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Rio: Storing Files Reliably in Memory
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Memory is currently a second-class citizen of the storage hierarchy because of its vulnerability to power failures and software crashes. Designers have traditionally sacrificed either reliability or performance when using memory as a cache for disks; our goal is to do

An Efficient Approach for Storing and Accessing Small Files with Big Data Technology
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Hadoop is an open source Apache project and a software framework for distributed processing of large datasets across large clusters of computers with commodity hardware. Large datasets include terabytes or petabytes of data where as large clusters means

Storing classified files
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We initiate a study of a natural problem in secure systems, namely- storing classi ed les on- line. A system of classi ed les contains a set of les (or documents), a set of users, and an authorization structure which de nes the subset of les each user is authorized to see. We

Investigation of Efficient Cryptic Algorithm for Storing Video Files in Cloud
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The Cloud computing has very good impact on the way we use ICT resources. We are using various offerings of cloud computing which includes Flexible processing and Storage capabilities, Platform as service and software as service on pay per use model. The

An optimized storing and accessing mechanism for small files on hdfs
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Abstract Distributed File System has been designed for large files and has penalty in terms of performance for storing and accessing small on HDFS. This paper firstly analyzes and points out the reasons of small file problem of HDFS. 1. Due internet, Cloud computing personal data

A Selective Approach for Storing Small Files in Respective Blocks of Hadoop
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Hadoop is an open source framework used for processing the data in big data. This hadoop majorly consists of two components 1. HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) 2. Map Reduce Component. HDFS is used for storing the files in hadoop and Map Reduce is used