software testing research papers 2012 section 5

 Testing Object-Oriented Software Systems: A Survey of Steps and Challenges
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JM Clarence, N Ganesan, A Ghosh, N Ghosh ,
ABSTRACT Object-Oriented programming is a combination of different levels consists of
abstraction, class level cluster level and system level. In this article, we are going to discuss
about the different testing aspects for object oriented programs. Idea is to test different 

 A Software Testing Tool with the Function to Restore the State at Program Execution of a Program under Test
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Y Otani, H Hashiura, S Komiya
Abstract—In a software development project, conducting a unit test is an important task but
not an easy process. In particular, preparing a unit test procedure for a program that uses
external resources such as files and databases as its input tends to be a difficult task since 

 Testing and improving the quality of software
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GS Steyn, R Brümmer, R de la Harpe , projects and cases: BTech Projects IV ,
Abstract This paper aims to identify the role that testing plays in improving the quality of
software. It would be helpful to identify the characteristics that good testers should possess
in helping them to accomplish this task. This paper starts by answering questions such as ‘ 

 Software Testing Strategy for Mobile Phone
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G Cao, J Yang, Q Zhou, W Chen ,
With the rapid development of embedded systems and extension of embedded application
domain, the scale and complexity of requirements for embedded software have continuously
improved. And the product quality and marketing time depend upon its software quality 

 Automatically Finding Performance Problems With Feedback-Directed Learning Software Testing
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Abstract—A goal of performance testing is to find situations when applications unexpectedly
exhibit worsened characteristics for certain combinations of input values. A fundamental
question of performance testing is how to select a manageable subset of the input data 

 Application of Big Bang Big Crunch Algorithm to Software Testing
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S Singh, P Kumar
Abstract: This paper presents a Big Bang Big Crunch concept based search algorithm for
automatic generation of structural software tests. Test cases are symbolically generated by
measuring fitness of individuals with the help of branch distance based objective function. 

 Mutation Sensitivity Testing Technique Implementation on Current Scientific Open SourceSoftware
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A Meer, H Sindi ,2012
Abstract—Scientific computing software development differs from regular scientific
development in several aspects. In many scientific computing applications, the correct
solution is not available, which makes it harder to test and validate the correctness of the 

 Search based Software Testing Technique for Structural Test Case Generation
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MSG Devasena, ML Valarmathi ,Integration ,
ABSTRACT Software testing is an important activity in the software development life cycle
and it is widely used validation approach in software industry, deployed by programmers
and testers. The program with the moderate complexity cannot be tested completely. 

 Software Testing Process Performance Improvement using Service-Based Testing Support
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J Sirathienchai, P Sophatsathit, D Dechawatanapaisal ,
AS software gradually becomes an important and necessary facet in modern daily lives,
software quality should be treated as an utmost issue attentive by all parties involved.
Unfortunately, the inherent software quality problems are often not carefully administered 

 A Sophisticated Study on Best Practices of Agile Software Testing
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EG Rani, CHS Latha, D Anusha, MSST Swathi
Abstract: From the time procedure is penned for an development process, its best practices
and easy way to implement those practices are discussed and optimized. In recent years
many Software development life cycles are introduced and their best practices are 

 Issues in Testing of Software with NFR
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P Singh, AK Tripathi ,International Journal
ABSTRACT Software Development has started experiencing the need of consideration of
NFR (Non Functional Requirements) for producing high quality acceptable software. Mostly
software engineering literature has considered only for testing Functional Requirements. 

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The quality and the success of software systems depends on how well it meets its intended
needs of the stakeholders. Requirements engineering (RE) is a process which involves the
understanding the needs of stakeholders; understanding the context in which the system 

 Going beyond Conventional Software Testing: Cloud Testing
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D Dagar, A Gupta
ABSTRACT Software testing is an important part of software engineering life cycle. Testing
requires add-on resources that are often not readily available, contributing to an inefficient
testing process. Running large no. of test cases can consume a lot of time and resources, 

 A Survey of UML-Based automatic Test Cases Generation for Software Testing
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AVK Shanthi, D Parthiban, G MohanKumar ,
Abstract—Software testing is relegated to one phase of the software development life cycle.
Testing of software is a timeconsuming activity which requires a great deal of planning and
resources manually. To reduce timeconsumption and to increase reliability researchers 

 A Research Study on importance of Testing and Quality Assurance in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models
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M Tuteja, G Dubey ,International Journal of Soft Computing
Abstract—In recent years, software testing is becoming more popular and important in the
software development industry. Indeed, software testing is a broad term encircling a variety
of activities along the development cycle and beyond, aimed at different goals. Hence, 

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PS Malavadkar, KA Ganjre ,Inventi Impact: Software Engineering, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The importance of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) has been known from the
invention of software engineering; however the practical implementation of it has been
observed growing due to experienced software crisis. Software Quality Assurance is 

 Managing Service Level Agreements—Exploring Concepts in the Offshore Software TestingServices Context
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J Patel, R Poston, J Dhaliwal ,
Abstract: Service level agreements (SLAs) are the part of the contracts between service
providers and service recipients which formally defines delivery times and performance
expectations. For standardized activities, eg, help desk services and internet services, the 

Practical software testing for an FDA-regulated environment
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PL Vadysirisack ,2012 ,
Abstract: Unlike hardware, software does not degrade over time or frequency use. This is
good for software. Also unlike hardware, software can be easily changed. This unique
characteristic gives software much of its power, but is also responsible for possible failures 

 QuickCheck-Style Testing of Embedded Software using the PropEr Framework
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S Raina ,
It is important to verify an implemented software with respect to the predefined specifications.
Wrong software implementations can lead to great loss like, loss of money and time. In case
of embedded real time systems, it can lead to huge losses as the timing and safety 

Testing of software response time in various computing enviroments
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L Plume, V Osadcuks, A Pecka , , 5, Jelgava (Latvia), 26-27 Apr , 2012 ,
Abstract (English) The article describes a study about real-time performance of conventional
PC by testing its response time to external events on a serial port in various conditions. For
now PC’s are mainly used as the supervisory control and data acquisition units on the 

 Software Testing with Adaptation-Based Programing
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ABSTRACT This paper examines a new approach to test input generation, based on
reinforcement learning via easy to use adaptation-based programming. In this approach, a
test harness can be written with little more effort than is involved in naive random testing. 

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EA Etchu ,2012 ,
This Master’s thesis was done for the Nokia Mobile Phones and specifically for Nokia S40
features testing projects. The thesis provides alternative methods of testing for the S40
features testing and releasing teams, and describes an automated version of the ISA 

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ABSTRACT For a given program, testing, locating the errors identified, and correcting those
errors is a critical, yet expensive process. The field of Search Based Software Engineering
(SBSE) addresses these phases by formulating them as search problems. This