cable fault detection

Underground Cable Fault Detection System
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Power cables that are used to deliver electrical power are placed underground in order to avoid unnecessary interference. This makes it very difficult to determine the exact location of the faults that occur. A fault might occur due to a multitude of reasons such as digging

Underground Cable Fault Detection using Arduino
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The project is intended to detect the location of fault in underground cable lines from the base station to exact location in kilometers using an Arduino micro controller kit. In the urban areas, the electrical cable runs in undergrounds instead of overhead lines. Whenever the

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The main objective of this project is, any distribution network is likely to get faults, on and off the supplier as well as user. Majorly a supply line can be affected by conditions of over voltage and over current, and also under voltage condition. During the event of any fault, the

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This is proposed a model of underground cable fault distance locator using a microcontroller. It is classified in four parts DC power supply part, cable part, controlling g part, display part. DC power supply part consist of a supply of 230 v is step-down using a

Three pulse cable fault detection method based on Wavelet threshold denoising
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Article Preview Article Preview This paper introduced the principle of three pulse method and the methods advantages and disadvantages on cable fault detection , modeled three pulse detection method of cable fault in the Simulink environment, analyzed the Wavelet

Arduino Based Underground and Overhead Cable Fault Detection
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This Paper represents that to compute the distance of the underground and overhead transmission cable from fault location to the base station using Arduino. In this paper, a smart technology based fault detection and location system was used to adequately and

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As robotics is one of the fastest growing engineering fields of today. Robots are designed to remove the human factor from labor intensive or dangerous work and also to act in inaccessible environment where human interface is not possible. In this project we are

Underground Cable Fault Detection using Raspberry Pi and Arduino
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The aim of this project is to determine the underground cable fault. This project uses the simple concept of CT Theory. When any fault like short circuit occurs, voltage drop will vary depending on the length of fault in cable, since the current varies CT is used to calculate the

Underground Cable Fault Monitoring and Detection System Using IoT and Arduino
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However, 1kv to 500kv is the only range in which the system supports the cable.Other cable fault detection cannot be employed Figure 8: Block Diagram of IoT based Underground cable fault detection and monitoring system. VII. RESULT Figure 9: Prototype of Project

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