Tricorder : A mobile sensor network browser
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Introduction Collections of cooperative, wirelessly networked, intelligent sensors embedded in our surroundings are poised to become integral parts of our everyday work and domestic environments. Although significant challenges must yet be overcome before ubiquitous deployment

Food webs in the era of molecular revolution Like resolving the Gordian knot with a tricorder
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Living nature consists of countless organisms, which are classified into millions of species. These species interact in many ways; for example predators when foraging on their prey, insect larvae consuming plants, and pathogenic bacteria drifting into humans. In addition

The NSBE Space SIG Tricorder Project
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Geordi from the science fiction TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation augmenting tricorders for use on planetary surface missions. Whether it was to determine the oxygen content, wind systems, or biological signs on the planet, the engineer of the Star Trek crew

The Age of the Tricorder
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Researchers at the Beckman Laser Institute at the University of California, Irvine, have developed a handheld laser scanner to distinguish between potentially malignant and benign tumors in the breast. The device uses diffuse optical spectroscopy imaging and a

Towards the geochemical tricorder : Trends and needs in subsurface geochemical sensor systems for energy recovery and carbon management
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Chemical and fluid property analysis of reservoir fluids extracted from reservoirs under in situ reservoir conditions (ISRC) is a holy grail of reservoir geochemistry. This is especially important in heavy oil fields where the petroleum often will not flow at native ISRC and is

Continued Development of the AF/SGR Tricorder Program for Homeland Security, Military, Public Health, and Medical Operations
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The overall purpose of the Continued development of the AF/SGR Tricorder Program for Homeland Security, Military, Public health, and Medical Operation is to develop a remote sensing device capable of detecting directed energy (DE) threats to medical personnel