software testing research papers 2012 section 6

Concise study of Progressive Documentation and its adaptation to Agile Software Testing
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R Kanth, BK Madhu, V Lokesha ,
Abstract-It has seen in recent days, Agile Software Testing is emerging as one of the most
promising, effective and productive testing technique in Product-based software testing both
in small scale and large scale software product development process. Though Agile 

 Basic Software Testing
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This is a quick start course in software testing for people just getting into the field, or for
people who just need a refresher course or validation for their current testing techniques.
This is a practical hands-on seminar to cover the critical path of testing. Your instructor will 

 A Metacomputation Toolkit for a Subset of Fp and Its Application to Software Testing
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D Krustev ,Third International Valentin Turchin Workshop on ,
Abstract. We present an on-going experiment to develop a practical metacomputation toolkit
for F#. There are–apart from the better known supercompilation–other mature and
potentially useful methods stemming from metacomputation theory: program inversion and 

Testing Object-Oriented Software Using the Category-Partition Method
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Abstract {When migrating from conventional to object-oriented programming, developers
face di cult decisions in modifying their development process to best use the new
technology. In particular, ensuring that the software is highly reliable in this new 

Automated software testing for cross-platform systems
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G Brännström ,2012 ,
Abstract SILK is the preferred audio codec to use in a call between Skype clients. Every time

Open source software development should strive for even greater code maintainability
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Unlike the traditional closed source software (CSS), OSS can be freely used, modified, and redistributed. Its source code is also freely accessible A study of almost six million lines of code tracks how freely accessible source code holds up against time and multiple iterations

Static source code checking for user-defined properties
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Only a small fraction of the output generated by typical static analysis tools tends to reveal serious software defects. There are two main causes for this phenomenon. The first is that the typical static analyzer casts its nets too broadly, reporting everything reportable, rather

Plaggie: GNU-licensed source code plagiarism detection engine for Java exercises
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ABSTRACT A source code plagiarism detection engine Plaggie is presented. It is a stand- alone Java application that can be used to check Java programming exercises. Plaggies functionality is similar with previously published JPlag web service but unlike JPlag, Plaggie

A convolutional attention network for extreme summarization of source code
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Attention mechanisms in neural networks have proved useful for problems in which the input and output do not have fixed dimension. Often there exist features that are locally translation invariant and would be valuable for directing the models attention, but previous attentional

Using Heuristic Search Techniques To Extract Design Abstractions From Source Code .
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As modern software systems are large and complex, appropriate abstractions of their structure are needed to make them more understandable and, thus, easier to maintain. Software clustering tools are useful to support the creation of these abstractions. In this

Identifying authorship by byte-level n-grams: The source code author profile (scap) method
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Source code author identification deals with identifying the most likely author of a computer program, given a set of predefined author candidates. There are several scenarios where digital evidence of this kind plays a role in investigation and adjudication, such as code

Structured generative models of natural source code
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We study the problem of building generative models of natural source code (NSC); that is, source code written by humans and meant to be understood by humans. Our primary contribution is to describe new generative models that are tailored to NSC. The models are

Bimodal modelling of source code and natural language
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We consider the problem of building probabilistic models that jointly model short natural language utterances and source code snippets. The aim is to bring together recent work on statistical modelling of source code and work on bimodal models of images and natural

Reading source code .
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Source code is, among other things, a text to be read. In this paper I argue that reading source code is a key activity in software maintenance, and that we can profitably apply experiences and reading systems from text databases to the problem of reading source

Visualizing Software Product Line Variabilities in Source Code .
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Implementing software product lines is a challenging task. Depending on the implementation technique the code that realizes a feature is often scattered across multiple code units. This way it becomes difficult to trace features in source code which hinders

Source code instrumentation and quantification of events
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ABSTRACT Aspect-Oriented Programming is making quantified programmatic assertions over programs that otherwise are not annotated to receive these assertions. Varieties of AOP systems are characterized by which quantified assertions they allow, what they permit in the

A UNIX clone with source code for operating systems courses
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Students learn by doing, not by listening. Physicists and chemists have long understood this, which is why students in these fields are required to perform experiments in the laboratory and write up their findings. Computer scientists also realize this basic truth, so many courses

Architecture of a source code exploration tool: A software engineering case study
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We discuss the design of a software system that helps software engineers (SEs) to perform the task we call just in time comprehension (JITC) of large bodies of source code . We discuss the requirements for such a system and how they were gathered by studying SEs at

Phishing websites detection based on phishing characteristics in the webpage source code
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ABSTRACT World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the international standards organization for the World Wide Web (www). It develops standards, specifications and recommendations to enhance the interoperability and maximize consensus about the content of the web and

IRiSS-A Source Code Exploration Tool.
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Abstract IRiSS (Information Retrieval based Software Search) is a software exploration tool that uses an indexing engine based on an information retrieval method. IRiSS is implemented as an add-in to the Visual Studio .NET development environment and it allows

Source code review of the Diebold voting system
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This report is a security analysis of the Diebold voting system, which consists primarily of the AccuVote-TSX (AV-TSX) DRE, the AccuVote-OS (AV-OS) optical scanner, and the GEMS election management system. It is based on a study of the systems source code that we

Learning Unified Features from Natural and Programming Languages for Locating Buggy Source Code .
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Bug reports provide an effective way for end-users to disclose potential bugs hidden in a software system, while automatically locating the potential buggy source code according to a bug report remains a great challenge in software maintenance. Many previous studies

PDE4Java: Plagiarism Detection Engine For Java, Source Code : A Clustering Approach.
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The educational community across the world is facing the increasing problem of plagiarism. This widespread problem has motivated the need of an efficient, robust and fast detection procedure that is difficult to be achieved manually. The Plagiarism Detection Engine for Java

Intent operationalisation for source code generation
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In the research on software development, there was less achievement in an efficient general development methodology that could be effective and sufficient in dealing with a wide range of software problems related to different domains. Also a challenge of having a universal
has been changed there is a risk the code is no longer bit-exact between all
the different platforms. The main task for this thesis is to make it possible to test bit- 

 Using Model-Based Diagnosis to Improve Software Testing
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R Stern, M Kalech, N Gafni, Y Ofir, E Ben-Zaken ,
Abstract It is often regarded as best-practice that the case the developer that writes a
program, and the tester that tests the program, are different people. This supposedly allows
unbiased testing. This separation is also motivated by economic reasons. As a result, the 

Evaluation of Structural Testing Effectiveness in Industrial Model-driven Software Development
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M Sarabi ,2012 ,
Abstract Software testing is a crucial but cost consuming practice in the development of
safety critical software-intensive systems. In industry software testing techniques are chosen
heuristically rather than scientifically. Researchers have studied for many years which test 

 Toward Selective Software-Based Self-Testing in Multi-Core Microprocessors
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Abstract As technology scales deep into the sub-micron regime, transistors become less
reliable. Future systems are widely predicted to suffer from considerable aging and wear-out
effects. This ominous threat has urged system designers to develop effective run-time 

 Comparing Different Testing Strategies for Software Product Lines
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PRG Accioly ,2012 ,
Abstract Software Product Line Engineering (SPL) is a development approach that
strategically reuses a common core of artifacts to implement a set of similar systems that
share common characteristics, but are sufficiently distinct from each other. Some of the 

 Industrial Application of Concolic Testing on Embedded Software: Case Studies
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M Kim, Y Kim, Y Jang ,
Abstract—Current industrial testing practices often build test cases in a manual manner,
which is slow and ineffective. To alleviate this problem, concolic testing generates test cases
that can achieve high coverage in an automated fashion. However, due to a large number 

 Open-Source Software Virtualization Tools for Programmable Modular Router Implementation and Testing
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F Apollonio, C Caini, W Cerroni, D Lacamera ,
Advanced transport technologies offer large capacities in both core and access
telecommunication networks. This opportunity can be fruitfully exploited to meet the
requirements of new network service markets which strongly promote emerging 

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I Duda, T Walter ,
ABSTRACT There are some efforts to build frameworks for computer-based assessment in
the e-learning area. From a semantic/pedagogical point of view there is a lot of work
targeting the assessment designer. We are focusing on a software framework which meets 

 New software for calculating and testing milking machine installations for dairy cows according to ISO standards
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E Arbones, F González ,
Abstract This paper describes the first English language version of a computer programme
for calculating and testing milking machine installations for milking cows, according to ISO
standards, together with its main achievements and future possibilities. It was developed 

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ABSTRACT: This paper presents STESI, a software-based approach for testing SoCs
containing wrapped IP cores. In the proposed approach, the test program is no more
executed by the traditional ATE but by the SoC itself. The novel feature of the STESI 

 A Theory-Driven Testing Methodology for Developing Scientific Software
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Computer implementations of theoretical concepts play an ever-increasing role in the
development and application of scientific ideas. As the scale of such implementations
increases from relatively small models and empirical setups to overarching frameworks 

 A Flexible Reliability Growth Model for various Releases of Software under the Influence ofTesting Resources
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J Singh, O Singh, D Aggrawal, A Anand, I Singh ,
The life of software is very short in the environment of perfect competition market. Therefore
the software developers have to come up with multiple releases in order to survive in the
market. But, enhancing the product and coming up with multiple releases puts a constant 

 Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Software: A Virtual Fabrication Workshop and TestingLaboratory
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WE Yutuc, T Campus ,Session A: Keynote Addresses and Status/Trend of ,
Abstract Computer-aided engineering (CAE) has been widely used in various fields of
engineering and has been proven effective in performing simple to complex tasks. Its wide
applications include design, manufacture, simulation, analysis, diagnosis and repair. With 

 Unit and System Testing for Distributed Software Developers
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As a result of attending this seminar, you should have a good working knowledge of unit
testing and what it takes to design and conduct an effective unit test of distributed software,
such as that developed in Microsoft Visual Studio using languages such as Visual Basic 

Experimentation and at-sea testing of underwater network protcols via software reuse from ns2-Miracle network simulations. A case of study using WHOI
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M Petrani ,2012 ,
The goal of this thesis is to create a C++ module to interface the ns2/NS-Miracle network
simulator with the Micromodem developed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
(WHOI Micromodem). From the network simulator’s point of view, the implemented module 

Development and testing of a miniaturized, dual-frequency, software-defined gps receiver for space applications
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AJ Joplin ,2012 ,
Abstract: While dual-frequency GPS receivers have been used in space for more than two
decades, the size, power, and cost of this technology is an important driver for future space
missions. The growing availability of launch opportunities for very small satellites known 

Optimal Testing Effort Control for Modular Software System Incorporating The Concept of Independent and Dependent Faults: A Control Theoretic Approach
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K CHAUDHARY, PC JHA ,An International Journal of , 2012 ,
Abstract In this paper, we discuss modular software system for Software Reliability Growth
Models using testing effort and study the optimal testing effort intensity for each module. The
main goal is to minimize the cost of software development when budget constraint on 

Automated Telecommunication Software Testing: An automated model generator for Model-Based Testing
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A Gutierrez Lopez, IM Mulas Viela ,2012 ,
Abstract In Model-Based Testing (MBT) the main goal is to test a system by designing
models which describe the functionality of the system to test. Subsequently, test cases are
obtained from the model, and these test cases can be executed automatically.