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Securing a smart anti-counterfeit web application
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The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology can be employed for automating and streamlining safe and accurate brand identification (ID) uniquely in real-time to protect consumers from counterfeited products. We outline a Web -based Anticounterfeit

Securing Web Application against SQL Injection Attack: a Review
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Nowadays use of web applications are rapidly increasing. We are using various applications to fulfill our daily needs such as online shopping, banking, ticket booking etc. Therefore our private data is available on the databases. Because of rapidly increasing use of web

Securing PHP Approaches to Web Application security
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Security remains one of the biggest concerns for any web application , and one that is hardest to address. This paper gives a short summary of security approaches that were tried in the past and currently researched on the example of PHP language, which is used by up

A Method for Securing a Web Sever and Its Application to an ID Card
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When a Web server is accessed from a Web browser, it is important for the Web server to authenticate the Web browser user at the time of logon. The purpose of this paper is to improve the security of Web applications. An application program and a database are

Aspect Oriented Approach for Securing Web Application
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In this current era, Internet has advanced since the warehouse of web pages which were primarily used for accessing static, technical data to a commanding podium for implement and deployment of various web applications. New Internet techniques, services, languages

Securing Web Application from SQL Injection Attacks
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Software systems, like web applications, are often used to provide reliable online services such as banking, shopping, social networking, etc., to users. The increasing use of such systems has led to a high need for assuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of user

A Survey and Scheme for Securing Web Application Using Physical Token
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Securely accessing and storing data is a major concern in organisations which have critical data. Access to that data is given according to the role. If someone has the credentials of a particular user then the security is compromised, the hacker can access the data of the user

Securing Web Application By Detect and Prevent Input Validation Attacks Using Swart Tool
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Web applications are used to provide e-services such as social networking over the internet, the attacks over the web applications have also increased. Many systems are currently present for detecting and preventing web attacks, they are often limited in scope and

Securing Web Application from Structured Query Language Injection Attacks: A Four-Tier Approach
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With the emergence of Web 2.0, information sharing through social networking have increased and the business adoption of the Web as a means of doing business and delivering service has greatly increased, which has led to the attack of websites directly. As

Securing Enterprise Web Applications at the Source: An Application Security Perspective Perspective
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Purpose: This paper considers a variety of application level threats facing enterprise web applications and how those can be mitigated in order to promote security. Evidence shows that perhaps as many as sixty percent of attacks on enterprise web applications are

Blind XPath Injection Attack : A Case Study
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Abstract Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) is adopted by different organizations as a data exchange format for web services and internet applications. The XML is much prone to hackers attack . The common hacking technique for XML is XPath injection . The attacker can