry is hij. Two symbols s1 and s2 first form a 2 × 2 Alamouti block code.

MIMO–OFDM WLAN architectures, area coverage, and link adaptation for urban hotspots
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 The dual Alamouti scheme only has partial orthogonality, as does the pseudo-Alamouti scheme. The IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.16 standards define a range of modulation and coding schemes at the PHY layer . Different MIMO system configurations can be applied (with Alamouti codes have been widely recognized for their full-diversity performance, while they provide a symbol rate of one with symbol-by-symbol decoding complexity. To decode an Alamouti code, the receiver requires the channel state information (CSI), while the transmitter operates blindly without CSI. This paper investigates the dual scenario when CSI is available only at the transmitter and not at the receiver. Such an assumption is valid for time-division duplex (TDD) systems where the transmitter obtains the CSI from the reciprocal channel and the receiver does not want to estimate the channel because of complexity. We propose dual Alamouti codes that do not require CSI at the receiver and exploit transmit CSI to achieve the performance of full-diversity with rate-one and symbol-by-symbol decoding complexity. Moreover, the dual codes provide the same bit error rate (BER) performance as the original Alamouti codes for equal-energy constellations. The dual Alamouti codes have potential applications in TDD systems to save the cost of training and simplify receiver design.


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