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61  Abstract Solar energy, an energy obtained from the sun, is the world’s most
abundant and cheapest source of energy available from Nature. It is free and automatically
renewable everyday. In the world over, emphasis has shifted from the use of hydro and 

 Usage Of NASA’s Near Real-time Solar And Meteorological Data For Monitoring Building Energy Systems Using RETScreen International’s Performance
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PW Stackhouse Jr, RW Charles, WS Chandler ,2012 ,
62 4.1 Solar Energy Production at the NASA Langley Research Center Badge and
Pass Office  Upon correction, the system was found to perform even beyond the initial quoted target
due both the actually system tilt and due to an excess of solar energy received at the site 

  of Logistic Operation Models between Companies Inside and Outside Domestic and Foreign Industrial Zones-A Case Study of Solar Energy Industry in Taiwan
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AJC Trappey ,
63  ABSTRACT Facing an atmosphere of the fierce global business
competitiveness increasingly, if a company wants to employ the traditional manufacturing
improvement method to significantly raise the business survival ability, it cannot achieve 

 Solid-state Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission for Solar Energy Conversion
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N Melosh ,2012 ,
63  Abstract Global climate imperatives require a worldwide shift away from
greenhouse gasemitting activities such as fossil fuel combustion. Concentrated solar
thermal installations are particularly appealing as they can store a fraction of their power 

 Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission for Solar Energy Harvesting Final Report to the Global Climate and Energy Project
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N Melosh ,2012 ,
63  Abstract Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission (PETE) is a newly proposed
form of solar energy harvesting which relies upon a combination of quantum and thermal
processes to generate electricity. Unlike standard solar cells which rapidly lose efficiency 

Utilizing solar energy instead of fossil fuels as domestic energy (case study: Dehloran city, Ilam province, Iran)
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AA Hosseini ,Energy, ExplorationExploitation, 2012 ,Multi-Science
63  Solar energy is the cleanest and the most environmental friendly available
power source. The use of solar energy in the recent years has reached a remarkable edge.
Solar energy collectors are special kinds of heat exchangers that transform solar radiation 

 Upconverting Electrodes for Improved Solar Energy Conversion
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J Dionne, A Salleo ,
64  Abstract Upconversion, the combination of multiple low-energy photons to
produce a higher energy photon, can significantly decrease transmission losses in
photovoltaics. For example, upconverting materials have been shown to theoretically 

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JK Yohanna ,
65  ABSTRACT The major pre-occupation of this review was to assess solar
energy potentials and utilization in Nigeria agriculture. Apart from the conventional utilization
of solar energy in drying agricultural products such as grains, fish, yam flakes among 

 High solar energy concentration with a Fresnel lens: A
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GA Madhugiri ,
65  ABSTRACT Solar technology offers great potential in terms of supplying the
world’s energy needs. The effective way of utilizing sunlight with solar energy concentration
technology and recent developments of its applications using Fresnel lens is reviewed in 

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V Thakar, Z Wu ,
67  ABSTRACT In this paper, a novel electrostatic switch is reported that exhibits
an ON/OFF capacitance ratio of 72, an ON capacitance value of 90 pF, and a pull-in voltage
of less than 5 V within an area of 750× 750 µm2. These characteristics are achieved by 

 Arctic solar energy solutions
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R Pasonen, K Mäki
68  Abstract Solar energy installations in Northern Europe mostly consist of small
independent PV systems and solar heat collectors integrated to hot water supply of a
household. Some larger solar heat plants are in use and have been planned in Northern 

 Operating Reserve Reductions From a Proposed Energy Imbalance Market With Wind and Solar Generation in the Western Interconnection
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J King, B Kirby, M Milligan ,Contract, 2012 ,
Solar impact on Page 6. v regulation is significantly smaller than that of wind, but
that is because wind energy penetration is 8% and solar energy penetration is 3% in the TEPPC
2020 case. Figure ii. Contributions of load, wind, and solar to average total regulating reserves 

 Integration Costs: Are They Unique to Wind and Solar Energy?
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M Milligan, BM Hodge, B Kirby ,2012 ,
Abstract In the past several years there has been considerable interest and
effort in assessing wind integration costs (solar integration costs have not been as rigorously
pursued but this is expected to change with increasing solar energy penetration). This