software formal method

Using a formal method to model software design in XP projects
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A software engineer depends on an estab-lished best practice toolbox in order to build quality products. Extreme programmings practices tear away many well known techniques to aid developer efficiency; however this can mean that a project is poorly documented. This is

The integrated application based on real-time extended UML and improved formal method in real-time embedded software testing
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In this paper, formal methods were introduced into the real-time embedded software testing field and a real-time extended finite state machine, called rt_EFSM, was studied firstly. And then, the process of the integrated application based on real-time extended Unified

NuDE 2.0: A Formal Method -based Software Development, Verification and Safety Analysis Environment for Digital ICs in NPPs
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Abstract NuDE 2.0 (Nuclear Development Environment 2.0) is a formal method -based software development, verification and safety analysis environment for safety-critical digital ICs implemented with programmable logic controller (PLC) and field-programmable gate

Development of Software Requirement Analysis Tool for NPP Software Fields Based on Software Inspection and Formal Method
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This article introduces a computer-aided software requirement analysis tool, Software Inspection Support Requirement Traceability (SIS-RT), which has inspection, traceability analysis, and formal analysis capabilities. Inspection and requirement traceability analysis

Formal testing of object-oriented software : from the method to the tool
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This thesis presents a method and a tool for test set selection, dedicated to object-oriented applications and based on formal specifications. Testing is one method to increase the quality of todays extraordinary complex software . The aim is to find program errors with

Formal Method in Software Engineering
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❖ Finds errors in a specification that were initially overlooked, which will lead to less maintenance of the system.❖ Alloy produces an abstract model of a system, which will make it much easier to evolve, or expand. Thus, Alloy can check to ensure that new modifications

Design of Software Security Verification with Formal Method Tools
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Formal methods ensure the stability and reliability of soft-ware systems by using mathematical principles and proving conformance to a given set of requirements. The stable and reliable operation of software is especially important for system applications dealing

Complete safety software testing: a formal method
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In order to allow the introduction of safety-related digital control in nuclear power reactors, the software used by the systems must be demonstrated to be highly reliable. One method of improving software reliability is testing. A study of the complete testing of software was

A Formal Software Requirements Specification Method for Digital Plants Protection Systems
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This article describes NuSCR, a formal software requirements specification method for digital plant protection system in nuclear power plants. NuSCR improves the readability and specifiability by supplying different notations on the basis of the typical operation categories

Software inspections: comparing a formal method based with a classical reading methodology
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In this paper, we present a rigorous comparison of two inspection techniques: our formal method -based approach, SOLIMVA 3.0, with a set of Object-Oriented Reading Techniques (OORTs). We evaluated efficiency (required time to analyse a scenario) and effectiveness

Software component identification specification and classification using formal method and artificial neural networks
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Software Engineering is not only a technical discipline of its own, but also a problem domain where technologies coming from other disciplines are relevant and can play an important role in the development process. One important example is knowledge engineering [33], a

Industrial use of a safe and efficient formal method based software engineering process in avionics.
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Formal methods have reached industrial efficiency in avionics thanks to the development and deployment of an engineering process for software design and verification processes. It encompasses languages, compilers and formal verification tools in a highly automated

Applying Architecture Tradeoff Assessment Method (ATAM) As Part Of Formal Software Architecture
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In preparation for a customers Software System Critical Design Review (CDR); we concluded that an assessment approach based on a hybrid version of the Software Engineering Institutes (SEI) Architecture Trade-Off Analysis Method (ATAM) would be a