software testing research papers 2012 section 3

Reducing Safety-Critical Software Statistical Testing Cost Based on Importance Sampling Technique
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J Yan, CH Deng, ML Ji ,Advanced Materials Research, 2012 ,Trans Tech Publ
Abstract Safety-critical software often includes some rarely executed critical operations that
are often inadequately tested in statistical testing based reliability estimation. However, it is
necessary to assess the reliability of safety-critical software to a high degree of confidence 

 Scenario-Based Software Reliability Testing Profile for Autonomous Control System
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J Ai, J Shang, P Wang ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—Operational profile is often used in software reliability testing, but it is limited to
non-obvious-operation software such as Autonomous Control System. After analyzing the
autonomous control system and scenario technology, a scenario-based profile 

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N Bordelon ,2012 ,
Abstract The aim of this research paper is to evaluate and compare three automated
software testing tools to determine their usability and effectiveness. Software testing is a
crucial part of software development and the process of automating software testing is vital 

Software component testing: a standard and the effectiveness of techniques
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SC Reid ,2012 ,
This portfolio comprises two projects linked by the theme of software component testing,
which is also often referred to as module or unit testing. One project covers its
standardisation, while the other considers the analysis and evaluation of the application of 

Error Locating Arrays, Adaptive Software Testing, and Combinatorial Group Testing
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J Chodoriwsky ,2012 ,
Abstract: Combinatorial Group Testing (CGT) is a process of identifying faulty interactions
(errors) within a particular set of items. Error Locating Arrays (ELAs) are combinatorial
designs that can be built from Covering Arrays (CAs) to not only cover all errors in a 

Testing the National Software Reference Library
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NC Rowe ,Digital Investigation, 2012 ,Elsevier
The National Software Reference Library (NSRL) is an essential data source for forensic
investigators, providing in its Reference Data Set (RDS) a set of hash values of known
software. However, the NSRL RDS has not previously been tested against a broad 

PictureTools: Feasibility Testing of Behavior Support Software for Young Children
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K Mitchem, G Fitzgerald, K Koury ,World Conference on Educational , 2012
Abstract This poster session demonstrates an EPSS for young children, PictureTools,
developed as part of a Steppingstones Technology of Innovation project. Using a recursive
design process recommended for developers of children’s software, ten new behavior 

Development of a Software for Integrity Testing of Piles Based on Surface Reflection non-destructive Testing Technique
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JW Chen ,2012 ,
Abstract The surface reflection non-destructive testing technique has been widely used for
the integrity testing of the cast-in-place piles. There are several defects in the traditional non-
destructive testing system, such as huge size, redundant buttons and rigid user interface, 

Development of Software and Hardware Architecture for Real-Time Dynamic Hybrid Testing and Application to a Base Isolated Structure
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I Lanese, A Pavese, F Dacarro ,Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 2012 ,TaylorFrancis
Real-Time Dynamic Hybrid Test (RTDHT) is a promising experimental testing technique,
which combines numerical simulation and experimental testing of physical specimen in a
complementary and efficient way. However, taking advantage of both numerical and 

 Ensuring Testing Effectiveness and Accuracy through Software Reliability Model
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M Sangeetha, C Arumugam ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract Quality is a perceptual, conditional and somewhat subjective attribute and may be
understood differently by different people. The reason for need of the software quality is of
two reasons. Risk Management is the management of Software failure that has caused 

Software Security analysis, static and dynamic testing in java and C environment, a comparative study
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M Gaur ,Arxiv preprint arXiv:1208.3205, 2012
Abstract: The main stretch in the paper is buffer overflow anomaly occurring in major source
codes, designed in various programming language. It describes the various as to how to
improve your code and increase its strength to withstand security theft occurring at 

 Development and construction of a plethysmographic measurement device, including sensor and software for testing
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M Berlin, Z Maghder ,2012 ,
Abstract Peripheral blood pressure is an important vital sign to measure for patients with
diabetes or cardiac diseases. The measurements can be performed by using noninvasive
plethysmographic measurements devices in combination with pressure applied with the 

Software reliability testing covering subsystem interactions
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M Meitner, F Saglietti , , Modelling, and Evaluation of Computing Systems , 2012 ,Springer
This article proposes a novel approach to quantitative software reliability assessment
ensuring high interplay coverage for software components and decentralized (sub-)
systems. The generation of adequate test cases is based on the measurement of their 

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The constant modification of software during its life cycle creates serious challenges for
developers and testers because changes might not behave as expected or may introduce
erroneous side effects. For example, changing the type of a collection of items from a set 

Reliability Design and Testing of Real-time Multitask Control Software
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C WU, Y GONG ,Vehicle Engine, 2012 ,
The reliability design and test of real-time multitask software for engine electronic control
system were carried out. The real-time multitask software was designed based on the event
triggering and time triggering. The anti-interference and failure recovery function of 

Automated testing of solar inverter software
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J Sjögren ,2012 ,
Testing is a necessary process for verifying correct functioning of a product. When testing is
performed manually, it consumes a lot of time and labor. In this thesis, an automated testing
system for a solar inverter is designed and implemented into a software development 

 Achieving Software Engineering Knowledge Items with an Unit Testing Approach
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AN Kumar, BG Geetha ,International Journal of Soft Computing and
Abstract Classification makes a vital role to advancing knowledge in both science and
engineering. It is a process of investigating the relationships between the objects to be
classified and identifies gaps in knowledge. Classification in engineering also has a