security in grid computing

Security in Grid Computing
TL Wu ,
Abstract Over last 10 years, security one of the important issue within the field computer
science. Meanwhile, Grid computing has been rapidly growing with its powerful
computational feature. As a result, researcher starts to deploy security within Grid

Security in Grid Computing
Abstract. Grid computing provides high computing power, enormous data storage, and
collaboration possibilities to its users. In the networked access to computation with a single-
sign-on system as the portal to the possibilities of world wide computing grids security

Fuzzy trust integration for security enforcement in grid computing
S Song  Network and Parallel Computing, 2004 ,Springer
How to build the mutual trust among Grid resources sites is crucial to secure distributed Grid
applications. We suggest enhancing the trust index of resource sites by upgrading their
intrusion defense capabilities and checking the success rate of jobs running on the 

Trust and security in enterprise grid computing environment
S Goel , , Network and Information Security, New York , 2003 ,
Abstract This paper presents a trust and security model for a Grid Computing System. The
issues involved in development of this model are investigated in context of a servicebased
P2P architecture. The hierarchical intergrid architecture has been developed for B2B 

Security for resource selection in grid computing based on trust and reputation responsiveness
V Vijayakumar , Computer Science and Network Security, 2008 ,
Summary In providing the infrastructure for the accomplishment of general purpose
computational grids the main concern is security. Still, by properly authenticating users and
hosts and in the interactions between them, most grid implementations focus their safety 

Towards Novel And Efficient Security Architecture For Role-Based Access Control In Grid Computing
M Nithya ,IJCSNS, 2009 ,
Summary Recently, there arose a necessity to distribute computing applications frequently
across grids. Ever more these applications depend on services like data transfer or data
portal services and submission of jobs. Owing to the fact that the distribution of services 

Security Issues in Grid Computing
M Likhinin ,2003 ,
Due to increasingly complex problems in technology, science, and data analysis, the need
in computing power grows in geometric progression. Even though computer processors,
data storage, and communications continue to improve at a rapid pace, there is a growing 

Security Mechanisms in Grid Computing
M Jayawardena12 ,Innovations for a Knowledge Economy, 2006 ,
Abstract. Security is an important element in grid computing. This is specially true for
applications. So far, grid computing has not been used much outside experimental systems,
since security considerations have not been satisfactorily handled by developers and 

Minimization of Security Alerts under Denial of Service Attacks in Grid Computing Networks
SR Hassan, J Pazardzievska ,
Abstract—Grid computing networks aggregate huge computing power that they need for
solving different scientific problems. This power can be used for attacking the grid’s
components as well as outside computers. Attacks such as the Denial of Service (DoS) 

Security policy configuration issues in Grid computing environments
G Angelis   Knowledge-Based Intelligent , 2003 ,Springer
A computational Grid is a hardware and software infrastructure that provides dependable,
consistent, pervasive, and inexpensive access to high-end computational capabilities. The
aim is to share among dynamic collections of individuals, institutions and resources in a 

The technology of information security in grid computing systems
A Palagin, N Alishov, A Gromovski ,GCCP 2010 BOOK OF , 2010 ,
Abstract. The paper presents an approach to solving problems of security in grid computing
systems. Considered problems of creating a complex security based on cryptographic
hardware and software security solutions, data store, data transfer over the network and 

Security Issues in Grid Computing
MK Singh ,ims, 2010 ,
ABSTRACT A Computational Grid is a collection of heterogeneous computers and
resources spread across multiple administrative domains (Virtual Organizations) with the
intent of providing users easy access to these resources. There are many ways to access 

Comparison between security solutions in Cloud and Grid Computing
DM Sanchez ,
Abstract Purpose: This paper helps Grid and Cloud system administrators and researchers
to have a clear definition about Grid and Cloud computing and also wants to give clear
differences between Cloud and Grid computing, define which are the main security issues 

Security Analysis in Hierarchical Resource Arrangements in Grid Computing
R Menaka ,International Journal ,
ABSTRACT As the days going on, desires of netizens increases to meet unforeseen
emergency online demands for accessing the services, owning the resources for required
period which exists in the e-pool distributive. The needs met by the on-the-fly framed 

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