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Parametric investigation of a double-effect solar still in comparison with a single-effect solar still
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This paper reports the use of two mathematical models to compare the produ~ tivi~ of single- effect and double effect solar stills under different climatic, design and operaGona1 parameters in Oman. The shallow water basin, 23cover tilt angle, 0. I m insulation thickness

Effect of condensing cover material on yield of an active solar still : an experimental validation
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An attempt has been made to evaluate inner and outer glass temperature and its effects on yield. Numerical computations have been performed for a typical day in the month of December, 2005, for the climatic condition of New Delhi (latitude: 28E35N N; longitude

Experimental investigation on coupling evacuated heat pipe collector on single basin single slope solar still productivity
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Solar still is very important device to convert the available brackish water into drinkable water. Here work is carried out to know the effect of coupling an Evacuated Heat Pipe Collector on the solar still . Other different parameters like Water depth, Sun direction and

Modelling and verification of single slope solar still using ANSYS-CFX
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Solar distillation method is an easy, small scale and cost effective technique for providing safe water. It requires an energy input as heat and the solar radiation can be source of energy. Solar still is a device which uses process of solar distillation. Here, a two phase

Effect of nanofluids in a vacuum single basin solar still
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Clean water is a basic human necessity and without water life will be impossible. The provision of fresh water is becoming an increasingly important issue in many areas of the world. Among the non-conventional methods to desalinate brackish water or seawater, is

Effect of water mass on triangular pyramid solar still using phase change material as storage medium
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In this paper the effect of water mass on the performance of triangular pyramid solar still with and without latent heat energy storage was experimentally investigated. For comparing the productivity of solar still with and without LHTESS a solar still is designed, fabricated

Effect of water depth on the performance evaluation of solar still
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Desalination of ground brackish water by solar powered systems is a practical and promising technology for producing potable water in the regions which suffers from water scarcity especially in arid areas. In remote and arid areas in Jordan with low infrastructure

Condensation mass transfer in unsaturated humid air inside tubular solar still
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A production model of a Tubular Solar Still based on a film-wise condensation theory that takes into account of thermal resistance in unsaturated humid air inside the still is developed in this study. The condensation coefficient due to thermal resistance is inversely proportional

Theoretical and experimental investigation of a novel multistage evacuated solar still
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There is a global concern about the availability of water for man, food, and sustainable management of ecosystems in the next millennium. Some countries are in fact already facing water scarcity and have had to resort to the use of desalination a high energy

Experimental study on various solar still designs
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Humankind has depended for ages on underground water reservoirs for its fresh water needs. But these sources do not always prove to be useful due to the presence of excessive salinity in the water. In this paper, the fabrication of seven solar still designs such as

Effect of cow dung cakes inside basin on heat transfer coefficients and productivity of single basin single slope solar still
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Water has always been a source of energy for man. We use solar energy to change salty or brackish water into drinkable water by soar distillation. Natural fresh water resources are being depleted rapidly, as a result of population growth and socio economical development

An experimental study on single basin solar still augmented with evacuated tubes
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The productivity of the solar still is determined by the temperature of water in the basin and the glass temperature. Various active methods have been adopted to increase the temperature of the basin, so as to improve the productivity of solar still . Most of the previous

Solar distillation of water using a V-trough solar concentrator with a wick-type solar still
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ABSTRACT A V-trough solar concentrator has been combined with an inclined flat-plate wick-type solar still . Outdoor testing was carded out with and without the solar concentrator on clear days in summer and winter. The equipment was used to investigate the

Experimental analysis of different absorber plates on performance of double slope solar still
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A device which converts the unwanted water into drinkable water with help of solar energy is called solar still . It is very simple device and it is also very cheap. Most important part of the solar still is Absorber Surface , which absorbs the solar energy for converting brackish

A naturally circulated humidifying/dehumidifying solar still with a built-in passive condenser
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A numerical study has been carried out to investigate the transient thermal performance of a naturally circulated humidifying/dehumidifiying solar still . A comparison of forced circulation performance and the influence of different environmental, design, and operational

Modeling and verification of hemispherical solar still using ANSYS CFD
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In every efficient solar still design, water temperature, vapor temperature and distillate output, and difference between water temperature and inner glass cover temperatures are very important. Here, two dimensional three phase model of hemispherical solar still is made

Theoretical investigation on the performance prediction of solar still
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A theoretical investigation on the performance prediction of solar still is presented in this paper. A solar still of conventional type is considered. The mathematical model is based on time-averaged Navier-Stokes equations. The effect of the variable fluid properties is taken

Theoretical analysis of solar distillation using active solar still
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The performance of active single slope solar still using different operational parameters is studied theoretically and compared with the experimental data for validation purposes, to find out best factors enhancing still productivity. The thermal performance of a single slope

Improvement of Solar Still Productivity by Energy Absorbing Plates
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ABSTRACT A solar still is a viable option when the demand of potable water does not exceed more than 3 litres. Enhancement in distillate output from the solar still is a main goal of many researchers all over the world. In this research, the effect of copper and aluminum

Evaluation and energy balance study of a solar still with an internal condenser
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An experimental study was carried out to evaluate the effect of using an internal condenser on the pertormance of a basin type solar still The condenser was fested in two different ways: first it was used for water preheating and water vapor condensation, and second it was used