software reliability

Software reliability modeling survey
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With the ever-increasing role that software is playing in our systems, concern has steadily grown over the quality of the software component. Since the most important facet of quality is reliability, software reliability engineering (SRE) has generated quite a bit of interest andAdvances in software technologies have promoted the growth of computer-related applications to a great extent. The proliferation of Internet has gone far beyond even the most optimistic forecasts. Computers and computer-based systems pervade every aspect of

Software reliability growth models
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Software reliability is a critical component of computer system availability, so it is important that Tandems customers experience a small number of software failures in their production environments. Software reliability growth models can be used as an indication of the number Software reliability is one of the most important characteristics of software product quality. Its measurement and management technologies during the software product life-cycle are essential to produce and maintain quality/reliable software systems. Chapter 1 of this bookABSTRACT A software reliability allocation model is developed. This model determines how reliable software modules and programs must be in order to maximize the users utility, while taking into account the financial and technical constraints of the system. The model is

A software reliability model for web services.
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This paper proposes a service-oriented software reliability model that dynamically evaluates the reliability of Web services. There are two kinds of Web services: atomic services without the structural information and the composite services consisting of atomic services. The

Software metrics and reliability
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The IEEE defines reliability as The ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. To most project and software development managers, reliability is equated to correctness, that is, they look toABSTRACT The probability density estimation of the number of software failures in the event of clustering or clumping of the software failures is considered. A discrete compound Poisson (CP) prediction model is proposed for the random variable X/sub rem/, which is the

Prediction of software reliability using neural networks
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Software reliability growth models have achieved considerable importance in estimating reliability of software products. This paper explores the use of feed-forward neural networks as a model for software reliability growth prediction. To empirically evaluate the predictive

System and software reliability assurance notebook
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4.0 OVERVIEW 4.1 System Reliability Prediction and Estimation Program .4-1 4.1.1 System Modeling. 4- 1 4.1.2 System Reliability Allocation 5.0 HARDWARE/SOFTWARE SYSTEMABSTRACT An evaluation method which allows existing reliability growth models to provide better predictions of software behavior is presented. The method is primarily based on the analysis of the trend exhibited by the data collected on the program (which is

Important milestones in software reliability modeling
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A number of software reliability models have been proposed for assessing the reliability of a software system. In this paper, we discuss the time-domain and data-domain approaches to software reliability modeling, and classify the previously reported models into these two

Structure-based software reliability prediction
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Prevalent approaches to software reliability modeling are black-box based, ie, the the software system is considered as a whole and only its interactions with the outside world are modeled without looking into its internal structure. However, with the advancement and

Optimal sofware release policies for software reliability growth models under imperfect debugging
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Nous examinons dans cet article deux modèles de croissance de fiabilit de logiciels sous lhypothèse de correction imparfaite des erreurs, en se basant sur un processus de Poisson non homogène. Les paramètres du modèle sont estim s et les politiques optimales de mise are unlikely to be independent. The degree to which design faults manifest themselves as dependent failures determines the effectiveness of redundancy as a strategy for improving software reliability . An important question is ABSTRACT A simulation-based method for obtaining numerical estimates of the reliability of N-version, real-time software is proposed. An extended stochastic Petri net is used to represent the synchronization structure of N versions of the software, whereDue to continuous growth in size and complexity of software system, reliability assurance becomes tough for developers while satisfying user expectations. Applicability of software keeps on increasing for products/systems ranging from basic home appliances to safety