water resource management


Taming the waters: strategies to domesticate the wicked problems of water resource management
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Increasing demands on water resource organisations are explored in three large US river basins: the Columbia River, Southern California, and the Potomac River Basin/Chesapeake Bay in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Interviews with staff of water management

The adaptation deficit in water resource management
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1 The adaptation deficit As human populations and material wealthexpand, the demands upon limited water resources inevitably increase. The adaptive response is to judiciously expand supplies where this can be achieved without further irreversible detriment to the

Groundwater vulnerability assessments and integrated water resource management
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Canada has a disproportionate share of the worlds water and, as such, many Canadians hold the mistaken belief that our renewable freshwater resources are unlimited. Also, as groundwater is hidden below ground, it is hard to understand the processes affecting the

Integrated water resource management in Tanzania: Interface between formal and informal institutions
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Formal and informal institutions are closely linked and greatly depend on each other. As in other countries, Tanzania recently engaged in a far-reaching formal institutional reform towards Integrated Water Resources Management . This paper focuses on the interfaces and

in natural resource management . guidelines for using bayesian networks to support the planning and management of development programmes in the water
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Using Decision Support Systems 5 Pros and cons of Bayesian networks 6 Are Bayesian networks for you 7 Do you need a DSS 7 Should you build it yourself or obtain specialist help 8 Do you need to answer What-if type questions 8 Selecting the most appropriateAfrica has 63 river basins that cross the international political borders demarcating the 48 countries mak- ing up the African continent (Pakenham 1991: 15). Each of these river basins is shared by between two and ten states and this feature poses several strategic implications for the future

On inclusion of water resource management in Earth system models Part 2: Representation of water supply and allocation and opportunities for improved
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Human water use has significantly increased during the recent past. Water withdrawals from surface and groundwater sources have altered terrestrial discharge and storage, with large variability in time and space. These withdrawals are driven by sectoral demands for water Reliable and safe supply of fresh water resources is one of the most important global environmental challenges (Rechkemmer 2004). Water resource management must become economically more efficient, ecologically sustainable, and also socially justifiable, especially

Modelling water resource management in Lake Naivasha
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1.1. Background Water is a substance of great abundance on the Earth. A picture of the planet from space Figure 1-1 shows the huge volumes present in oceans, ice caps, glaciers and although it cannot be seen the ground. The Earth description as the blue planetis not

The Aral Sea basin crisis and sustainable water resource management in Central Asia
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This article traces the historical development of water resource management in Central Asia, focusing on the causes of the current Aral Sea Basin crisis. It examines the obstacles facing the Central Asian republics in addressing this problem and offers predictions regarding the

Water resource management and climate change in South Africa: visions, driving factors and sustainable development indicators
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The Sustainable Development and Climate Change Project is an initiative of 12 institutes from developing and developed countries. It explores the idea that a less polarised way of meeting the challenges of sustainable development and climate change is to build

A critical review of participatory practice in integrated water resource management
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As indicated in Chapter the expected outputs of this research are guidelines for best practice, and a set of indicators for monitoring and evaluation of participatory practice in CMA establishment. Chapter 1 indicated that participatory practice in CMA establishment in

Water resources law
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Classification and condition of Australias water resources Constitutional framework of water resources management COAG Water Reform Policy Administrative framework of water resource management structure of water industry

Organizational dynamics of watershed partnerships: a key to integrated water resources management
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One of the most significant institutional innovations in natural resources and environmental management over the past decade or so has been the widespread emergence and growth of collaborative and partnershipbased watershed initiatives (John 199 Griffin 1999

Achieving integrated water resource management : the mismatch in boundaries between water resources management and water supply
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Central to the National Water Policy of South Africa and echoed in the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998) and Water Services Act (Act 108 of 1997) is the devolution of water management and regulation to regional authorities that take the form of Water Services

Integrated water resource management and pollution sources in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
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The District of Cameron Highlands is a popular tourist resort in Malaysia; it has three main river systems namely the Telom, Bertam and Lemoi rivers which drain the northern, middle and southern parts of the district respectively. The river systems with numerous tributaries

Rhizobacterial plant drought stress tolerance enhancement: towards sustainable water resource management and food security
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Global climate change is one of the most serious challenges facing us today. As agricultural activities expand to less fertile areas to satisfy growing demands for food, the scenarios of global environmental change suggest future increases in aridity in many areas on the earth

New genetic algorithm for multi-objective optimization in water resource management
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A genetic algorithm (GA) based on multi niche crowding (MNC) is capable of locating all the peaks of a multi-modal function. By associating these peaks with the utility accrued from different sets of decision variables, it is possible to extend the use of GAs to multi criteria

A global perspective on water scarcity and poverty: Achievements and challenges for water resource management
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One of the most recent examples of success in poverty alleviation has been in eastern India and Bangladesh. Here the spread of low-cost tube-well irrigation has stimulated growth in agricultural production and contributed to the reduction of the number of people

Climate change and its impacts on glaciers and water resource management in the Himalayan Region
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Climate change is currently taking place at an unprecedented rate and will have potentially profound and widespread effects on the availability of and access to water resources . The mean global temperature rose by 0.74 C over the past century. The rate of warming in the